Obama’s Celebration of Everything–Except Results!

My biggest takeaway from the president’s acceptance speech was that it was all about anything and everything but results.

  • How bad things were when he took over. Check.
  • How much the Republicans opposed what he wants to do. Check.
  • Hope! How much he believes in America. Check.
  • How bad the Republicans and their plans are. Check.
  • The horrible wrongness of “tax cuts for millionaires.” Check.
  • Green jobs! Watch Jennifer Granholm cheer! The policy has been a disaster but we like to talk about it. Check.
  • The promise to sustain the strongest military in the world, which will be tricky when Obama is holding a $500 billion sequester over the head of the Pentagon, and only the Pentagon.
  • How bad vouchers are, from a guy who obviously doesn’t know what vouchers are.

And on and on. There was no real defense of his record, because there is none to be made – although both Bill Clinton and Joe Biden made decent efforts. For Obama, though, it’s almost as if it’s beneath him to explain his results or lack thereof.

He should be re-elected so he can be re-elected. The delivery was classic Obama, and that’s not the compliment you might think it is because Obama’s act has gotten awfully tired by now. The substance? There was none. It was the same spewing of partisan message points we always get from Obama, with no serious case offered for what’s been done, and no clear way forward.

We’d heard he was going to address entitlement reform, but all he did was the usual scare-mongering against every idea but the status quo. He mentioned the deficit only for the purpose of lambasting Republicans for refusing tax increases.

Facts: The national debt topped $16 trillion this week. Unfunded entitlement mandates, depending how far out you want to project, total as much as $222 trillion. Unemployment has been over 8 percent for more than three years. Economic growth is less than 2 percent.

Obama has no ideas for fixing any of this. As his Treasury Secretary might say, they just know they don’t like yours.

And no surprise, since any serious plan for fixing these problems has to start with defeating Barack Obama.

(Dan Calabrese is editor-in-chief of the Michigan-based syndicate North Star Writers Group, and the author of the Royal Oak Series of spiritual thrillers, which are available at www.dancalabresebooks.com. Originally posted on The Michigan View.)