Chad Mayes Makes the Obvious Official: “I am Not a Republican” Finally Honest

For years Chad Mayes has been yelling that conservatives are not good Republicans.  His voting for higher taxes and more government showed to those willing to see that Mayes was no longer a Republican.  Back in March he said that if Donald Trump was going to be re-nominated for President as a Republican, he, Chad Mayes would leave the Party.  Guess he now knows that Trump will not only be re-nominated but will also win in November.

Chad Mayes Makes the Obvious Official: “I am Not a Republican” Finally Honest

Stephen Frank, Editorial for the California Political News and Views  12/6/19  

He has been a major supporter of the California Republican Party policy of not registering voters.  Since March, 2013 the Party has not done any registration  Now the Party is barely at 23%–while the Democrats continue every day with organized registration programs.  Our ability to win legislative seats and Statewide office have been severely damaged by Chad Mayes and those that stopped the California Republican Party from registering voters.  We knew this would be destructive.  The results of the 2018 elections proved how bad—and the winner were the Democrats and those who wanted to collapse the Party.

As Minority Leader he got six other GOP’ers to support the disastrous—with billions of tax dollars from it going to the choo choo to nowhere.

On October 22 he sent an email to the CRP Board of Directors asking for an endorsement.  Lead by the Chair and Vice Chair of the CRP, he received the endorsement—with several Board members voting NO.

Now the kicker.  Why did he just six weeks later, the day before filing for office closes did he leave the GOP?  Why?  Because by doing so the day before filing closes it would be impossible for the Republicans to file a quality candidate in one day. Another Republican Assembly seat lost—and the November election is still eleven months away.

He changed his registration on this date for the purpose of harming the Republican Party.  We all knew this was coming, yet some still wanted to put him in a position to harm the Party.  Will they have the humility of apologizing, knowing they had been told—by Chad Mayes himself in March of 2019, that he was going to do this.  He has endorsed candidates for CRP office and public office based on them reflecting HIS values.  So his minions and supporters are still taking leadership of the Party.

Last night at 6:01 I received the following email from the CAGOP.  The most interesting line was not the message, but the slogan at the bottom:

Stand Against Lying Politicians

In English class this would be called “ironic”.

For those still in the Party, the time has come for an evaluation of Party policy and direction.  We need to support our County committees, not take away support for them.   The time for active Republicans to take leadership in the Republican Party in California, from local communities to the State, is now.  We can win by running on values and principles—forget the Mayes power plays and his supporters.


Assemblymember Chad Mayes (AD-42) has left the Republican Party to run as a No Party Preference candidate.

Rather than standing and fighting, Chad Mayes has chosen to retreat. This is after he begged the California Republican Party for our endorsement. We guess he’s tired of winning.

The California Republican Board of Directors unanimously rescinded their endorsement of Mays. 

Chad Mayes has let the Republican Party down just as he has let down the voters of California.”

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