California Sees Surge in Hate Crimes Against Asian Americans

This is a ridiculous article.  It makes claims that in lots of SMALL ways Asian-Americans are being harassed.  Yes, it is wrong to bully or abuse anyone.  But what is being done is small potatoes, a little here, a little there.  Left out is the latest move by the California Democrat Party and Guv Newsom to discriminate against Asian-American is a BIG way—with the approval of government.

That would be the effort to return to affirmative action for enrollment in our schools.  Asian students are about 40% of the UV system.  Under the Democrats discriminatory law, that would be cut to 15%.  The same discrimination goes for government hiring and giving of government contracts.  That means the State of California will, by law, be the most hateful, anti-Asian American organization in the State—and it has police powers the KKK never had to enforce its racism.

Do we want California in 2020 to become the Mississippi of 1960? 

Newsom SUPPORTS Discrimination Against Asian-Americans

California Sees Surge in Hate Crimes Against Asian Americans

California County News, 07/8/2020  

California has recorded a surge in hate crimes against Asian Americans over the past three months. Between March and June, there were 832 recorded incidents against Asian Americans in the state, according to the Asian Pacific Policy and Planning Council and Chinese for Affirmative Action. That total includes 81 physical assaults and 64 potential civil rights violations.

Asian American advocacy groups blame xenophobic sentiments surrounding the coronavirus, which originated in Wuhan, China. They also point to racist statements by President Donald Trump, including his recent jokes about the “Kung Flu” at campaign rallies and his consistent references to the “Chinese virus” or “Wuhan virus.”

The groups have called on Gov. Gavin Newsom to launch a state task force that would look at ways to enforce anti-discrimination and civil rights laws. In a statement, Newsom’s spokesperson said: “Racism and xenophobia have no place in California — not during a public health emergency when it is essential we come together to support all of our communities — not ever.”

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  1. Really??? says

    There is an interesting dynamic in this story that is not told.

    The Hispanic and Black communities do ot have the respect for the hard working and very education orientation the Asian community has.

    How about that, the prejudicial Affirmative Action is back. You know a greater percentage of Black under qualified students will displace qualified Anglo and Asian students.

    The Marxist Theory never ceases to amaze. Then again it take advantage of envy.

    Of course the Confederate Democrats are more than willing to use any tool to destroy the nation.

    • susan bemis says

      I totally agree with your theory – brilliant!! I need to review Marxism theories more thoroughly – for some reason I think it is far more rampant than we realize among those of us not so educated to its theory. Thank you

      • Exactly! Everyone does. No one believes that what’s going on is the Socialist takeover of America combined with fear of Trump because he is blowing up their corruption. This is serious; obama was to kick off the transformation and Hillary was to finish it. Now their hopes are on Sleepy Joe. Very frightening.

    • Nope, just Asian students will be displaced. Many of the admissions committees are Anglo and they will NEVER go against their own.

  2. William Hicks says

    I see this knee-jerk concern an excuse to deny that China let loose the current, and likely past, pandemic(s).

    A blind man can see the political posturing during an election season.

  3. Donald J says

    It will take a lot more than obvious articles such as this to pull Asians into the “Oh Poor Me” camp.

    • There’s a lot of Asians already in that camp. 3rd and 4th generation kids who have grown up in peace and wealth have gone through the public schools and universities and have been completely indoctrinated. They voice this crap while living off the largess of their parents who probably have paid for everything they cherish; their phone, their car, their homes…

    • And I think “Chinese virus” has nothing to do with it.

  4. Many of the “Asians” that are the most offended by jokes and what not allegedly said by the Trump/campaign/administration are people who already hate Trump and are using this issue, with the support of the Democrats, Media and the CCP, all who parrot the line that if you criticize China, you are being racist against Asians.

    Most people can tell the difference between Communist China and Asians in America. The only ones that cant are the Democrats and Liberal Media. Yes, there’s been an uptick in attacks, culminating in Prop 16. I was on a video call with other APIs to fight Prop 16. When i mentioned this also requires voting differently as well as the identity of the party and politicians who voted yes on this bill, i was told to “leave politics out of this”. I think they were Democrats. I of course, doubled down and explained that this video call IS about politics and if you don’t acknowledge who’s responsible for this, the problem will return. They weren’t happy.

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