Eber: Dog and Pony Show needs to end

No better explanation of what Adam Schiff and San Fran Nan are doing with the Soviet style trial in Washington:  “This dog and pony show has gone on far too long.  It’s time for Republicans in Congress to stand and say enough of what the Urban Dictionary says is “An elaborate presentation that lacks any imagination or originality, and is intended to impress an audience of rubes or halfwits.”

Hilary called Americans “deplorables”, Schiff thinks we are rubes and halfwits.  His Russian collusion scam is a reminder of his lies, he said “I have seen evidence that proves beyond a doubt that Trump colluded with Russia in the 0216 election.”  Of course Mueller never say that evidence, nor di his investigators or any congressional committee.  Schiff is a scam artist, hoping people will believe his soft spoken lies.

As an American, this dog and pony show has to stop now.  As a Republican, I cheer it on—let them continue to lie and make fools of themselves—show themselves the true heirs of the Soviet government.  Americans want a budget, immigration reform, trade agreements, tax cuts and jobs—Democrats just want a B grade soap opera.

Dog and Pony Show needs to end By Richard Eber

Richard Eber, Exclusive to the California Political News and Views,  11/19/19  

Like most internet junkies “Wikipedia” is my go to authority on just about everything. They define, Dog and pony show to be “a colloquial term which has come to mean a highly promoted, often over-staged performance, presentation, or event designed to sway or convince opinion for political, or less often, commercial ends.”

This terminology fits to a tee the impeachment inquiry of the House Intelligence Committee under the guidance of its Democratic Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Ca) The first week of their public testimony consisted of handpicked witnesses who complained about Donald Trump’s foreign policy which has often left career diplomats on the sidelines.

They concocted a highly convoluted scenario that the President committing a so called quid pro quo violation of withholding military aid to the Ukraine unless their new President investigated the activities of Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter. The younger Biden served on the board of Burisma Holdings, a major Ukrainian natural gas producer, from 2014 to 2019. Despite not having expertise in energy matters, Biden according Bloomberg Business was paid   $ 60,000 per month for his services.

Given the alleged favors given to Burisma during the Obama Presidency including possible collusion in the 2016 election, would not this subject be fair game for Trump to be asking about?   Even  the Intelligence Committee star witness former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch admitted Hunter Biden’s relationship with the Ukrainian energy company was of  concern to her during her Senate confirmation hearings and beyond.

Even considering President Trump’s poor judgment of trashing Yovanovitch with an uncomplimentary Tweet during her testimony, there were no grounds for him committing an impeachable offense of withholding military aid for political purposes. The testimony of the acting Ukrainian Ambassador hearing from an aide that a phone conversation was overheard in a noisy restaurant is hardly the way the American system of justice should operate.

Even the current President of the Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky saying he was unaware of military aid being held up by President Trump for political purposes, did not pacify Schiff from continuing his inquiry. Guilt and facts have not been spoken in the same sentence by him.

Even No-Trumper’s I know who want him impeach him at any cost have justified their beliefs from media coverage by CNN,  MSNBC, The New York Times, and Washington Post. They have eagerly joined the leftist press anti-Trump bandwagon like sheep being led to slaughter. By doing this they have ignored the activities of whom the President called “Shifty Schiff”. This man has done nothing by his actions to advance the cause of American Democracy.

From his intervention in bringing forth the original whistle blower to not allowing witnesses put forth by the Republican minority, the Representative from California has acted like a demagogue in stifling opposition.  Not taking into account Schiff’s broken promises to show the President’s alleged Russian collusion during the Mueller investigations, he has proven to be a complete political hack.

Schiff said he’s also concerned about “the president’s threats” to the whistleblower that brought attention to Mr. Trump’s call with the Ukraine’s leader. This is a joke because he has continually leaked information from closed door hearings yet is adamant in protecting the whistle blower from testifying as a central figure trying to impeach a sitting President.

Could it be he is trying to cover up his conflict of interests with this whistle blower who has ties to Joe Biden, Schiff, and former intelligence officials in the Obama Administration?

In reality Adam Schiff’s activities mirror those of Senator Joe McCarthy (R-Wis) whose groundless charges in the 1950’s accusing patriotic American’s of spying for the Russians as part of a vast conspiracy to undermine the United States.  As seen in the movie Point of Order, McCarthy’s empty list of communist conspirators is very similar to the tactics used by Schiff in his conduct operating the Intelligence Committee.

Apparently, the American public after three years of what the President has called a “political witch hunt” has seen enough.  Rather than going forth with this partisan charade, they prefer Congress deal with bread and butter issues that actually affect their lives.  These include immigration reform, cost of medicine, health care, appropriations for needed infrastructure and a host of other neglected areas.

Realizing that this dog and pony show is not going to play very well in an election year, Nancy Pelosi will put an end to the impeachment controversy sooner than later.  She will not allow the House of Representatives to pass a resolution to send the Intelligence Committee findings to the Senate for trial.

What to do?  If Schiff’s committee fails to find the President guilty of impeachable offenses, such a verdict would make the entire process look ridiculous.  Voters in red and purple states would see what a farce the whole process has been and likely cast ballots accordingly.

Looking into my crystal ball we can expect Nancy Pelosi to receive the impeach Trump findings of the Intelligence Committee and not allow a House vote on this matter.  She will undoubtedly say an Impeachment trial has no change of going anywhere in the Republican dominated Senate.  

In that way Pelosi protects vulnerable first term Democrats from red and purple states while avoiding negative coverage of the Senate trial which would feature a much different witness list than Schiff allowed.  She will deflect criticism by having the House censor the President to “gain peace with honor”.

Undoubtedly, the leftist press will condemn the speaker for ending the impeachment proceedings while at the same time praise her patriotism in placing country above politics. In that way part of the mud the Intelligence Committee threw at the wall will stick to set the stage for the elections that are to follow in 2020.

