The Democrats own every State office and have a super majority in both the Assembly and State Senate.  Of 53 congressional districts, only seven have Republicans—and both U.S. Senators are Democrats.  It is because the Democrats have better policy and better strategies or is it because the Republican Party in California has a lack of doing the basics.

For instance:

Since March, 2013, the California Republican Party has not done a voter registration effort.

Instead of supporting its nominees, it has been “unendorsing candidates” and Regional Vice Chairs have told candidates the Party will not help them because they are not targeted races.

Look at where we have elected officials—Along the Coast from San Diego to the Oregon border, except for Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham in San Luis Obispo the GOP has ZERO legislative electives.

How do the Trump supporters support the California Republican Party when there are FOUR CRP delegates that are openly PRO-Biden—including Mike Madrid, a founder of the Lincoln Project, which is also trying to defeat several GOP U.S. Senators, including Lindsay Graham.  They proclaim that are delegates to the CRP AND want Trump defeated—the Chair and the Board has known about these people for months, still all are allowed to stay using the CRP as cover for their promotion of Joe Biden

Saving the future of California is at stake.  But first the California Republican Party needs to be saved.  We need an aggressive CRP—throughout the State, not just in a few Districts. This can be done—by getting the grassroots to do the voter registration, letters to the editor, attending town halls and challenging the Democrats.  We can work for candidates, from city council to Congress and President, we do not need instructions on what to do by Sacramento.


By Richard Colman, Exclusive to the California Political News and Views  9/30/20

The California Republican Party needs to start winning elections.

For over 20 years, California has been dominated by the Democratic Party.  The Democrats control all state-wide elective offices and both houses of the state legislature.  In each legislative house — the State Senate and the State Assembly — Democrats have more than a two-thirds majority. 

California Democrats are stuck with tired, old ideas such as using government to solve every problem.  These Democrats ought to following the ideas of former president Bill Clinton, a Democrat, but also a strong supporter of entrepreneurial innovation — like the kind seen in Silicon Valley.  Republicans ought to embrace the kind of work done by Google, Apple, Facebook, and Intel.

Republicans ought to support California agriculture vigorously.  All over the world, people need food.  California can help supply this food.  There might come a day when an aggressive and hegemonic China will need food to support its 1.4 billion people.  China has a history of famines.  History shows that men do not starve quietly.  California agriculture, by supplying food to China, might be able to help halt Chinese plans to dominate the world during the 21st century.

From the 1940’s to the 1990’s, California Republicans were able to win elections.  In 1942, 1946, and 1950, Earl Warren, a Republican, won three gubernatorial races.  In 1953, Warren left the governor’s office to become Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court.

Other California Republicans have been successful.  Richard Nixon was a congressman a U.S. Senator, vice president, and president of the United States from 1969 to 1974.  Ronald Reagan was a two-term governor (1967-1975) and president of the United States from 1981 to 1989.

Two other Republicans each served two terms as governor.  George Deukmejian was governor from 1983 to 1991.  Pete Wilson served as governor from 1991 to 1999.

Another Republican, Arnold Schwarzenegger, was governor from 2003 to 2011.

Today, the California Republican Party is a shadow of its former self.

Winning elections involves making compromises.  The California Republican Party, under weak and timid leadership, is not turning matters around.

So what should California Republican do?

Here are five ideas:

(1) Present an optimistic image for the future.  Talk about jobs, economic security,  education, and environmental protection.

(2) Call for more individual responsibility.  Government cannot — and should not — do everything.

(3) Employ financial restraint.  State budgets must be balanced.  There is a need for tax reform but not additional taxes.  State spending must be brought under control.  California’s current tax system is too reliant on stock market gains.  And pensions for public employees must be replaced by defined contribution plans like the 401(k) system.  Property taxes in California must be kept where they are or lowered.

(4) Reform primary and secondary school education.  There is not enough parental choice in attending public schools.  California Republicans should endorse charter schools, which are public schools not dominated by reactionary teachers’ unions.

(5) Support affordable post-secondary school education.  California has a large community-college system (116 such colleges), over 23 state universities (formerly state colleges), and the 10-campus University of California.  In the early and mid-1960’s tuition at the University of California was $180 per year.  Today, undergraduate tuition is about $13,000 per year.  While a state-subsidized post-secondary education may be seen as a gift, the money spent on such education is really an investment.  In general, college graduates will earn twice as much as non-college graduates, and their higher state tax payments will cover any subsidies.  A study by Georgetown University showed that college graduates will earn $1 million more over a lifetime of work.  Another study by the Pew Research Center showed that a college graduate will earn $17,500 more per year than a non-college graduate.

What, if anything, should Republicans say about social issues like gay marriage and abortion?  The answer is simple.  Leave social matters to consenting adults.  Government does not need to become involved.

Individuals who call for reform of the California Republican Party are often called RINOS (Republicans In Name Only).  If being a RINO means winning elections, so be it.

Hard, right-wing Republicans will fume at a California Republican Party that takes moderate stands on issues.  Let them fume.  It’s always better to have a winner than a loser.

About Stephen Frank

Stephen Frank is the publisher and editor of California Political News and Views. He speaks all over California and appears as a guest on several radio shows each week. He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows. He is a fulltime political consultant.


  1. Most County GOPs have not aligned with the minimalist state CAGOP. Their votes for change has been duly noted. They know we are lacking an aggressive and articulate central figure, a spokesperson who aligns with our national GOP, a strong counterpunch to the extremist left policies we face daily in CA.

    We had that candidate both for the gubernatorial and CAGOP chair campaigns- defeated by the establishment who want to see status quo. So here we are, still failing, still in decline. Still lacking the populism and energy rarely seen in CA since the Recall of Gray Davis. It almost seems that the establishment hopes to see the new Trump Republicans go away. Are they truly Republicans or Democrats who have infiltrated the party?

    Will CAGOP again allow the option of the removal of Trump on the top of the slate, like the funded door hangers of 2016? Or will they stand behind the candidate who has proven to broaden the tent, and achieve so many historic firsts? We are now a diverse party, we have achieved everything we strived for in sense of that diversity- yet CAGOP is ignoring the opportunity. What is it they are seeking besides a high level of personal wealth?

    You are so right that the RINOS allowed serving as RNC Delegates demonstrate the hush backroom deals that have been the key to our downfall as an organized counterbalance in CA politics.

  2. Mr. Colman much of what you say is correct and in the camp of conservative Republican values.

    You blew it with your last paragraph.

    It was and is the RINOS who gave the state away. It was and is the RINOS who are not willing to put in the work necessary on an annual basis to build a strong party.

    Republican, Arnold Schwarzenegger,???? Not even close. As the paid county director I started asking questions the minute he opened his mouth. It was the RINOS who told me not to question the outright Democrat Party platform he represented and still represents.

    The average person, given honest dollars and sense budgeting, based “their” ability to pay and still survive will vote Republican.

    Let them fume? It makes no difference if the tag says Dem. or Rep. if the outcome is the same. People are voting with their feet and leaving because of RINOS and the aggressive Marxist actions by the Democrat Party.

    You whiffed on this one.

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