The GOP Battle for Women

“We Built It” was the theme of Tuesday’s events at the Republican National Convention, as the audience was shown videos of small-business owners talking about their successes. A more appropriate theme would have been “The GOP supports women.”

President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign has attempted to define Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney for America’s electorate. Lately, the thrust for the Democrats has been to exploit Mr. Romney’s apparent disadvantage with women. A recent Gallup poll found Mr. Obama leading Mr. Romney, 50-42 among female voters.

Tuesday night, Ann Romney, Mr. Romney’s wife of 43 years and mother of five sons, stole the show, upstaging even the boisterous keynote speaker, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. Mrs. Romney did exactly what she needed to do: speak directly to America’s women.

“Get to know Mitt,” she said. She described her husband’s personal side and his compassion, offering an eloquent portrait that humanized the nominee and contrasted with the common portrayal of Mr. Romney as stiff and out of touch with most Americans.

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(Brian Calle is a columnist and editorial writer for the Orange County Register and editor of CalWatchdog. Originally posted on his blog, Uncommon Ground.)