As Expected: Brown Spends NO $$ From $7.5 Billion Water Bond on Dams

Brown lied and California jobs and farms died.

The California Political News and Views told its’ readers during the recent election campaign that our confused Guv Brown was LYING about using part of the $7.5 billion water bond would be used for water storage. We said the money was really a payoff for special interests and unions. Now the first half billion is being allocated, and as expected, not a dime for water storage. Instead it is going for wetlands/conservation and cleaning up the groundwater California government take control of on January 1.

“· $178 million for restoring streams, rivers and watersheds, the source of much of the state’s water.

  • $137 million for water recycling projects, in which sewage is treated to high levels to be reused for landscape irrigation and other non-drinkable uses, freeing up other supplies for drinking.
  • $135 million for upgrading drinking water treatment plants and wastewater plants.
  • $23 million for funding water conservation projects, such as rebates for people buying water-efficient appliances.
  • $22 million for groundwater management and cleanup.”

Hate to say it, but I told you so. Once again when you vote for bonds or tax increases, government will lie to get the vote (think High Speed Rail) and then pay off the special interests and unions.

RB Drought

California drought: Jerry Brown unveils proposal on how to start spending $7.5 billion water bond

By Paul Rogers, San Jose Mercury News, 1/10/15


The most controversial part of the water bond, which voters approved by 67 percent, was whether to spend money building new reservoirs. Although many of the state’s largest environmental groups, such as the Nature Conservancy, in the end endorsed the measure, some critics said the money would be spent on taxpayer-subsidized dams to continue providing cheap water for corporate farmers in the Central Valley who are growing water-intensive crops like almonds to ship to China.

The bond earmarked $2.7 billion for “storage,” although it left the definition vague. “Storage” could mean construction of one or more new large reservoirs, but it also could mean increasing storage underground, in managed aquifers.

The decision on how to spend that money will come from the California Water Commission, an obscure agency whose nine members are appointed by the governor. The commission has not yet taken any votes on how to spend the money from the November bond.

Mark Cowin, director of the Department of Water Resources, said Friday that he expects the commission will make a decision by 2017


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  1. Now the pieces are falling into place.

    The Dem’s and Socialist want to usurp ground water rights inherent in property rights associated with “fee title” ownership.

    Brown and his fellow travelers will use “expanded underground” storage as the excuse to then state the “State” owns the water under the ground, even if it happens to be part of fee title.

    Unfortunately this is my DUH moment. Taking is the only thing engrained in the Left’s mentality.

  2. Your math doesn’t equal 7.5 billion. Just saying.

  3. The number you list don’t equal 7.5 billion


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