CVUSD Superintendent changes sex ed from ’opt-in’ to ‘opt-out’ without board vote

The Superintendent of the Conejo Valley School District (Thousand Oaks in Ventura County) has decided to destroy the parental rights of over 20,000 parents.  He has decided that parents are to be kept in the dark about pornographic, pedophilia promoting sex ed must be taught to “his” kids—and the parents have to go through a long arduous procedure to keep their children out of the class.  In the real world he would be honest with the parents, show them the curriculum and allow them to opt-in instead of opting out.

How to handle this.  After the first class of this type using children held hostage by the teacher, principal and Superintendent, file child abuse and sex charges against them.  Were these classes held in the backroom of a pervert—the SAME textbooks, films and lectures—the pervert would be held in jail till transferred to prison—and when out, forced to file on the sex register.  Why should a Superintendent, under the guise of education teach kids from textbooks that could not be read in public at a school board meeting or on radio or TV?

Even if a pervert has a PH.D, they are still a pervert and should be treated as such. Children serve to be protected, not abused by government.

CVUSD Superintendent changes sex ed from ’opt-in’ to ‘opt-out’ without board vote

Added by Debra Tash, Citizens Journal,  7/25/19 

(Editor’s Note:  Below is an editorial written by Pat Lynch and released July 15 in the Conejo Valley Observer.)

In a stunning statement near the end of the June 19, 2019 open session of the board of trustees of the Conejo Valley Unified School District (CVUSD), Supt. Mark McLaughlin appears to have overstepped his authority—and perhaps violated the law—by unilaterally changing the district’s sex education from ‘opt-in’ to ‘opt-out’ without a vote from the school board.

In CVUSD Administrative Regulation (AR) 6142.1, under the Parent/Guardian Notification section, it clearly states that “District ‘Opt In’ parent consent forms will e made available to all parents/guardians by CVUSD Health Educators prior to the commencement of Sexual Health and HIV/ADS Preventon Instruction.”

The superintendent cannot change administrative regulations of the board without a board vote, even if the purpose of that change is to bring the regulation into better alignment with state law.  In 2003, Senate Bill 71 made sex education ‘opt-out’ statewide.  CVUSD has been therefore out of compliance in this regard for sixteen years, which begs the question:  why did he decide to make this change right now of all times?

This is a fundamental change in our community that impact parental rights, and it was quietly made without fanfare, discussion, or even a vote.  It appears that either the superintendent violated California Ed Code by making a policy change without board approval, or he violated the Brown Act by getting board majority consensus about the change secretly, outside of open session.

Either the board majority wanted to avoid a messy public discussion about changing sex educaton policy, or the superintendent make that decision on his own.  Either way, it may be illegal and, if so, someone should be held accountable.

Superintendent Mark McLaughlin did not respond to our request for comment.

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  1. The parents don’t need to go through anything other than the process of demanding the immediate dismissal of this liberal pervert . Those parents that do not are just as guilty of child abuse as the guy who is doing this.
    From the sword of—————

    • George Miller says

      It’s really funny that the formerly Conservative Board promoted him there. I was baffled, as I had seen him bucking them right in open board meetings!

      • Elaine (Laskowski) McKearn says

        Parents really need to wake up. This whole stimulation is horrible. To think all 5 of my children made it thru this school district is amazing – the last in 2004 ! The way it is today, I would be hard pressed to allow them to attend. I’d find another way – home schooling or parochial.

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