AB 455: To Isolate Unvaccinated From Society! Being Rushed Through

AB 455 was a bill about transportation issues and the Golden Gate Bridge.  It has been hijacked and is now the vehicle to force you to take the vaccine if you want to go to a hotel, restaurants, movie, gym.  You will be able to get take out from Wendys or Popeyes.

“Nearly everyone in California could be required to prove they’re fully vaccinated before entering restaurants, bars, movie theaters, gyms, hotels, stadiums and other indoor establishments under a draft of a proposed new law.

The proposal, by Assembly members Buffy Wicks, D-Oakland, Akilah Weber, D-San Diego, and Evan Low, D-Campbell, hasn’t yet been introduced in the Legislature. The Sacramento Bee obtained a copy of the draft.

As written, the proposal would take effect immediately upon the governor’s signature, and would direct the Department of Public Health to develop an enforcement mechanism by Nov. 1.

Hockey games, basketball and more will be affected.  They are still trying to figure out how to keep you from a grocery store or drug store.  Literally, they want to isolate people—including the 50% of first responders, nurses, cops, fire fighters and doctors who KNOW the problems of COVID, know the vaccines and refuse to take it.

If passed we will have a caste system in California.  The vaccinated and the unvaccinated.  Watch as many of the unvaccinated flee the State in order to live a normal like instead of living in a Gulag.

California lawmakers weigh statewide vaccination requirement for indoor restaurants, venues

By Wes Venteicher, SLO Tribune,  8/26/21   

Nearly everyone in California could be required to prove they’re fully vaccinated before entering restaurants, bars, movie theaters, gyms, hotels, stadiums and other indoor establishments under a draft of a proposed new law.

The proposal, by Assembly members Buffy Wicks, D-Oakland, Akilah Weber, D-San Diego, and Evan Low, D-Campbell, hasn’t yet been introduced in the Legislature. The Sacramento Bee obtained a copy of the draft.

As written, the proposal would take effect immediately upon the governor’s signature, and would direct the Department of Public Health to develop an enforcement mechanism by Nov. 1.

The proposal would create one of the strictest statewide vaccination requirements in the nation. The state Department of Public Health said last week that it was leading the nation with a requirement that everyone attending an indoor event with 1,000 people or more show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test. That requirement takes effect Sept. 20.

The new proposal comes as Republican Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas signed an order explicitly banning vaccination requirements in that state.

The new law would exempt children who aren’t eligible for vaccines and people who aren’t eligible due to a medical condition or disability, subject to verification.

The requirement wouldn’t apply to places where food is served exclusively for takeout or curbside pickup, according to the proposal.

The proposal also would allow employers to require their employees to show proof of vaccination as a condition of employment, or to submit weekly COVID-19 test results as an alternative.

That would essentially expand a requirement Gov. Gavin Newsom recently imposed on state employees. The new proposal would require public employers to meet and confer with labor unions over the new rules, addressing what has been a point of contention with state employee unions.

The proposal also would require both public and private employers to provide paid sick leave to employees for vaccination appointments and for recovery from any symptoms following vaccination.

About Stephen Frank

Stephen Frank is the publisher and editor of California Political News and Views. He speaks all over California and appears as a guest on several radio shows each week. He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows. He is a fulltime political consultant.


  1. Welcome to communist California… They want to use blackmail to force people to get vaccinated… Trying nto stop them from going to grocery stores as well.. Blackmail by using keeping them from feeding themselves and their families…

    • This has nothing to do with God at the moment… This has to do with Californians getting off their dead lazy asses regardless of political affiliation, banding together and telling Newsom, Sacramento and every politician involved in this monumental violation of our constitutional rights to go f*** themselves! Notice how nobody makes no mention of those like us who had COVID-19 who had three blood tests to verify having antibodies for it. We are not going to take this ever!

      • Exactly right!!! Because the end goal is not our health or immunity…it has always been to get to the vaccine passports and reshape our world!!!


  2. Rico Lagattuta says

    The people of California have spoken. They voted for the leadership of Sacramento to lead the State in the way they believe is best for the people. California is not a Communist State. It is still a Democratic State. If you don’t like the leadership, vote to change them. If that is not possible either learn to live with their direction or leave the State. Don’t just be angry. Do something. If you don’t have the time or won’t make the time, then just accept it!

