Lou Correa snubs constitution again in election bill SB 26

imagesDemocratic State Senator Lou Correa has authored yet another highly unconstitutional election related bill, SB 26, which would enact the unusual requirement that campaign disclosures on some but not all election mail be printed as many as four times more than currently required on the pieces, and in type faces 25% bigger than current law.

California doesn’t need more disclaimers on election mail; rather, we need the mailers to say something rational about fixing our state!  Correa doesn’t mind appropriating the speech and property rights on somebody else’s campaign message, it seems.  He doesn’t seem to get that the Fair Political Practices Commission already has a statute it can and is enforcing to solve his beef, which is with a politically like-minded slate mailer that may not have complied with existing law and that is already under an FPPC review.

Due process of law means that guy should have his day in court with the FPPC, and the rest of society should not be punished with more laws that infringe free speech rights when they are at their zenith in election campaigns, with more arrogantly unconstitutional laws out of the State Senate and Assembly.


  1. Oh, it’s OK!
    Only Republicans are expected to observe the tenants of the Constitution.
    Democrats get to Pick, Choose, Replace – after all, it’s a “living document”.

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