If I were a GOP leader in the House, I would cry uncle and advocate the impeachment hearings to come to a vote by the entire body.  At the same time frustrated Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee should ditch the proceedings and allow Adam Schiff to conduct his one sided Kangaroo Court without the legitimacy needed to convince swing voters of this absurd impeachment inquiry?

This dog and pony show has gone on far too long.  It’s time for Republicans in Congress to stand and say enough of what the Urban Dictionary says is “An elaborate presentation that lacks any imagination or originality, and is intended to impress an audience of rubes or halfwits.”

About Stephen Frank

Stephen Frank is the publisher and editor of California Political News and Views. He speaks all over California and appears as a guest on several radio shows each week. He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows. He is a fulltime political consultant.


  1. Sadly , I just traded posts with someone who believes all of these ” witnesses ” are telling the truth and that their testimonials are proof of wrongdoing by the President and warrant impeachment. This is why they keep up the farce. All this soft soaping of an act of TREASON by the DNC as well as many of the Republican parties is too much to take.
    The lawless ” Impeachment Investigation ” is , by definition , an act of Treason by what was once the Democrapic Party who now boast that they are Socialists like Russia , is obviously fraudulent and obvious to anyone who has a rational mind . Guess we all know just who is colluding with Russia to bring down America.
    Since we have proof that the FBI , CIA , NIA and DOJ are complicit in the overthrow of our government it looks like not only California is lost but the United States of America is lost as well.
    For those of you who ran away to different states instead of fighting for what was ours by constitutional rights , where are you going to run to now ?
    From the Sword of —————–

    • The democRAT swamp rats are so extremely consumed with hate and vicious lies and their constant attacks on our president has many of the lunatics on the left brainwashed … The democRAT swamp rats are constantly poisoning their minds and the left just soaks it all up as gospel… They are so extremely brainwashed, they refuse to see all the good that Trump has done for our country and the American people and refuse to accept the truth that the democRAT swamp rats ARE IN FACT spreading their vicious lies and hate….
      If they had an ounce of brain in their head, they could see that Schiff, Pelosi, and others in the democRAT party are lying.. They know that they can’t beat Trump at the ballot box, so they will LIE, CHEAT, and FABRICATE A CRIME to try and remove Trump from office …

  2. Schiff has the eyes of a madman….

    The only thing Trump is guilty of is overuse of Twitter and occasional bad judgement in Tweet content…
    He just needs to let his actions speak for themselves, but I get it in this hyper-partisan, deep state swamp environment that DC has become…

    • I can understand Trump’s anger in his tweets.. they have been attacking the man since day one and nothing is getting done by these lunatic democRAT swamp rats but attacking Trump… they are so extremely consumed with their hate and their vicious lies and they refuse to do the work that they should be doing for the American people… Pelosi had also said that they need to impeach Trump and remove him from office, that they can not allow the American people to vote for Trump… They know they can’t beat him at the ballot box so they will LIE, CHEAT, and FABRICATE A CRIME to remove him…

  3. These democRAT swamp rats are absolutely APPALLING with their vicious lies filled with extreme hate. ANYONE with an ounce of brains can see that Schiff is lying through his teeth along with the other hateful lying democRATS… People need to wake up… President Trump has done nothing illegal against the country or the American people.. He has worked (and is working) hard trying to make things better for our country in spite of the hateful attacks from the democRATS… The democRAT party has become the party of extreme hate, lies, high taxes, open borders, medicare for all (including illegal aliens) which will destroy our healthcare (especially for seniors), destroy jobs, more families in poverty…They want socialism in our country, they want total control over your life… Wake up people before we have NO country…
    this impeachment scam in Schiff’s kangaroo court tramples on the President’s right to due process.. Pelosi does not want to allow the American people to vote Trump back into office so this is their way to hopefully stop him and remove him from office..
    Before it is too late, the left best wake up to what is going on before they allow the democRATS to destroy our country…

  4. There is one good thing coming out of this insanity kangaroo court. They are not passing any bills.

    There are to many laws and socialist programs on the back of the taxpayers. It if were not for the massive hit the Constitution is taking with a stupid weaponizing of impeachment this might have been a great thing. They will lose and only the radicals of the Socialists will believe this is a good thing.

    Just possibly the voters will realize what they have voted for when the vote Democrat.

  5. “Dog and Pony Show,” perfect description of the situation. But can we expect Pelosi to fall on her sword? Her constituents seem to have been enjoying the ongoing show since 2016. Will she trust the saying that if you tell a lie often enough it becomes truth? Meanwhile hopefully articles such as this, that remind people that messes like immigration reform, crumbling infrastructure, etc. are not being taken care of while the show goes on are essential!

  6. Otis Needleman says

    O-5 (I won’t call him a lieutenant colonel) Vindman is our era’s Benedict Arnold. Like Vindman, Benedict Arnold had a great record in the Revolutionary War before selling out his country. So Vindman need not hide behind his ribbons and badges.

    Judas sold out Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. Believe Vindman sold out his country for far fewer pieces of silver – colonel’s eagles and maybe general’s stars. Guess he believe being publicly displayed as Schiff’s puppet is worth it.

  7. Totallyfedup says

    The bull shift circus will continue as long as the democrat slimballs keeping finding more glory seekers willing to say anything to improve their standing in the socialist demorat party.
    You keep asking the same asinine lies to enough people you will eventually get the answer you want.
    Shitty shift and rusty old hag pelosi are an embarrassment to the entire world.
    The disgusting democrats can’t stand the fact that Trump is doing a GREAT job and he is not a bloodsucking career politician like every other democrat in Public office.
    I wouldn’t spit on the ground to save the life of a damn democrat.

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