Another Round of Coronavirus Lockdowns Might Be Coming. They’ll Be Far Less Enforceable Than Before.

Tens of thousands are protesting, rioting, closing streets and bridges—and government says nothing.  A few people want to attend church and Newsom and Garcetti go crazy, as if the world would come to an end if people prayed.  Businesses have opened, with and without government approval.  Salons, barbershops and other have opened without government permission.  Folks are shoulder to shoulder in Wal Mart—and the nation is still alive.  Folks want to see President Trump.  So, ONE MILLION ask for a reservation for the Tulsa event, in a facility that holds 20,000.  Folks no longer trust or respect government.

Wait till the army of 20,000 tracers and trackers try to talk with folks who allegedly came in contact with someone who has the virus.  By the end of the first day there will be fist fights, guns drawn and government workers told to get an honest job.  Does anyone think going to Wal Mart is the cause to quarantine a whole town if one person is found to have the virus?  The current BLM riots will be minor.

“Think Mayor Di Blasio is stupid enough to arrest the rabbi’s and Jews that opened up a playground after he ordered it closed?  We were told mask s great, we were told masks are worthless.  Cuomo, CNN, MSNBC told us that Florida would be dead because they were the last to close, the first to open.  Yet percentage wise, they have among the least amount of deaths.  Yes, we have more virus cases found—only because testing is everywhere.  One of the biggest losers in all this?  Government?  On this the Left and Right can unite—government lies to protect itself.

Another Round of Coronavirus Lockdowns Might Be Coming. They’ll Be Far Less Enforceable Than Before.  

Eric Boehm, Reason, 6/16/20 
There’s probably no better demonstration of the nonsensical nature of America’s ongoing coronavirus lockdowns than the scene that played out on Monday at a children’s playground in Brooklyn.  Middleton Playground, in the New York City borough’s Williamsburg neighborhood, had been closed since June 1 for “social distancing violations”—because children were using the playground to, well, play. After repeated violations of the closure order, the city dispatched workers to the playground on Monday to weld the gates shut. “We had to secure the location and did not have our typical resources available so as a short term fix we welded one of four entrances shut,” a spokesman for the city’s parks department told National Review‘s Zachary Evans. Residents of the neighborhood soon took matters into their own hands. Breaking news: Middleton Playground in Williamsburg has been liberated. Bolt cutters and a Boro Park radio(?) personality named Heshy were involved. Local state assemblyman on hand too — Armin Rosen (@ArminRosen) June 15, 2020 Jews in NYC just cut the lock @NYCMayor put on their park — Caleb Hull (@CalebJHull) June 15, 2020 This is the state of affairs all across America nearly three months after quarantines, lockdowns, and stay-at-home orders were first imposed to “flatten the curve” of the coronavirus pandemic. The number of COVID-19 cases is rising in many places, prompting fears that reopening plans could be halted or reversed. But public officials—from the ones running the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio—have largely squandered the public trust that would be necessary to impose another round of shutdowns. People are understandably frustrated that for months they were forbidden from attendings weddings or funerals for loved ones because officials said gatherings of more than 10 or 25 people were a public health threat—only to see many of those same officials cheer massive protests that have spread through cities in recent weeks. Thousands of people gathered outside of the Brooklyn Museum for a Black Trans Lives Matter rally on Sunday, but a few dozen kids can’t go to a playground on Monday? Some officials, including de Blasio, have tried to explain this seeming contradiction away by arguing that the protests matter so much that violations of lockdowns and social distancing should be tolerated. But the relative values of social justice and playtime don’t matter much to the average American, who is now far more likely to roll his or her eyes at the idea that we should modulate our concern about spreading a deadly disease for some social activities but not others. Of course, the alternative to another set of lockdowns is pretty grim too. Larry Kudlow says record number of coronavirus cases in some states is something we’re going to have to get “used to,” adds that Trump is “disinclined” to recommend the re-closing of state economies even if cases spike — Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) June 15, 2020 Sure, you can probably expect most civic and state officials to handle things with considerably more finesse than de Blasio. The next round of lockdowns, if they occur, are unlikely to involve literally locking the public out of certain spaces. But that may not matter, now that people have decided to bring bolt-cutters.
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  1. Newsom will keep the CONTROLUS VIRUS as long as possible. IT IS ALL ABOUT CONTROL!!

    • William Hicks says

      His strategy is to cause as much arm as possible and blame President Trump for not bailing California out. AS SIMPLE AS THAT.

  2. Robert Wilson says

    RECALL the POS!!!!

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