    • Otis Needleman says

      I didn’t vote for these dirt bags. I don’t have to accept their tyranny. I voted to recall Newsom and elect Elder. If I had the money would have long since escaped the People’s Republic.

    • The vaccine is proven to not work so look at isreal and UK. Its a vaccine to eliminate people. The vaccinated are the spreader and variant changer. We aren’t fooled. California has had rigged elections for too long and allowing an insane Governor like we have who has changed the pedophile rule so that you can have sex with 12 year olds as long as you’re only ten years old has got to end I’ve been in California 67 years and it used to be a red State and guess what it’s going back to a red State thanks be to God

    • Last checked California is a Republic not a Democracy. The left also likes to call the United States of America a Democracy as well. The US is a Constitutional Republic.

      • No. You are wrong. America is a type of Democracy. A representative Democracy, a republican form of government. There are several versions of Democracy. Me thinks you just don’t like using the noun “Democracy.” The United States is, however, a Democracy.

        • I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands. Sorry dude. The USA is a republic. Have you looked at the California state flag lately? It says “California Republic” Educate yourself.

    • Bob Willis says

      There’s more to it than just that. Many of these politicians do illegal things and go beyond their level of authority but because of all the corruption in this state, they get away with it.

    • Not yobuzness says

      I didn’t vote for these evil idiots. They have no right to “force” these shots on anyone…ever. Notice I did not call these barely tested and rushed through test shots a vaccine.

      • Denise Sal says

        Well said! This is a planned demolition of the population. From the get-go Fauci has been in on its development and rollout. I love our true president (Trump) but disagree with everything he’s said about the jab and did not like that he pushed for it so soon. He needs to admit it was a very BAD idea and call it what it is…planned murder of the masses!

    • California is not a Democratic State.There is one party rule. Therefore there is no choice. We are getting out. The exodus from California is astounding.

    • Sorry but just because 65% of this state is mentally ill and only votes for people with a D next to their name regardless of ideology or policies that the voters do not take the time to inform themselves of we are left with far left loons destroying this state. These are the same people that voted Biden into office and he is now the single worst president ever. The real problem is that democratic voters do not take the time to be informed on the issues and never will vote for someone sane. That is not a democracy Rico. It is a dance of uninformed idiots.

    • Really? there is little integrity to the elections. It should be ONE DAY, ONE VOTE IN PERSON (UNLESS REQUESTED WAY IN ADVANCE) WITH ID!!!! NO HARVESTING!


    • While you don’t feel comfortable with people being angry at totalitarian actions of the CA legislature, your suggestions are simplistic and naive.
      You still believe our votes count. If that were true, forensic audits wouldn’t be fought against as they would fortify trust.
      You say “leave the state” so easily. As if everyone living in CA has the means to leave – they do not. Check the savings rate for average citizens. How about their need to obtain a job prior to relocating? What about the PREMIUM for leaving CA (vs. migrating to CA)? It’s many thousands of dollars to leave even if you pack your things in a truck. Perhaps they should just leave their goods?
      50% of the homeless already live in CA. Look for the number of homeless to grow quickly.
      The jab is NOT a vaccine, it’s an “experimental treatment” according to the CDC and only has an EUA. The Pfizer “FDA approval” DOES NOT apply to what’s being given, only to a NEW treatment labeled Comirnaty so be sure and check the label when you go get your 3rd, 4th, etc. shots.
      Personal choice is party of our Constitution, unalienable rights given by God, not the state.

    • socalartgal says

      We did not vote for tyranny. Perhaps if that is your desire, you should relocate.

    • Keith Austin says

      I mailed my ballot yesterday… Out with Newsome, In with Larry Elder
      It’s sickening how bad this state has gotten and yes people with the ability have left .

    • Are you human or reptilian? Nothing more evil than ab 455 (proposed now, not talking about the original one from Feb21).
      I lived in communistic country half of my live. I came to this country to live communism free. Your democratic party become party of hate and dictatorship. IT is a SHAME to admit your are one of them.

    • Cameron Pylant says

      Laughable, in case you haven’t noticed KKKalifornia lost a congressional seat and I’ve one million in net population loss, in recent years BECAUSE we are run by Marxists. Wake the hell up!!!

