Emken owes U.S. Senate primary victory to slate mailers

Analysis of California GOP U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Emken’s most recently filed Federal Election Commission disclosures reveals that slate mailers accounted for the overwhelming majority of her media expenditures/debts and campaign advertising, and are likely the reason for her primary victory.

The reports reveal that Emken has raised about $182,000 in contributions during the election cycle and loaned her campaign $200,000.  However, according to the reports, Emken has already repaid her loan and only has about $27,000 cash on hand.  Much of her expenditures have been on administrative overhead.

The reports indicate that Emken benefited from at least $167,000 of slate mail during the critical last few weeks of the election campaign, and only paid for $5,000 of it.  Reports indicate the Republican Party added about $40,000 in outside slate mail for Emken in addition to party efforts for their endorsed candidate.  No other GOP U.S. Senate candidate had nearly so much slate mail.  But of Emken’s total reported current campaign debt of $260,000, over $162,000 (62% of it) is owed to slate mailers, and remains unpaid.  The slate mail publishers appear to have “financed” the largest part of attributed direct-voter contact expenses on the Emken reports.  Some of the unpaid slate mail publishers include Landslide Communications, which claims to have mailed over 5,500,000 pieces urging a vote for Emken, as well as the “Continuing the Republican Revolution” slate and the “California Voter Guide” among others.

Interestingly, Emken’s reports show a penchant for fast food.  On Saturday, June 2 alone (the Saturday before the election) itemized distributions include $17.61 to Round Table Pizza, $12.29 to In-And-Out Burger, and $13.23 to Quizno’s Subs.