Dan Schnur: Only Secretary of State Candidate to Support Voter ID

Dan Schnur: Only Secretary of State Candidate to Support Voter ID

Editorial by Stephen Frank, California Political News and Views, 6/2/14


Probably the most important role the Secretary of State has is to make sure our electoral process is fair and honest. Across the nation we have seen ACORN corrupt the process, in State after State people illegally voting. States like North Carolina, Maryland and Virginia have tens of thousands of people on their voting rolls that are also registered to vote in other States—at the same time.

One of the most important issues is that of “Voter ID. There are only three major candidates for California Secretary of State on the ballot tomorrow.

Dan Schnur: I interviewed him and this is his position: The Courts have ruled that as long as the State provides the means (transportation and payment of fees for those that can not on their own get a photo ID) then he would support and approve a Voter ID law.

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Alex Padilla: He opposes photo voter ID—but supports same day voter registration—truly makes it easier for corruption and electoral fraud. In Minnesota it took that State four years to figure out there were more illegal votes cast than the margin of victory for Al Franken six years ago.

Peter Peterson: Here is the LA Times endorsement, which says: “Peterson does not support voter ID laws and other supposed anti-fraud initiatives that would suppress legitimate voters.”

If you need to hear it from him directly, it’s in the Sacramento Press Club debate on the YouTube video. At 53:08, he says “I talk to lot of people who say, ‘I’ve never heard of a Republican like you before”. At  54:18, he states his opposition to photo IDs .

Actually, it is the nonuse of Voter Id that stops legitimate voters from going to the polls. Why vote when you know your County Registrar of Voters and the Secretary of State refuse to stop illegal voting?

Schnur: Supports Voter ID

Padilla: Opposes Voter ID

Peterson: Opposes Voter ID

The easiest way to corrupt the process is to vote illegally. Seriously, also you live in a very small town, you have no idea who the hundreds of people are that live in the same precinct as you. The last two elections I have actually voted on Election Day instead of via absentee ballot. The people at running the polls are folks I have never seen in my life, but are from the same precinct as I.

How do they know the people claiming to be Joe Smith? Without a photo Voter ID, anybody can claim to be anybody else. We have seen people charged with fraudulent voting in California and other States. Los Angeles County was found by the Election Integrity Project to have at least 60,000 people, who are dead, moved or illegally registered on the voting rolls. Neither the County Registrar of Voters or the California Secretary of State knew this. It is time to end the politics of running elections and return fairness and honesty to the process.

Contrary to the Los Angeles Times (when was the last time anybody used them to determine how to vote?) there is only one candidate in the race that is willing to assure each vote cast is a vote that is honestly cast. That person is Dan Schnur.

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