  3. Dr. Trent Saxton says

    I escaped. I now live in a FREE STATE in America…enjoy your Gulag, you idiots…..I saw this AB 455 coming months ago. Indeed, the people of California have spoken. They voted for the leadership of Sacramento to lead the State in the way they believe is best for (SOME) people. I am so pleased, happy and grateful to move out of California. After 43 years, I had enough of the insanity. I took my business, and my money to a FREE STATE. California’s schools, colleges, unions, and state government are all corrupt as well as both political parties. BTW. You will never get rid of the COVID manmade, Chinese virus, any more than you can cure the common cold virus. Until the other day…You were taking an unproven experimental mRNA gene therapy.
    If you took the time to look up the history of mRNA gene therapies, then you would realize none were approved over the last 20 years. This is because the animals died in the trials.
    Could this one be an anomaly and actually be safe, even though it was rushed out in 9 months? I hope so for your sake.. For the record, the gold standard of trial periods by the FDA is 10 years. Like I said earlier, enjoy your Gulag, and wear your yellow star in public; I choose not to comply, I’ll let GOD decide my fate.

    • We are playing right I nto the hands of the communist Democrats. We are all on the run, nobody stands up and fights just look at who we have in the White House. Three more years of this and there will be no free states left in America.

      The Democrats will go after the so-called red states with a vengeance and people will do the same thing they’ve done in California, run, but you’ll have nowhere to run to. States like Texas are on the verge of turning blue and like it or not, Arizona is blue. They might have a Republican gov, but he governs like a Democrat, and they have 2 dem senators, and now Nevada is California east.

      The problem is that people continue to feed the beast, they have Facebook and Twitter accounts, they use Amazon and they buy general motor products (owned by the Chinese). We continue to use and support companies that are helping the Democrats kill this country.

      I am old enough to remember when California was a red conservative state. Once Silicon Valley came all the crazy liberals and communists from so-called ‘free’ states flocked here to California and destroyed it.

      Like it or not California is the most powerful state when it comes to politics because they have the most money and until the politicians in California are stopped there’s nowhere safe to live in this country. Remember, it was California politicians who led the charge to impeach the best president we ever had.

      • Buz Weston says


        Excellent reply. Imagine taking pride in being a coward and retreating. But I encounter people like Dr. Saxton every single day.

        God told us to come to California in 1981. God hasn’t told us to leave. Old orders are good orders. There’s work to do here. We stand shoulder to shoulder with those who love our state, want it restored, and have the courage to get it done.

        • Buz It’s good to hear from people who are willing to fight. If our forefathers cut and run, there would be no America. It only took a small percentage of our forefathers to stand up and fight the tyranny of Britain, but a lot of people have forgotten about that.

          This is not a California problem this is a United States problem. Running away does not solve any problems we have to stand our ground and fight or we’re going to lose everything.

        • Amen to that. I wanted to leave and flee, but did not have peace. If California falls to commies it is only a matter of time before they steal the rest of the elections across the states. We must all stand and battle where we are and fight the good fight, finish the race and keep the faith!

      • Hello,

        Look up Ethylene Oxide. That is what the PCR tests are coated with. It is a pesticide and a Class 1 Carcinogen, among many other things. They are swabbing your mucus membrane right next to your brain with this stuff. Do not even submit to the testing.

        • Denise Sal says

          Wow, thanks Jack for alerting us to the dangers of the unreliable tests. What a joke…a sadistic, terrible joke, this whole “pandemic response” is! Don’t people research and find out this was planned several years ago? Look up Event 201, the pandemic tabletop exercise hosted by The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on October 18, 2019, in New York, NY. Don’t “follow the science”…follow the truth!

    • Lisa Taylor says

      Hello. I feel the same. My family is considering moving as well. My I ask which state you have moved to?

  4. Otis Needleman says

    Stop these evil people. Recall Newsom. Elect Elder.

