Conference Explores Left’s “Long March Through the Institutions” Takeover

The American Freedom Alliance conference held recently in the Los Angeles area was well attended, lots of information and an effort to educate folks on the issues of the day.  Sometimes it was philosophical, other times it was fact oriented.  This was totally a successful event, with lots of good speakers talking about real science, the Constitution, foreign and economic policy.  Maybe to some a bit too academic—be great for the involved activist.

Sadly, what happened after the program proves how quickly we are moving to a bullying an totalitarian society—with little or no protections for free speech or free thought.  The goal of the even was to strengthen the morally, ethical and academic understanding of the United States.  For leading this program Karen Siegemund got FIRED from her job as a teacher for the crime of using free speech and supporting the Rule of Law in the United States.

This is meant to tell every other teacher, every worker, you can lose your job if you believe in free speech, free use of religion and free elections.  While Congress has members that openly hate Israel and Jews with the support AND permission of San Fran Nan Pelosi, private citizens are not allowed to note the hatred by Democrats in Congress, junk science killing jobs or the use of bullying to kill free speech.

This is a shameful attack on all of us. 

Conference Explores Left’s “Long March Through the Institutions” Takeover

Conference sponsor’s PhD President fired from teaching job the day after this event

By George Miller, Citizen Journal, 5/13/19 

On 5-5-19, the American Freedom Alliance (AFA)  Long March Through the Institutions The Left’s Revolution by Other Means” Conference explored the Left’s ongoing multi-decade takeover attempt of numerous public and private institutions to effect a radical transformation of America. About 200 people participated in the event, held at the Luxe Hotel in Los Angeles.

From THIS:

The conference title namesake is the 1934-5 Long March by Chinese Communists after being defeated by the Nationalist Chinese. They lost most of their number, but later regrouped, bulked up and returned to sweep their opposition off the mainland and install a totalitarian Communist regime. A hounded and isolated Communist band transformed into the victors. Gramsci/Dutschke adapted that to the “Long March” of Cultural Marxism through institutions. The American Left is now on the same course, which is what this conference was about. The Leftists hounded into hiding by the 1950’s “Red Scare” have rebounded with a vengeance and heavily impacted American society.


The event packed 26 general session speaking slots into a single day, which did not leave time for Q & A, or for speakers to really expound on their ideas sufficiently. But it provided an excellent, if compressed and redundant, smorgasbord of contemporary Judeo-Christian Conservative thinking on the Left’s so far successful in-progress takeover attempt of American life- government/politics, society, education, entertainment, healthcare, industry, NGO’s, even science and religion. Read speaker bios and final conference program: Long March programme finalX. Go to their pages and read their books. A look at their bios and work will show you that they are consequential people.

The conclusions were: this has been going on for decades; is based upon Communist, Socialist, Frankfurt School, Alinsky & Cloward-Piven concepts and strategies; it’s totalitarian in nature; forerunners and current players were identified; their strategies were outlined; successes and some failures acknowledged; and at least some counter-strategies were advanced.

More session videos here when they are available.



There were quite a few Conservative stars in the lineup. All speakers are noted in their specialties, but some are widely recognized, such as David Horowitz, Bill Whittle, Brent Bozell, Trevor Loudon, Michael Walsh, Charlie Kirk and Rebecca Friedrichs. Speakers and bios


Conference sessions focused on an overview, then aspects of the “Long March” war on the USA and Western Civilization in general and included sessions: “The Long March,” Give Me Four Years to Teach the Children (Lenin), Battlefront: The Academy, The Revolution … and the Resistance, Trapped in the Scheme of Fires in the Long March, Turning Left: Undermining the Cornerstone Institutions, Weaponizing Western Civilization, Destruction of Personal Identity, The National Media: Public Enemy #1, Hollywood and the Revolution, and Charlie Kirk (on Turning Point USA).

American Freedom Alliance (AFA)

So, what is AFA? It’s a nonprofit NGO focused on identifying and educating the public on threats to Western Civilization. According to its web site, the greatest such threats are: global governance, radical environmentalism, Islamization of the West, biased media and destructive academia. All were addressed at this conference. The group has quite a few high-powered members and seems to possess the resources to conduct thorough research and organize events such as these which attract strong speakers.

Conference Proceedings

A huge and varied volume of material was covered by the numerous speakers. We’ll not attempt to describe each one exhaustively, but rather will summarize where it went and provide some highlights. We’ll leave it to you to explore the sessions of interest to you via the videos (as they become available). If you are really serious about studying this subject, it is worth your while to watch all the videos. 

