California Business Roundtable PROUD It Opposed Private Property Rights

I bet you thought the California Business Roundtable, set up by the California Chamber of Commerce, was supportive of private property rights.  If you did, you were wrong.  Those financing the Chamber and the Roundtable need to know that these organizations are willing to throw their members under the bus—to cause members to lose money.  Importantly the Roundtable has decided to “compromise” away the private property rights of their members—and the business community.

At a time we have a massive housing shortage, the Roundtable double down on the shortage.  With the rent control they support, fewer units will be built, more will be controverted to condo’ or just torn down.  I hope those that support the Roundtable understand the Roundtable is no longer the friend of business, Constitutional rights or the needs of all the people in California.  It got scared into supporting rent control, government control of housing, as if it were a socialist/Progressive organization.

Statement on Legislature Passing AB 1482  
California Business Roundtable,  9/11/19
  SACRAMENTO—California Business Roundtable President Rob Lapsley issued the following statement today in response to the Legislature passing AB 1482 (Chiu), which will create a statewide cap on annual rent increases and enact just cause protections for tenants while still encouraging investment in new single- and multifamily housing supply: “CBRT helped defeat the flawed Prop. 10 initiative last November because it would have created an inconsistent patchwork of local rent control, which provides no certainty or predictability for renters or developers investing in new housing supply. After Prop. 10’s defeat, we immediately shifted our focus to creating a statewide standard that will put more than 95 percent of multifamily units under a consistent and uniform rent standard. AB 1482 modernizes our current policy to provide certainty to both renters and developers during our ongoing housing crisis. AB 1482 strikes that balance and will serve as a key protection of affordability throughout all communities in California. “On behalf of the CBRT board, we appreciate the hard work of the governor, Senate Pro-Tempore Atkins, Senator Hertzberg, Assembly Speaker Rendon and Assembly authors Chiu and Grayson to pass this bill.  “However, 1482 is not the long-term solution we need to reach the governor’s goal for new housing supply. We need to shift our attention to eliminating the barriers to new supply that caused this crisis in the first place. An ever-increasing list of expensive mandates, local development fees and a lack of CEQA reform have decimated our housing supply. We look forward to immediately working with the governor, Legislature and other stakeholders on this critically important next step for California’s housing future.” AB 1482 passed off the Assembly Floor on September 11 and is headed to the governor’s desk for his signature or veto.
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  1. Ralph Ramirez says

    Thanks Stephen Frank for your continued vigilance. You keep us all informed of actions designed to destroy our individual constitutional rights and simultaneously destroy what remains of California’s once vibrant and world renowned economy. The pied pipers are trying to lead us off the cliff.

  2. In Santa Barbara South County the CC’s have become rubber stamps for government project. They refuse to stand up for the private sector. One primary reason they want special funding from Cities and the County so they can continue to pretend they support businesses.

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