Anti-NFL Song Called “Take A Knee… My A**!” Goes Viral

This may be the first time the California Political News and Views did not re-publish a story or write an original piece—but take a video from the Internet.  Tomorrow there will be several NFL games on TV.  Some will be watching to be entertained, others to see how many rich athletes hate our nation.

This is a Pro-American song, reminding us of those who served and all who sacrificed—time, effort and lives—for this great nation.  The words are poignant.   The visuals, with the words assure a good cry.  I will admit when I first saw it and was shown those in Viet Nam, where I served in the First Infantry Division, it reminded me of my sacrifices and those of my father who fought in in World War II in Europe.

Please forward this to all your friends—especially those that love football.  This will remind them we could not play football on a Sunday afternoon if millions over almost 250 years had not fought for that right.

Stop the disrespect of our flag and nation.  No need to riot against the “kneelers”, just ignore them and watch reruns of NCIS instead.

American Flag 1

Anti-NFL Song Called “Take A Knee… My A**!” Goes Viral

Wil Reagan,,  8/2/18


Guess some people aren’t happy with the NFL protests.

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  1. great song… love it

  2. Really??? says

    Cannot tell you how much I want to watch an NFL game. I am boycotting sponsors, and not watching as long as these idiots kneel.

    One of my best friends was a decorated radioman, Vietnam, and black…. “They are wrong.” He grew up in the black ghetto of L.A.

    Spoiled little children you are wrong. Take a knee, my ass.

  3. Totallyfedup says

    The damage has been done.
    Boycott the spoiled over paid brats.
    The owners are cowards.
    We do not need the NFL anymore.
    If any of those 1 minute protestors really meant what they say, they would get up off their lazy ass off the field and do something worthwhile, instead of knelling on their ass for show.

  4. Eileen Fernandez says

    Well, surprise, surprise – when I clicked on the link to the NFL song, the message instead was that the URL was no longer available. Imagine that!

  5. What a GREAT song! So very true and says it all.

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