  5. Richard Poirier says

    I will never take the vaccine under any circumstances. It is poison. It kills many people within 7 days. It kills a substantial number of people within 10 years. Not enough data yet to confirm how many but some doctors estimate it will be 20% or more. I can skip going to sporting events, music concerts, movies, hotels, and gyms (I’ll cancel my membership and save money exercising from home). I’ll find a way to buy food. I currently work from home. If my employer decides to have us go back to the office, I’ll request I continue to work from home, ask my doctor to write me a letter stating a medical reason to exempt me from being required to take the vaccination or I’ll submit to taking a covid-19 test, as often as necessary, to prove I’m negative. My age puts me in the that “high risks group” but I’m 100% healthy. I haven’t got Covid-19 to date and don’t intents to. I know very, very few people who did get it. Forget the statistics, how many people do you personally know who got it? In time of war we need to accept inconveniences to fight the enemy. We are in a civil war with the criminals who have taken over our government. Either we protect ourselves as free individuals or we allow them to kill us. It’s really that simple. Resist, Resist, Resist. It is the necessary thing to do for all thinking individuals.

    • Rottweiler says

      Hello Richard,
      Can you believe that the doctor can only give 5 medical exemptions a year from the mRNA treatment? If they suspect he is abusing the exemptions he can lose his license and there will be discipline. I just found out as the Marxist regime just hit my hospital to make certain we are kowtowed, pressured and threatened into the “vaccine, which it is not”, other than J & J which is not offered. I have to take re-education classes and yesterday had a patient say to me “I hope all of the unvaccinated DIE”, I guess she just assumed. I wondered if this progressive piece of work would insult the chef before he prepared her meal? They may not take my religious exemption and I am certain they will try to threaten me with no work. I tried to call lawyers for days but to no avail. Either they are uber busy or they won’t be able to go up against the progressive Marxists regime in California. All I know for now is I have to test 2 times a week and by 9/30 they will make a decision if I can come back to work. In a way, they never cared when I worked my tail off with covid patients for 1.5 years now all of a sudden they care about me? With a 99.9% chance of recovery I will take my chances. I see the unvaccinated just as sick and why don’t they test all of my vaccinated co-workers who can carry it and get covid? Sounds like discrimination to me. I will tell you why the test kits conveniently owned by Bill Gates would cost too much to buy for all of the employees. CA is circling the drain fast. Dr. Pan the big vaccine lover for poisoning your kids is behind this, they always enrich themselves while creating the most damage to our society. They are hateful, elitist, Stalinists.

      • I posted this to Richard above. Check out Peggy Hall on Youtube & at TheHealthyAmerican.org She’s a Californian & researches actual CA laws on how to say ‘No’ to the jab, the mask & testing, & get a religious exemption. She’s not a lawyer, but interprets the laws on the books as it relates to what we’re dealing with now.

    • Don’t take the tests. The swab is coated with ethylene oxide, a highly carcinogenic compound “not for human use” according to OSHA.

  6. I know everyone on this thread is voting to REMOVE GOVERNOR NEWSOM and elect Larry Elder or another conservative who might be able to have some veto power on these inane and ever-expanding laws.

    • No Veto power unfortunately there is a Democrat super majority. I cannot believe that people in this state would elect Democrats all the time. Something is fishy here.

  7. Should we rob some ballots out of mailboxes or harvest some, so our votes will not be canceled by the CA voting system?

  8. How do they justify this?
    If I am not sick, why am I being excluded from these venues? Why don’t the vaxxed people have to prove they are not sick? This is pure punitive action. They are nasty, hateful and prejudiced against others.

  9. Sounds like a last ditch effort before Newsom is out of office. American Patriots are standing together to stand against this evil by placing our vote against what this democratic administration is trying to do in an attempt to make this a socialist country. God Bless America!!!

  10. Ken Campbell says

    Sounds like if you don’t get the vaccine you cannot participate in society. OK, if I cannot participate in society, then I am not going to pay for it…meaning taxes. If my kids cannot participate in school, then screw you, I am not paying property tax. And that goes right down the list, if I cannot participate, I am not paying!! We need to set up a totally different system for the unvaccinated, and since we will participate in that system we will pay taxes to that government. Time to stock up on ammo.

  11. The mandate tyranny has morphed into the modern day tea tax and, defines our duty and requirement to reject tyranny. To what level this rejection takes is up to the aggressor.

  12. Steven S. Lamb says

    I hope all the commentors here will take the time to find their Assemblyperson and Senators home and Sacramento office phone numbers and politely say they should not vote yes on AB 455 or any vaccine passport. Its important they hear from the people they represent and not just the Democrat Party shills.

