Lake Tahoe still gleams

A vacation at Lake Tahoe remains one of the most reaffirming statements about why it is good to live in California.  Sure, the hard times in our state have hit Tahoe, too.  A number of small businesses that cater to seasonal tourists are now sadly shuttered.  The lake-view Nevada-side Casinos, like Harrah’s and Harvey’s at south shore, are not as full of wagerers as they used to be, and the headliners don’t seem to be booked like they used to be at Harrah’s “South Shore Room.”.  The Cal-Neva at North Shore, once “owned” by Frank Sinatra, doesn’t have live blackjack or craps anymore.  The restaurants have changed and some have closed, like the iconic “Petit Pier” at Tahoe Vista.  It appears that a pretty good number of lakeside homes are up for sale, and that the housing market has slumped just as it has in the rest of the state.

But the Lake is still there, as well as the 77 mile road around it.  And it remains the most beautiful, big, clear, cold, bluest lake in the world.  The blue jays are still there.  Emerald Bay still gleams.  The Ponderosa Pines still emit the wonderful sage perfume that smells of summer at Tahoe.  The economy may suck, but Tahoe is definitely one of the many reasons we Californians have a reason to not give up on our state.

We had a terrific time there for three days and nights last week and I’m glad to share some pictures here.  Including a picture of the best dessert ever, the “Baked Tahoe,” a feature of the Lone Eagle Grill at the Hyatt resort at Incline Village.

Some members of your California Political Review team.


View from our room at the Hyatt Incline Village

The Marina at the Hotel.

The beach at the hotel as seen from the outdoors cocktail lounge.
























The Island in the center of Emerald Bay from our boat.

The “Baked Tahoe”. Hard frozen vanilla ice cream atop a nut brownie covered with caramelized marshmellows and drizzled with chocolate sauce and crumbled almond toffee.


  1. Lake Tahoe has great weather, great skiing, great water, great views and well you get the idea. I escaped from LA and never looked back.
    Feel grateful and blessed to live in paradise.

  2. JUST RETURNED FROM THE GREATEST LAKE; with our grandkids..just too good, we swam, walked and cooked-out on hotel grill and saved a fortune…dining is much to expensive..and had a visit from the LARGEST bear you have ever seen…..really, came directly to our hotel, at about 1:00AM…and we stayed clear…

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