Eber: Internet trash destroying all civility

If you look at your email you will note that dozens of candidates and hundreds of organization think you are richer than Warren Buffett.  Each want $5, $50 or $500 from you to save the world.  If you look at the language in these beg letters, they almost all look and sound the same.  Try to unsubscribe and you find you get 5X the number of beg letters.

Trump, Kavanaugh and any Republican office holder are the best things for the money grabbing Progressives.  Just mention Trump and you get donation—the wilder the charge the better.  For me, I love these emails—it tells me what the Progressives think is important and the direction of their campaigns.

In reality, the wilder the charge, the bigger the financial take—so truth, facts, reality and commonsense are lost—they do not pay off.  In this time running up to November 3, expect more of the same.  Brace yourself.

Internet trash destroying all civility By Richard Eber

Richard Eber, Exclusive to the California Political News and Views,  8/13/20 

Brett Kavanaugh has NO business serving on the highest court in the land.

1. He’s Trump’s #1 puppet on the court: he PROTECTS Trump always.
2. He could reverse Roe v. Wade and end abortion rights.
3. He urged his Supreme Court colleagues to IGNORE cases related to Trump! It’s shameful.

Brett Kavanaugh is a STAIN on the Supreme Court. We can’t let him greenlight Trump’s crooked agenda for another second.

We’re urging you to take action today, Richard. Sign our petition to DEMAND Brett Kavanaugh resign from the Supreme Court:

Click HERE to add your name >>

Every day at least 100 times I receive garbage like this with outlandish demands for impeachments, resignations, firings, etc. of conservatives from positions of power in Washington D.C.

This time Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh is being asked to step down because he holds political views that differ with so called Progressive Democrats.  Since when in our democracy should this mean that an individual be fired because of mob mentality?  In reality our judiciary was set up to provide balance between different political parties to avoid stuff like this.

With Kavanaugh, the internet hit piece is not the first attempt to remove him from being a Justice on the Supreme Court. Ever since his contentious confirmation by the US Senate, leftists have been passing out petitions to have him impeached.  The constant hatred and vitriol he has received is unprecedented in American history.

One must understand that with all messages such as this, enraged partisans; after clicking his or her  name, are asked to donate money to facilitate delivery of their petitions.  Of course these are meaningless “Stairway to Heaven” gestures that amount to a fool’s errand

Unfortunately, in the polarized times we live in all rules of civility and respect for others with differing opinions is out the window.  The days of Tip O’Neal and Ronald Reagan settling their difference while sipping a glass of single malt Scotch are long past.

Kavanaugh is not the only victim of the leftist propaganda machine.  I keep getting messages each day spreading fear mongering that Donald Trump wants to eliminate the Postal Service. This morphed from a statement he made criticizing them for subsidizing Amazon by delivering their packages on weekends at a financial loss.

Instead we hear:

His ruthless budget cuts the Post Office are FORCING major delays on our ballots right before the election. We only have 85 days to turn this around

Trump’s comments in fund raising attempts by Democratic Political Actions Committees ended up with the message if we don’t send these organizations money, Donald Trump will put the Post Office out of business so mail in ballots will not be able to be used in the November election. Along with this is the plea:

“So we’re working double-time to help save the USPS and make sure a Vote-by-Mail option is available to all Americans. But we can’t win this fight without an army of grassroots donors. Will you step up and pitch in $3 to help save the Postal Service? We’ll 4X-MATCH that donation for you”

Spreading what amounts to this fake news about closing the Post Office faces no scrutiny from the likes of Google, Facebook, Instagram, and the other popular social networking platforms.  As long as Donald Trump or conservatives are being trashed, no one who operates these businesses seems to care

If the same situation comes up with those on the right being critical of Black Lives Matter (BLM) in Portland or elsewhere,  the racist white-supremists  card is played by the left. Even worse speaking out against BLM’s anti-social  agenda  is considered to be a hate crime worthy of being removed from the internet. 

This is how the 1st amendment is being applied today. Democratic political leaders starting with Joe Biden have yet to make critical remarks about the free speech of conservatives.  In the present political environment no accusation or absurd theories about Republicans is out of bounds if it might lead to a Democratic victory in November.

I personally have no desire to have disgusting messages received on the internet being censored no matter how outrageous or dumb they might be.  The option is always there for me to delete or have future correspondence from this web site to end up in my trash bin.  For me, upholding the first amendment of our Constitution holds more weight than the validity of anyone’s opinion.

By standing up for free speech. I don’t desire for social media sites to filter information received by me.  Such action is not their job or responsibility.

If CNN or MSNBC decide their viewers should not listen to a speech by President Trump because of factual errors, it’s OK.  There are other channels that can be switched to hear his presentation.

In the case of the Facebook, Goggle, and Twitters of the world, their clients will not be aware if censorship has taken place.  They can unwittingly or on purpose withhold vital information from their subscribers.  It does not matter if such actions are justifiable.  Being net neutral is their function in disseminating information

As time passes I am thinking that breaking up the social networking companies might not be a bad idea.  When it comes to freedom of speech in this country we are in a similar situation when

The phrase was spun What’s good for General Motors is good for the country.”  Decision making is being determined by a small group of high tech titans who have more money than brains.

After the election is over and the Covid-19 hysteria calms down, hopefully the two political parties can sit down and formulate policies on how if at all the internet is to be regulated.  Do we want to turn over our lives to an oligopoly composed of the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, Jeff Bezos, and a few select corporate billionaires?

In the meantime The President, Brett Kavanaugh, Attorney General William Barr, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, and even the damn Post Office will have to take their lumps against the onslaught of internet trash.

Will it ever end?

About Stephen Frank

Stephen Frank is the publisher and editor of California Political News and Views. He speaks all over California and appears as a guest on several radio shows each week. He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows. He is a fulltime political consultant.


  1. One more survey or one more 5x matching funds letter and i’ll gag myself with a spoon.Major overkill.
    This has helped to make California #1 in the Nation with begging as the top occupation. It’s right up there with sign twirling.

  2. If you really want to know the truth about anything, you have three choices, talk to someone in a bar, go on the internet, or ask a politician. Every thing else is hearsay.

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