23rd Dangerous Gang Member Apprehended in El Centro, CA this Year

President Obama should be very proud a member of a dangerous Mexican gang “Sureños Trece”. But not too proud.Cesar Ramos-Bracamontes, was apprehended—and about to be deported—but he has been deported before. In fact, the gang that sent him to the United States is probably going to punish him more for being caught than the U.S. for catching him.

Barack seems to confuse bass fishing with enforcement of our immigration laws. In bass fishing, it is catch and release. Immigration is about catch and punish—but not for Barack. Even if caught, he released 36,000 illegal alien convicts to our streets—feel safer knowing this? So far according to AP 70%of the illegal alien he imported from Central America earlier this year have refused to attend deportation hearings? Why should they, they are in the shadows and government will protect them.

Any wonder few Americans have any trust or respect of laws—our President doesn’t, so why should we?


23rd Dangerous Gang Member Apprehended in El Centro, CA this Year

by Michelle Moons, Breitbart CA, 9/25/14

SAN DIEGO, California – Late Wednesday, Border Patrol Agents apprehended an aggravated felon and member of the dangerous “Sureños Trece” street gang near the Calexico, California Port of Entry, the 23rd gang member apprehended in that area, just this year.

Agents captured Cesar Ramos-Bracamontes, a 27-year-old Mexican National, around 6:30 p.m., according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection. After being transported to the Calexico Border Patrol station, Ramos was identified as an active participant in the dangerous “Sureños Trece” gang.

Border Patrol revealed that Ramos has convictions for “Theft, Participation: Criminal Street Gang and Force/Assault with Deadly Weapon.”

Currently in Border Patrol custody, Ramos will be criminally prosecuted for illegal re-entry into the United States and ordered removed. Ramos has been deported before, according to a CBP spokesman.

When apprehending individuals along the border, agents don’t particularly know what threat an individual may pose. A CBP spokesman told Breitbart News, “We don’t know who we’re encountering, and we take the same steps for everybody.” Typically, an individual’s associations or prior criminal record are determined once that person has been brought back to a Border Patrol station.

Breitbart Texas’ Kristin Tate reported on another recent apprehension in that area near the end of August. “The Surenos 13 is a large gang with a stronghold in southern California. A CPB spokesman told Breitbart Texas that Surenos 13 is notorious for human and drug trafficking in the Calexico area,” Tate wrote.

CBP apprehensions of individuals caught crossing the border in the El Centro sector from October 2013 through mid-June 2014 are approximately 11,500, according to a CBP spokesman.


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