AFA Pres. Dr. Karen Siegemund kicked the session off by describing the scope of the takeover underway and some of the potential implications, which she described as the loss of our constitutional republic, truly free enterprise and Judeo-Christian Conservative guiding principles. She had these words to say a few days after the event:

Well, Sunday’s conference was, quite frankly, an astounding event!  The day began with David Horowitz in a tour de force speech, and closed with the always-powerful Charlie Kirk.  And the speakers in between covered topics from art to medicine, the law to education, Cultural Marxism and the Hegelian Dialectic to National Security, plus a whole lot more.  The reach of the Left, their commitment to undermining every aspect of our civic and political life, and their tactics for doing so, was, I think, made abundantly clear.  The day, in short, was amazing

The videos are being put up on our YouTube channel  – check back often!

So Sunday was spent informing on this destruction.

Monday, I myself became a casualty of it.  On Monday, I was informed that my teaching contract won’t be renewed because of my “widely publicized views.”

You know, I’d always known I was vulnerable – of course.  We on the right all know how vulnerable we are.

But when it happens – when you actually become a victim, a casualty of this Long March, of the Left’s silencing tactics, it’s truly breathtaking.  I’ve been reeling since Monday.

And what this shows is, the topic of the conference couldn’t have been more on-target.  And the messages and the lessons couldn’t have been more pertinent.

Over the decades we’ve ceded far too much to the Left – we’ve let this “Long March” happen without interference, and here we are – teachers let go for our non-Leftist views.  And again, that’s just one tiny piece of all they’ve subverted; I’m just one of countless who’ve lost our livelihoods because of “viewpoint discrimination.”  AFA’s conference was right on-point, and we need to build on it.

Now, more than ever, we need the American Freedom Alliance to fight this fight.

Lance Izumi said at the conference that AFA is a megaphone for those fighting for what’s right – help us be that megaphone.

Note: People are already writing about Dr. Siegemund’s chilling firing.

The speakers made it clear that the Left’s war starts in the schools (Dr. Siegemund’s firing emphasizes that) and is further waged in the communications media: TV, movies, videos, print media, Internet and now computer/video games as well.  The war is fought in almost every sector of society- public and private, political, socials, education, politics, media, healthcare, energy, environment, transportation, land use, food/agriculture, etc,

Lead speaker David Horowitz, a former Communist turned Conservative, told us: “my Jewish Commie parents admired Stalin”. He has become an institution- one of the leading chroniclers, trackers and enemies of the Left via his research, speaking, writing and organizing. He heads the David Horowitz Freedom Center, Front Page magazine and much more. His most recent book, of very many, Is Dark Agenda:The War to Destroy Christian America. Watch his information-packed and insightful speech:

Horowitz’s greatest accomplishments are having researched, chronicled, communicated and informed/motivated what is happening to many people to oppose the “Long March” by the Left in America. He has made it impossible to deny what he has exposed, which helps short-circuit the Left’s well-worn trick of labeling accusers “conspiracy theorists.” Horowitz seemed sad about the success of the Left and disappointed at the slow and weak reaction to it by the public. He noted the “hostage like” demeanor of many Conservatives- definitely not him. It looks to us like he is getting ready to pass the torch to others/the next generation of patriots, while remaining scholar emeritus.

Horowitz said that the Red Scare was beneficial, that it drove the Left underground. But, over a half-century (some say they have been there much longer), they ended up taking over the universities, media, cultural institutions and permeated them with their “Cultural Marxist totalitarian” ways.  They have become effective “anti-anti-Communists,” whose chief weapon is character assassination.

He gave a lot of credit for the finer ideas of Western Civilization to the Protestant Reformation.

In the “Give me Four Years to Teach the Children (Lenin)” flight, Larry Sand, Rebecca Friedrichs and Lance Izumi established how heavily the Left already dominates and that they and other patriots are reduced to merely “The Resistance” at this point. But, they’re all fighting back. Ms. Friedrichs prevailed in a lawsuit preventing mandatory teachers’ union participation. Sand is always calling out the academic left (but that’s redundant) and often prevailing.


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    The twisting of teaching and government agencies is both intentional and damaging. This organization, Cars Are Basic, Inc, as a public advocate has been denied places at the “table” to present both our point of view and data that often comes from government.

    The shutting down of opposing views by elected officials and more importantly government workers is damaging to freedom and this country.

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