California GOP Refuses To Rescind Endorsement Of Man Who Says His Bodily Fluids Are Worth $15 Million

This decision by the California Republican Party Board of Directors could be decisive in targeted races in November.  Watch as the Democrats use Joe Collins as an example of Republicans ENDORSED by the Party.

I do have a question.  In 2018 Joe Collins in a lawsuit said the County of San Diego could not sue him because he is a SOVEREIGN CITIZEN—NOT an American citizen.  Don’t you have to be an American citizen to run for Congress?

California GOP Refuses To Rescind Endorsement Of Man Who Says His Bodily Fluids Are Worth $15 Million

Andrew Kerr, Daily Caller,  2/26/20    

The California Republican Party is refusing to rescind its endorsement of a man who, according to a lawyer, appears to have evoked the fringe legal theories of the sovereign citizen movement in a 2017 lawsuit.

The California GOP told the Daily Caller News Foundation that it wasn’t going to spend time or “valuable resources” revisiting its endorsement of Navy veteran Joe Collins, a former anti-Trump Green Party presidential candidate-turned pro-Trump Republican now vying to unseat 15-term Democratic California Rep. Maxine Waters.

While running for president in 2017, Collins sued San Diego for $100 million in damages and the termination of his court-ordered child support obligations. Collins attached a document in the complaint saying his “DNA or Body Fluids,” are worth $15 million.

Collins argued in the lawsuit that his “inalienable rights as a living breathing man” were being violated by being subjected to child support proceedings and that he “does not consent to any contract, codes, state codes, statues, commercial presentments or anything similar.”

Constitutional lawyer Caesar Kalinowski previously told the DCNF that the arguments Collins made in his lawsuit “definitely indicate to me that he is espousing and/or invoking the same type of pseudolegal principles that you would find in the sovereign citizen movement.”

Adherents to sovereign citizen legal theories generally believe that “no government can exercise jurisdiction over them” without their consent, he explained. Kalinowski added that anyone who ascribes to the sovereign citizen ideology “likely lacks a very basic understanding of the Constitution and the framework of the government and how laws work.”

The California GOP endorsed Collins on Feb. 7 to serve as a lawmaker in the House of Representatives.

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  1. Looks like the fix is in AGAIN in Commiefornia . We need to clean house of ANYONE who is an Anti – Trump , Anti – American who wants to keep the corruption in place here.
    From the Sword of——-

  2. Which one is he in the photo? How scary. And how did this guy get through the Navy without a dishonorable discharge?

  3. Bruce Boyer candidate for Ventura County Sheriff says

    It would be hard for a ‘Soverign Citizen to ‘run for Congress”. what was in his filing needs to be taken in context and that context is not include… a declaration is just that. lets not obsess over such. Is he a far better choice than Maxine?? YES!!!!! Just about anyone and everyone is! He declared himself a Republican; so with that he is ‘endorsed” Should the GOP have some codebook to define IF a Republican is to be endorsed? I say NO!! If there was then all candidates would have to ‘conform” read kiss their fannys to get ‘endorsed”. Focus on winning not whining…

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