This is an important statement.  How do we show Iran and the nations that artificially limit oil production to keep supply short and costs high?  Dr. Colman gives us two steps, easily achieved and in the long run, great statements of freedom from terrorists.

First, send our warships to the Middle East. Let Iran and the other terrorists we can respond on a moment’s notice the next time they try to close down oil production.  But that is not enough.

His second idea is the best.  Get rid of the regulations that stop the drilling of oil—either by fracking or slant drilling.  Then allow the building of more refineries.  In this way we will be oil independent—and be able to supply oil to the rest of the world—regardless of terrorist activities.  Imagine the jobs created, the energy safety and the exports if we end the crazy regulations that make us dependent on terrorist nations.


By Richard Colman, Exclusive to the California Political News and Views,  9/18/19 

President Donald Trump showed weakness and indecisiveness right after Saudi Arabian oil facilities were attacked on Saturday, September 14, 2019.

 To demonstrate American strength, Trumps immediately should have ordered extra American warships into the Persian Gulf.

 The Democrats running for president said nothing about the attacks on Saudi Arabia.  Like President Trump, these Democrats showed timidity and weakness.

 Sending in, immediately, extra U.S. warships to the Persian Gulf would have sent a message to the entity (or entities) that attacked Saudi Arabia.  The appearance of American warships would have bought time — time that could be used to determine who attacked Saudi Arabia and time to prepare a definitive response.

 More warships have the advantage of discouraging future attacks on oil-producing nations.

 Saudi oil is coveted by such nations as China, and China must be kept from obtaining Saudi oil.

 Opposing both Saudi and American interests in the Middle East are China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran.

 Iran, which may have been involved in the Saudi attacks, has sworn to destroy America.  Iranians shout, “Death to America.”

 The entity that attacked Saudi Arabia did a brilliant job.  World oil supplies were disrupted, retail prices for petroleum worldwide rose, and Saudi Arabia was shown to be vulnerable to attack.  Most stock markets did badly on Monday, September 16.

 America has interests in the Middle East, and those interests must be defended.

The U.S. is currently the world’s largest oil producer.  But the U.S. should produce even more oil so that nations currently dependent on Middle Eastern oil can, instead, obtain oil supplies from the U.S.

 To produce more oil, the U.S. can lift tax and regulatory burdens on American oil producers.  Also, the price of a gallon of gasoline might have to rise, perhaps gradually, to $4.00 (or more) a gallon.  While motorists might be displeased, the higher price per gallon would provide insurance against turmoil in the Middle East.

 The American government could subsidize oil companies.  While free-market principles would be violated, oil priced at $80 a barrel would lead to excessive oil production, and this extra production could be exported.  At $80 a barrel, American producers of shale oil, an expensive type of oil, could make a nice profit.

 Ample American oil supplies would reduce or eliminate Japan’s and Europe’s dependence on Middle Eastern oil.

 Subsidizing an American commodity is nothing new.  For decades, the American government has been subsidizing domestic agriculture.  The result has been excessive food production, and the extra food can be exported.

 History shows that people do not starve quietly.

 To a politician, there is nothing more dangerous than a shortage of food or oil.  Higher prices for each commodity are the pathway to losing an election.

 There are advantages to being an exporter of food and oil.  Foreigners would be grateful to America.  There is nothing wrong with a nation’s being known as the world’s most reliable supplier of food and oil.

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