San Francisco, AIDS ground-zero, Votes for No Condoms

It is almost unfathomable that San Franciscans voted by 68.5% against the health requirements for the pornography industry in Proposition 60 that would require the wearing of condoms.  Prop. 60, which was heavily funded by the AIDS Foundation and AIDs prevention activists, lost statewide by 54% to 46%, but the proposition won in the key southern California counties of Los Angeles (where most pornographic films are produced and where the most highly affected workers usually reside), San Bernardino and Riverside.  Had Bay Area liberals, and especially San Franciscans, matched the vote percentages of those in the three southern California counties, Proposition 60 would have passed.

The self-indulgent irony in San Francisco’s vote is that it has one of the largest HIV-positive populations in the whole country with an estimated 16,000 people living with HIV in The City, according the the SF AIDS Foundation.  Gay and bi men, who are highly represented in the diverse San Francisco community, represent 82% of all new HIV cases in San Francisco annually.  Yet the voters of San Francisco decided, almost overwhelmingly, that requiring use of condoms for adult film actors was a bad idea.

What a terrible pity.  While San Franciscans are big on voting for regulations on just about everything else in California society, they could not see a connection when it came to the ravages of disease in one of their own communities.  And as to diversity, The City gave 85% of its vote for President to Hillary Clinton, and less than 10% to the winner, Donald Trump.  Perhaps San Francisco is not so diverse, or caring, after all, judging from the election results. logo