  13. Pete Handover says

    What is happening to freedom and rights.??? Covid is a stronger version of the flu people have died from the normal flu every year. Heck people are dying and having unknown medical issues after this vaccine. Why is no one reporting these issues ?? Why are the people not speaking up for your rights !!.
    . The medical industry is able to navigate the flu and provide solutions. Still allowing people to have a choice. What the pharmaceutical companies are not making enough ??
    Many people have great immune systems and allow their body to fight these types Of viruses. As our bodies are designed !!!
    This type of approach is crushing our economy. Besides tearing us as humans from each other. Separate us to make us weak ?? Likely not. We are humans and find ways to survive !
    You have to stop this way of government! We are a mockery to other countries. They say! The US is not longer a place of freedom.

  14. This is obviously about a digital passport Chinese style social credit system, not public health and safety. This v is not a sterilizing v (in that it kills the virus and stops transmission) and only (supposedly – data from heavily vaxxed Israel & Iceland not encouraging) lessens the severity of the illness, and then only for some months as they’re already talking about requiring boosters every six months – a very profitable subscription model for 2 multinationals (Pfizer & J&J – Moderna was never able to bring a product to market before) with long histories of fraud, deception & products that maim & kill. If they were so cavalier about products with liability – imagine now with captive consumers for products for which they have ZERO liability. The captured mainstream media & social media are working overtime to censor deaths & debilitating injuries. More deaths and injuries reported to VAERS than any other v in the history of VAERS!

  15. Jim Madison says

    You California inmates have the opportunity to eject your Communist wardens, and instead elect somebody who wants you to have the right to decide your own medical treatments. To work as an independent contractor. To walk down the street without being assaulted by nutjobs with zero police protection, and then step in their feces. Recall that awful Governor, and vote for Larry Elder.

  16. Jim Madison says

    I will die before I take the jab. The will have to drag me in against my will, and I will take as many of them as I can with me. Better to risk getting COVID with its odds of 99.99 to .01 for survival, than the 100% chance of giving up my Liberty, and seeing my beloved Republic fail under the onslaught of Chinese collaborators.

  17. Jodi Nelson says

    Our country has been hijacked by corporations and corruption is legal in America. Both the left and the right are guilty, even though it might not appear that way. Corruption is bought through lobbying, by infiltrating our public agencies, CDC, FDA – known as a “captured agency.” You also have corporate paid science which favors the corporation and is knowns as “manufactured doubt.” Then there is “astroturfing,” which is corporate entities posing as “grassroots” organizations, conveying support for something where little support exists, which ultimately brings people on board. Astroturfing is very broad in nature and you will can spot it by the names they call people etc., tin foil hat, conspiracy theorist, trumpster, etc., which is then picked up by the unsuspecting general population. This name calling shuts down debate which is the goal. There are many avenues used by corporations that have brought us to this place. Ultimately, corporations need to be removed from the democratic process. I agree with one of the responders on this article that Pan is behind this and I believe he is in the pocket of big pharma.

  18. Mary Newman says

    URGENT CALL TO ACTION: Call, email and write letters to your assembly members and senators.



    • Hi Mary do you know if Bill AB455 passed? I heard it was being voted on yesterday

      • Mary Newman says

        AB455 has been put on hold, as well as AB1102 which would require ALL CA employers to have their employees get the jab. These are bills we still have to worry about though, as Newsom plans to have a special session to get these horrific bills passed if he doesn’t get recalled, Go to https://www.perk-group.com/ to get up to date info.

  19. Vanessa Lee says

    I’m debating leaving and I’ve heard people say we should stay and fight. But I don’t see us leaving as not fighting. The pilgrims left in search of freedom. Were they cowards for doing so? No! They were actually brave. As for our forefathers they fought for this country not just California… so if we go to another state, we’re still in the fight for the same country. Leaving is also taking my taxes away from corrupt politicians and putting it to work where freedom still has a fighting chance. So I say choose for yourselves. Feel free to find life, liberty and pursue happiness. Vote for freedom loving representatives wherever you are and take your kids out of indoctrination camps called public schools.

  20. Where/when do we vote no on this?

  21. Mary K Oliver says

    If control like this does not make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, you are not awake.

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