Comey Testimony Debated – Jim Lacy on CNN International

In this segment on CNN International airing on the eve of former FBI Director James Comey’s appearance before Congress, Comey’s prepared statement and interactions with President Donald Trump are vigorously debated by California Political Review Publisher Jim Lacy and California Democrat activist Matt Littman.


Border Wall Politics & Gang Shootings in Santa Ana: Jim Lacy on Fox Business – VIDEO

In this segment from Fox Business News’ “Varney & Company” broadcast April 21, California Political Review publisher Jim Lacy engages Stuart Varney on gang violence in Santa Ana, and liberal lawmakers in Sacramento who want to punish businesses that help build the Trump Administration’s border wall in San Diego County.


Trump Supreme Court Appointee Gorsuch Confirmed By Senate!

President Trump’s nominee Judge Neil M. Gorsuch was confirmed Friday by the U.S. Senate for a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court, filling a 14-month vacancy after a dramatic Senate showdown that risked long-lasting repercussions to both institutions.

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Feinstein Opposed by 62% of Californians, Considered Too Old for Senate

In a new poll of Californians by U.C. Berkeley, an overwhelming majority of 62% oppose U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein running for re-election to the Senate next year, feeling it would be a bad thing for the state, when informed that she will be 84 years old next year.  If she is re-elected, by the end of her sixth term she would be 90 years old.

Democrat Feinstein is the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Her colleague, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, also from San Francisco, turned 77 years of age last month.

If Feinstein does not run, the U.C. Berkeley poll showed that Governor Jerry Brown has the most support to succeed her in the Senate.  Brown turns 80 next year.

A link to the press release announcing the poll results, with polling details, is here:

Dianne Feinstein in Outer Space

U.S. Attorney General, Sec. of Homeland Security, admonish CA Supreme Court Chief in Letter

In a a strong,  joint letter to State Supreme Court Chief Justice Tani G. Cantil-Sakauye, U.S. Attorney General Sessions and Secretary of Homeland Security John F. Kelly strongly admonish her for a public complaint that ICE officers were “stalking” criminal illegal aliens at state courthouses.

Sessions and Kelly state that ICE agents do not “stalk,” which is a completely unrelated crime, and remind the Chief Justice that arresting a person on probable cause, such as violation of immigration laws, in a public place is well established in law.  They state such activity may be justified where local agencies have closed their doors to ICE agents and decided to not cooperate with Federal officials in enforcing our nation’s immigration laws, and they further point out that the risk of injury to the public and for the arresting officers are substantially decreased when done so in an area that has already been screened for weapons, such as a courthouse lobby.

A copy of the letter can be downloaded here:


“I hope there is not blood on the hands of these judges” – Jim Lacy on Travel Ban rulings, Russian hackings – CNN VIDEO

In this wide-ranging video commentary from CNN International airing March 29, California Political Review publisher Jim Lacy debates the latest legal ruling against implementation of President Trump’s travel ban and the continuing reports on the Russian hacking in the 2016 election.



Will Democrats EVER Stop Raising Taxes?

Gov. Jerry Brown and Democratic legislative leaders announced a $5.2 billion road-funding package Wednesday that would raise gas taxes and user fees on motorists, setting off a major political struggle to pass it in the Legislature.

Officials have set an April 6 deadline to approve the 10-year package, which would increase fuel taxes and contains a new sliding charge linked to a vehicle’s value. The agreement also includes a constitutional amendment meant to keep lawmakers from shifting transportation revenue to other uses, something that happened frequently in the past.

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Jerry Brown

Most Californians Want Their Elected Officials to Work With Trump – UC Berkeley Poll

California’s elected Democratic leaders have vowed to “resist” the Trump Administration.  Attorney General Xavier Becerra says he will invoke legal action to cut any funding to California, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee says he will “stand up to Trump,” Governor Jerry Brown has said California is “not turning back,”  Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters wants to impeach the new President, and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has embraced the notion of “resistance” to the Trump Administration at every turn.

But these Democratic leaders appear out of tune with sentiments of Californians overall according to a new UC Berkeley poll which reveals that, although Donald Trump’s popularity in the state is at 39%, a clear majority of 53% of Californians would like their elected officials to work with Trump to try to fix the nation’s problems.  The poll also revealed that while Californian’s oppose the Trump Administration on many issues, that when it comes to infrastructure reform and improving the economy, they favor Trump’s approach.

A description of this interesting poll can be accessed here:


Democrats Bill To Ban “Fake News” Would Be Disastrous for Political Speech

Memo to California Assemblymember Ed Chau: you can’t fight fake news with a bad law.

On Tuesday, the California Assembly’s Committee on Privacy and Consumer Affairs, which Chau chairs, will consider A.B. 1104—a censorship bill so obviously unconstitutional, we had to double check that it was real.

It’s real.  The proposed law reads:

18320.5. It is unlawful for a person to knowingly and willingly make, publish or circulate on an Internet Web site, or cause to be made, published, or circulated in any writing posted on an Internet Web site, a false or deceptive statement designed to influence the vote on either of the following: 

(a) Any issue submitted to voters at an election. 

(b) Any candidate for election to public office.

In other words, it would be illegal to be wrong on the internet if it could impact an election. The bill is unconstitutional under U.S. Supreme Court case law (see our opposition letter for more information on that), and likely to draw immediate and costly lawsuits if it is signed into law.  Read the full story here:


Jim Lacy Defends Nunes on Revealing Questionable Trump Surveillance – CNN VIDEO

In this segment from CNN International broadcast March 22, California Political Review publisher Jim Lacy comments on irrelevance of Russian hacking to election result, Democrats colluding with unethical journalists to elect Hillary Clinton, and defends Congressman Devon Nunes’ revelations about surveillance and widespread dissemination of Trump transition officials private conversations that had nothing to do with foreign intelligence.