Oscars Excitement Won’t Include “2016: Obama’s America”

February 24th will mark the 85th Anniversary of the Academy Awards and Hollywood will be festive and totally consumed with it’s annual star-studded tradition that day.  Hotels throughout Beverly Hills and the Westside of Los Angeles are all largely booked, and restaurant reservations at Spago, CUT and The Ivy cannot be found for those not really, really rich or highly famous.  But sadly, one terrific film project that proved to be a box office smash in 2012 will be completely over-looked: conservative author Dinesh D’Souza’s “2016: Obama’s America,” a gripping documentary produced by Oscar-award winner Gerald Molen (Shindler’s List) that earned a record $33.4 million.

Apparently Hollywood’s bias against anything conservative or anything mildly realistic about Obama contributed to the oversight of even a nomination for the film, which was passed over for 15 other lesser grossing documentaries, and liberal films, including “Sugar Man” (how two Cape Town residents tracked down 1970s singer Sixto Rodriguez), “Detopia” (a story about Detriot’s steep decline) and “Ethel” (a film about the Kennedy family).  Of these, “Detopia” is most of interest, though the true sources of Detroit’s decline, namely over-reaching by the United Auto Workers contributing to high-costs and the resulting failure of the auto industry, wasteful public spending by liberal Democratic politicians, unbridled welfare and pension policies leading to public agency bankruptcy, crime, and rampant corruption in City Hall, which are the true causes of Detriot’s hardships, are hardly touched on in the film.  Instead “downsizing” and “greedy auto executives” forced to “outsource” manufacturing (by whom may we ask??!!) are made the culprit.  And that is an evident lie.  But it is a lie that liberal Hollywood easily embraces.  Look for Detopia to get the Oscar.

2016 Obama’s America attempts to “reveal the struggle of whether one man’s past will redefine America over the next four years”.  It asks the question, if Obama wins re-election, (he did), “where will we be in 2016?”   And with that, D’Souza travels the four continents to “find answers to Obama’s past and reveal where America will be in 2016.”  It is explained as an “emotionally engaging” and at the same time troubling movie.

But perhaps Hollywood’s left-wing bias is just too well-worn for something thoughtful that is critical of Obama.  D’Souza, who probably won’t be at the Polo Lounge for an after-party, blithely commented, “I want to thank the Academy for not nominating our film.”


  1. Of course not…after all this overdone extravaganza is produced by liberals for liberals by and large.

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