Eber: Things I don’t understand

We live in a crazy world.  My good friend Rich Eber asks questions many think about—but he asks them, aloud.

Why is Gavin Newsom mad at Donald Trump for asking for the Federal Government’s 3.5 billion dollar investment in the bullet train back?  The Governor is saying that operating the train between Madera and Bakersfield fulfills the terms of receiving Federal funding.  If President Trump thinks Uncle Sam has been defrauded by the Bullet Train, just think how bad the taxpayers in California feel about what has transpired?”

Write your comments about this article and add the things you think about.  For instance, why do we think spending more money on government education is a good thing, when the government refuses to return to education as a priority at schools—instead of social justice, social issues and politically correct thought?

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Things I don’t understand By Richard Eber

Richard Eber, California Political News and Views,  2/20/19

There are many areas of knowledge that baffles me. It is difficult in my world to distinguish between fake news and “Reality” TV shows. I have always wondered why the public is so enamored following the Kardashians.  How come ice cream never has bones except when conspiracy theorists are involved?

In politics I suffer from a similar learning disorder. Very little makes sense to me. For instance:

Why Gavin Newsom is withdrawing the use of National Guard troops at the border of Mexico saying no problem exists?  Is the man crazy or delusional after being elected Governor last November thinking no crisis exists at the border? Does he believe less contraband will cross the border if ICE is abolished and criminals will be welcomed into the Golden State. Is the Opioid Crisis the President talks about a myth?  If so why is it necessary for San Francisco to give out free needles to junkies for public safety purposes?

I can’t believe any affordable housing can be built when it takes almost half a million dollars in permits, studies, waiting, and every delay imaginable before the first shovel can be lifted.  Why would anyone think government subsidies would lower opportunity costs for construction?  Are present CEQA regulations and similar requirements from other state agencies making California a more affordable place to live?

How can naming a street for Oscar Grant be anything but a sham? This just happened in Oakland.  The guy was on parole for a firearms beef and was arrested just prior to his death. Grant was likely going back to jail for a long stint on serious felony charges. While it is unfortunate that Grant died in a tragic accident when fighting with a police officer on BART. However, making this man a hero is ridiculous.

Why are efforts being made to put PG&E out of business as if they were some kind of criminal enterprise?  In general most people think they are doing a good job.  Even in cases where alternative power sources are selling gas and electric to PG&E, they still depend on the company to solve problems when there is a power outage.  Does anyone believe Government takeover of private enterprise providing power will ever be cheaper or more efficient than the present system?

How can we keep pretending that illegal aliens living in California are producing enough tax income with their jobs to offset the billions of dollars in government assistance given them?  Does anyone really believe such a notion is anything but fantasy?  Despite this reality Democratic politicians in California pretend that sales tax is creating revenue neutral situation for undocumented residents.  Are you trying to tell me expenses associated with operating emergency rooms, public schools, welfare, and law enforcement are  a wash?  If this revenue neutral scenario were really true, why would the state always be so broke and demanding new taxes be enacted?

Why is Gavin Newsom mad at Donald Trump for asking for the Federal Government’s 3.5 billion dollar investment in the bullet train back?  The Governor is saying that operating the train between Madera and Bakersfield fulfills the terms of receiving Federal funding.  If President Trump thinks Uncle Sam has been defrauded by the Bullet Train, just think how bad the taxpayers in California feel about what has transpired?

I can’t believe how school boards in Los Angeles, Oakland, and throughout the state can demand new contracts to teachers knowing full well that a major portion of their victories at the bargaining tables are unfunded.  In addition, as educators are fully aware, their pension fund ratio falls deeper in the red each year.  Of course this shortfall is of little consequence because the politically powerful California Teachers Union (CTA) is depending on Governor Newsom to bail them out this year, as has happened under Governor Brown. Is this what Progressives call transparency?

At the same time it’s hard to understand how Charter Schools are being blamed for the failing performance of California’s public school system.  The idea that they are private and are taking good students and families away from underperforming schools is ridiculous propaganda.  Why can’t the CTA just say there are too many educators working at Charters who don’t belong to their union?  Along with this they do not ever want to take accountability for failing schools.  The bottom line is  Bill Clinton’s observation “it’s the money stupid”, still holds true.  This is why there is a movement originating from the CTA and the Legislature to outlaw new Charters and reduce school choice.

It is difficult to understand why Gavin Newsom is bragging about so called California values.  We might we ask what are these attributes?  Could it be highest tax rates in the country?  Maybe these “values” include lowering the crime rate by not prosecuting those who fall under the Sanctuary City umbrella?  Perhaps restrictive building codes and high permit costs should be emulated by the rest of country; or maybe its job killing Cap and Trade laws?  Might our public education K1-12 model which ranks 46th out of 50 States be xeroxed?  The list goes on with the underachievements of Progressive fools who run our state.

It astounds me how anyone could be naïve enough to support the Presidential campaign of Kamala Harris. Her platform of taxing the rich, imposing PC values on her constituents and formulating economic policies makes the Marxists down in Venezuela envious.  The Junior Senator from California is a prime example of an “empty dress”.

I can’t believe why more people are not leaving California.  Large numbers of middle class and upper income residents are immigrating in droves.  More would follow except for wanting to live near to grown children. An example of this is during the present housing shortage, a sinking market for values of single family home sales exists from San Diego to the Bay Area.  Such a reality is countered by the Sacramento liberals who insist there are more jobs being created in the state than ever before.

Unfortunately most of new employment is in the minimum wage fast food sector. This is being countered by higher paying manufacturing and white collar employment fleeing elsewhere.  Indicative of this alarming trend, State Government is projecting lower tax revenues for 2019 compared to last year

It is astounding how the Republican Party is so weak in California when their competition wants to turn the state into another version of the old Soviet Union.  Can anyone reminisce to be about the good old days of socialism when the damn system actually worked?  Was it in Russia, China, East Germany, or some other place?

I thought affirmative action was outlawed a long time ago by the Supreme Court.  Why has it returned under the banner of diversity to discriminate against those who want to be evaluated by what they have achieved?  Hell, just last week the Women’s March in Eureka had to be canceled because there were too many Caucasian females participating in this event.  What is our country coming to?




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