Poll finds mothers overwhelmingly support school choice, vouchers

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and just in time for the festivities the Friedman Foundation for Education Choice released results of a new poll that found that a whopping 71 percent of mothers believe in the need for school choice, that is a system that allows students and their parents to decide the school best for them regardless if it is public or private and regardless of proximity to where they reside.

The poll was facilitated between April 17 through 24 asking  “mothers of school-aged children and other adults in a statistically representative national survey how they feel about education in their communities and school choice,” according to the Friedman Foundation. “A resounding 71 percent of moms said they believe school vouchers should be available to all families regardless of income or special needs.”

“The bond between mother and child is precious; moms want and need options to help them access whatever type of education their child may need,” said Leslie Hiner, vice president of the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice. “They will go to great lengths to find a school that will help their child be successful. That’s why moms support school choice.”

Economist and Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman believed that school choice was of the utmost importance for a free society and that the government monopoly on education hurts students and the promise of future generations.  Competition, through choice programs, is the best way to recruit good teachers and increase the performance of a district, Friedman believed. If he were alive today, he might ask why is it that a mother is able to choose a grocery store even if it is not close to her house yet she is limited to a local, public school even if it is failing?

“School vouchers are meant to create an option for all children who need a choice when their public school isn’t working for them,” noted Robert Enlow, President and CEO of the Friedman Foundation. “Moms know what’s best for their kids.”

This Sunday, the best gift for many mothers would be quality school choices for their children.

(Brian Calle is a columnist and editorial writer for the Orange County Register and Editor of Calwatchdog.com.)


  1. Rottweiler says

    I could use a school voucher since my child’s district school is a cesspool under the LAUSD jurisdiction. Not only do they dilute history and teach their own liberal progressive government supervised agenda, they dumb down the population by lowering the standards since the drop out rate speaks for itself at a hefty 45-50%. We have been accomodating the English as a second language crowd so long that they have thrown the tax payer’s kids under the bus so to speak, now that isn’t politically correct either since no child is supposed to be left behind except the ones that have to attend private schools because the parents won’t settle for sub-standard expectations. I would home school my child as an alternative since you can’t say God in school and are taught it isn’t nice to be pro-American, that you have to forfeit your culture to kowtow to others. There is an American culture and I enjoy it without reprimand after all this is America and I like to fly the American flag too, imagine that. A voucher would be very appreciated as my tax payer dollars affords another’s child to sit in my child’s spot in public school while I work two jobs to keep her in private. I also think you should not have children if you can’t afford to feed them breakfast and lunch. How much could peanut butter and jelly cost? Don’t expect others to pay for your family if you can’t afford to cloth, feed, educate, insure and house.

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