Gov. Scott Walker lights up RNC delegates

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker received a standing ovation from at the Republican National Convention Tuesday, perhaps the biggest explosion of applause of the day.

That’s probably because, that, while the presidential election and battle for control of both houses of the United States Congress are critically consequential, Scott Walker’s recall election was perhaps the most important election of the 2012 cycle. And his avoidance of recall, by large margins, emboldened reformers across the country to combat the power and influence of public employee unions something that, at the grassroots level, may have residual benefits for GOP Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney and his running mate Congressman Paul Ryan.

Why? Anyone who pays any attention to the fiscal woes facing virtually every state knows they are due in no small part to the consequences for elected officials kowtowing to the  costly whims of public employee unions. That is especially the case in California where the unions often appear to have more power in Sacramento than any one legislator.

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(Brian Calle is a columnist and editorial writer for the Orange County Register and editor of CalWatchdog. Originally posted on his blog, Uncommon Ground.)