Eber: Progressive Dictionary 2nd Edition (To Translate Democrat Debate)

In a couple of days you will have an opportunity to watch a reality show on TV—The Democrat Presidential Debates.  You will hear words that you know, but have no idea what they really mean in Progressive language.  My good friend Rich Eber has created a guide to the lexicon the Democrats use.  When listening to the debate listen to the words.

Then after listening to the words think of two books:  “Animal Farm” and “1984”.  If you understand the books and read the definition of terms as presented by Eber, you will understand the debate.  Do not expect to hear any plans to increase freedom—you will hear a lot of totalitarian plans and plans that will cost your children their freedom and economic security.  Enjoy.

Progressive Dictionary 2nd Edition by Richard Eber

Richard Eber,  California Political News and Views,  6/25/19   

With the first Democratic Debates beginning at the end of this month, it is important that non-progressive viewers are able to understand the proceedings.  A different vocabulary of political expressions will be used that many moderates and conservatives might not understand.

One of my buddies from Berkeley who can’t determine if she is a Radical-Socialist or a Moderate-Marxist passed on a list of progressive code words to me that I am sharing much like is done with needle exchange.

Here is the 2nd edition of my Progressive Psychobabble Dictionary™; to assist us understand what these people really mean when they talk in a language George Orwell referred to as “Double Speak”.

Affordable: Any time this word is used, we can be certain, the modifier “un” needs to be placed before it. The big question is for whom any government program is affordable? The answer is always for those who don’t have to pay. In the case of the Affordable Care Act, the tab will undoubtedly be added to the National debt for future generations to come. In California this means those who have medical insurance pay for illegal aliens with new taxes.

Bargaining table: This is a sacred place where labor unions negotiate with arbitrators who don’t have a personal stake in giving away the tax payers money. This is why the deals that are so one sided that involve government workers. The so called bargaining table is not exactly a piece of furniture but rather a blank check for Progressives to put their constituents further into debt.

Campaign reform: Another code word meaning the present system is working pretty well for me and there is no reason to make any changes. However, mentioning one is for campaign reform shows a politicians intentions are in the right place even though their pocket books are in another. A good excuse for avoiding any real change is the perceived threat that the Koch Brothers are coming at any moment to enslave the population in a capitalistic nightmare.

Cap and Trade: Also known as AKA “the Windmills of your mind” makes large industrial businesses such as heavy manufacturing and petroleum refining concerns purchase so called renewable energy. This consists mostly of solar wind turbines and solar farms which are intended to reduce production of green house gasses thus combat climate change. Progressives like to take sole credit for the reduction of air pollution This contradicts the real reason for fewer Green House gasses in the Golden State which can be largely attributed to improved fuel mileage and more efficient engines in motor vehicles.  Cap and trade’s lasting legacy is the migration of high paying manufacturing jobs to other States and overseas.

Combat global warming and/or Climate change: Just mention these magic words and government on all levels has an excuse for breaking every law imaginable in the name of saving the environment. Adding to the climate change hysteria are the actions of unelected bureaucrats who feel they have been deputized to have “Blues Brothers” Mission from God powers that enable them to declare “Spare the Air Day” whenever they desire.

Consultants: AKA parasites these are people with degrees in various fields that are brought in to cover the asses of government officials whenever a difficult situation crops up. If anything goes wrong it’s the consultant’s fault. When that occurs, it is best bring in lawyers and more consultants until the crisis is solved or interest from news media outlets wanes.

Cost Effective: This expression sounds good at meetings but is meaningless. Nothing the government ever does is cost effective.  Even when they vow to cut red tape, they are never saving tax payer dollars. This is how something like the bullet train can triple its estimated expenditures and still be on budget. The new Bay Bridge tower cost overruns?  The extra 4 billion could not be justified but at least it generated several studies for consultants.

Diversity: The magic word that explains all the great work the government is doing. Diversity means that people are involved of every skin color possible taking into account sexual preferences with women being active in all aspects of decision making. Actual expertise is of secondary importance. It is thought that by bringing in so called diverse groups of progressives, automatically the right thing is being done. Accountability on any level need not apply as long as the “D” word is utilized.

Eco friendly: An excuse to create new regulations for business to follow. The friendly part comes in when if you are a member of a team who does a study that is sustainable while allegedly reducing climate change. In the end Eco friendly is synonym bureaucrats use to say they want more control of our lives

Full disclosure: This is an expression that is heard at public meetings but always means there must be something to hide. Full disclosure is normally achieved by hiring a consultant and if all is lost creating an Ad Hoc commission of Progressives that can guarantee a predetermined outcome.

Job creation: Whenever the left tries to sell the public financing one of their monolithic projects they use “job creation” as their one cure saves all remedies for a sluggish economy they have caused by over-regulating businesses. Somehow raising Minimum wages is supposed to generate new jobs.  Along with higher taxes and additional government meddling in business, job creation has come to mean businesses moving to other states

Smart Growth:  Actually “dumb” should substituted for smart as this term is used to describe  congested government approved housing as outlined in SB-50 and 330 which use unfair mandates to impose life style changes on residents. Little concern is given to the impacts on traffic, schools, law enforcement, recreation, shopping, and personal freedom in designing these places without local control

Sunset laws: This means that after a period of time, a set of regulations expires and fades in the sunset. This never happens because government agencies just don’t disband and wither away no more than the proletariat disintegrates under Marxism.

Sustainable: This is the favorite word with urban planners who own more college degrees than common sense. In the world of progressive’s mere mention of a project being sustainable trumps all other considerations. Such pretzel logic has been used to justify ugly, un-needed, poorly planned Section 8 magnet Project Development Areas (PDAs). Government studies have proven mere mention of “Sustainability” reduces green house gases by 38% because everyone has less anxiety

Team Member: Someone who follows orders and assists in making decisions collectively. Somehow teamwork is good and provides needed diversity and balance. The notion is if agreement can be reached by a large group, it must be right. Should things go haywire, Republicans can always be blamed.

Transparency: This is supposed to mean government is to be carried out in the open without deals made on the side or behind closed doors. Politicians of both parties love to use this expression, especially when they are investigating one another. After Democrats won back the House of Representatives Jerry Nadler, head of the Judiciary Committee and Adam Schiff of the Intelligence Committee equate transparency with trying to discredit President Trump in any way. In Sacramento when the word “transparency” is mentioned, violations of the Brown Act are sure to follow.

Trust me: This is the motto for unelected bureaucrats who impose their will on society by regulating where we live, who we live with, how we get there, and what we will do to earn a living. Having no accountability these people could not care less on how their rulings impact society especially small business that bears most of the burden from needless government regulations on the State and Federal levels.

We are doing every possible:
 This means in government double speak, we are doing nothing and are waiting until public outcry dies down and people forget so we can impose more control on people’s lives.

But we have a sustainable, eco-friendly world of transparency, diversity, team building, where we settle our differences at the bargaining table. Unfortunately, at the same time, the world passes us by or moves to Texas.

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Stephen Frank is the publisher and editor of California Political News and Views. He speaks all over California and appears as a guest on several radio shows each week. He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows. He is a fulltime political consultant.