Dana Point Councilwoman Debra Lewis: Taxpayers Finance My Spanish Lessons—and More

Chicago and Los Angeles have city council members that abuse the taxpayers by large amount of money.  Cities like Dana Point, in the southern portion of Orange County, has a council member, that is nickel and diming her taxpayers.

I urge all my readers to get copies of the reimbursement reports of their council members—and legislators.  You need to know how they spend your taxes, when it is not publicized.

Dana Point Councilwoman Debra Lewis:  Taxpayers Finance My Spanish Lessons—and More

Stephen Frank, Exclusive to the California Political News and Views, 9/17/19 

This is just a partial report on the spending of tax dollars by a single council member from Dana Point, Debra Lewis.

  1.  On March 23, 2017 she went to the Anaheim Hilton.  Instead of trying to find free parking or parking like the rest of us, she paid $22 for valet parking.
  2. She likes attending the Dana Point Women’s Club.  In December, 2017 she attended their Christmas Party and you paid the $25.  April 25, 18.   She again spent $25 of your money on a lunch with the Club.
  3. This is a fun one.  On December 11, 2017, she was at an airport and  bored waiting for her plane.  Instead of doing her business and drinking a soda with the rest of the people, she spent $54 of YOUR money to join the United Club, so as to partake in food, drink and personalized service, which could include alcoholic beverages (all “free” with membership)
  4. Then to make sure she is understood by the Spanish speakers of Dana Point—helps in re-election—she spent $380 of YOUR money on Spanish lessons.  Wonder when her next round of Spanish lessons will be?  Instead, she could have gone to the local High School/Adult School and for almost nothing takes Spanish lessons—maybe she is not a fan of government schools?  Unless the city government mandated council members speak Spanish, this is a very obvious personal expenditure.  Hope she reported this to the IRS.

(of the little over 33,000 residents of the city, 5662 are Hispanic)

Yes, none of this is a massive abuse of tax dollars—a few dollars here, a few dollars there—who is looking?

Now that this is public, maybe she will be more responsible in the future.  Also, other elected officials should be aware—there really are people concerned about how you vote and how you spend our money.

Documentation:   http://www.danapoint.org/department/city-council/council-member-financial-reporting/debra-lewis

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  1. Nickel and Diming? Peanuts are filling. Just like taxation. Entitlement.

  2. Amazing. Jurisdiction budgets are outside of voters’ reach, but proposals for tax increases for sundry programs are not. Why do voters continue to vote Yes on so many proposals, thereby ending up with bloated jurisdiction budgets that allow for the kind of abusive spending mentioned in this article?

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