Democrat State Senator Josh Newman Recall Certified

Finally, after months of legal wrangling and abuse of the system, the Secretary of State finally certified the Recall Election for State Sen. Josh Newman.  This is over a 12 cent a gallon gas hike passed in April.  Of course, not such event for the seven Republicans, like Chad Mayes, that voted for a 72 cent gas hike, with a lot of that money going to the choo choo to nowhere, instead of roads.  The Assembly GOP has decided to support Mayes for re-election—this week GOP Assembly leader Brian Dahle gave TWO checks for $4400 each to Mayes re-election campaign.

“The governor will need to schedule a Special Election to determine 1) if Josh Newman will be recalled and 2) If recalled, whom will replace him.”

The Democrats really want the Recall Election to be scheduled with the June primary, in hopes of getting more Democrats to the polls.  That is why the frivolous lawsuits holding up the certification.  Abuse of the system?  Of course, this is how the Socialist/Democrat Party operates.

Gas Tax

Recall Certified

Brenda Higgins, OC Political,  1/5/18

Secretary of State Alex Padilla today, certified enough signatures such that the recall of Senator Josh Newman may proceed.

Josh Newman was elected in a nail biter of a race against Ling Ling Chang in the 29th State Senate district in November 2016. Josh Newman voted with his party, the Democrat super majority, in pushing forward a new gas and vehicle licensing tax that has prompted voter outrage.

Republican activist Carl DeMaio form San Diego, rallied that anger into a move to recall the Freshman senator from Orange County. The recall of Senator Newman will not make any affirmative change to the gas tax, and that has been a large part of the Newman opposition messaging. People who signed the recall petitions have said that they were not aware it was for the recall of the Senator but believed that the petition they were signing would in fact repeal the gas tax. In spite of some disgruntled signers of those petitions, still, today, according to the California Secretary of State, there are enough valid signatures for it to proceed.
The governor will need to schedule a Special Election to determine 1) if Josh Newman will be recalled and 2) If recalled, whom will replace him. Thus far, Newman has had his campaign in motion for many months to combat the recall and fight for re-election. So far, Fullerton Mayor, Bruce Whitaker and Newman’s former opponent, Ling Ling Chang, are the prominent Republicans poised to challenge him. The election should proceed some time in March.


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  1. …… recalling Snoppy’s Happy Dance.

    Now how many other recalls can we get?

    Tax’n Jackson?




  2. I say recall all the Sacramento idiots especially those associated with or practice the Brown Regime principles. They’ve screwed up this state so bad that we need a total purge of these nuts. No sanctuary state, build the wall and 86 the stupid train to nowhere.

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