Eber: Will it take “Mouth to Mouth” remedies to resuscitate the GOP?

The California Republican Party has not had a voter registration effort since March, 2013 (the recent “September Surge” was for 30 days, with almost no one in the State participating—since they had almost no notice).    For a week they have known about Democrat Congresswoman Katie Hill being a sexual predator—using her office to have sex with first a young female staffer—along with her husband—and now with a male staffer—without the husband, yet not a word demanding her resignation.

Last weekend the California Federation of Republican Women held its convention in Bakersfield.  The Chair and her assistant spoke with a total of about 15 minutes.  On the November, 2020 ballot in California there will be only one office on the statewide ballot—President.  Yet, not once was President Trump promoted or mentioned in that time.

As noted in the article, candidates are lining up to run, former Republicans, running as Democrat or NPP.

There is great news.  The volunteers are not waiting for direction from the Party.  They are beginning to register voters, they are organizing rallies and support groups for President Trump.  We are finding candidates to run for office—assembly, State Senate, Congress, city council and more.  The Counties are taking leadership, without direction from above.  We are living in a new area of political awareness and action.

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Will it take “Mouth to Mouth” remedies to resuscitate the GOP?  by Richard Eber?

Richard Eber, Exclusive to the California Political News and Views,  10/22/19  

It does not take a rocket scientist to see that the Republican Party in California is floundering. With registration of eligible voters hovering in the 20% range, this once proud organization appears to be suffering from a bad case of benign neglect 

Signs of former Republicans becoming independent s or joining the other team are everywhere.  As indicated in Steve Frank’s heard on the Tom Toms report in this blog October 15th, Republican office holders in San Diego, Fresno, and throughout the State are becoming decline to State or even Democrats.

Many believe in California, being part of the GOP, insures defeat.

Steve Poizner , running for Insurance Commissioner as an Independent in 2018, apparently ended up having his campaign being a preview for coming attractions.  Many conservatives have followed his lead.  Because of this, the Republican Party in California is now struggling finding viable candidates in local races and for legislative seats as well.  In many cases voters have two Democrats to choose from in November.

How can this be in a state that brought us Ronald Reagan, Pete Wilson, and George Deukmejian, all who were all popular two term governors in the past half century?  What has transpired to make California today a socialist enclave where leftist ideology reigns supreme?  How did the once powerful California Republican Party become the shell of its former self leaving loyalists to lament “Someone left a cake out in the rain”

The GOP has had a bad case of crash and burn starting with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s surprise victory when Gray Davis was recalled back in 2003. The state party did not have a strong enough candidate to compete so it allowed Arnold the RINO to take charge.  Things have never been the same since.

Soon after the Republican numbers in the legislature have dwindled to the rock bottom place they exist today with less than 30% representation competing against the Democratic juggernaut.   While this deteriorization in power has transpired, those in charge of the State Party have done little more than shrug their shoulders and say “we were right about the issues”

At the same time the demography of party members has continued to age with few young people joining their ranks.  Whether this decline is the fault of parents, the schools, or the media, matters not.  What is really important is that the GOP has not been a popular place for Millenial’s, Generation X or Y to hang their heads.

The Democratic Party in California has done an excellent job of portraying conservatives as out of touch, wealthy, elitist fat cats. Who hang out at the Country Club telling racist jokes to their white supremist’s buddies.

As such how can the GOP do a makeover to get back in touch with their former constituents and recruit young people to join their ranks.? Getting away from the image of being a character like Mr. Burns from the Simpsons is no easy task.  Avoiding having functions on private golf courses and fancy Hotels is a good place to start.

As part of voter registration Republicans need to impart to those they are recruiting what they stand for Issues such as high taxes, job killing government regulations, excessive  pension payouts for public employees, high gas costs, housing. And low achieving public education,  this message needs to be delivered in such a way that encourages folks to kick progressive government in California to the curb.

The party needs members to be proud of whom they are rather than being ashamed and hiding one’s own identity in the name of trying to become an office holder.  What to do.  Instead of wasting money on hopeless candidates during the next political campaign, why not send information now to people  of all persuasions telling them which issues define being a Republican.

Talk about things that matter to voters.  Forget about discussing abortion, LGBTQ, gay marriage banning marijuana and most other social matters.  Instead concentrate on economic issues that answer the question “Are you better off now than before Jerry Brown?”

At the same time get a bigger tent to appeal to a larger constituency.  Keep it real.  No need to do a replay of Chelsea Clinton saying it is permissible for an individual with a beard and penis be allowed to determine what sex they want to be on a given day. The GOP should become more tolerant on many social issues or better yet no mention them as talking points at every opportunity.

Weak leadership of GOP.  This is better said than done as those in charge of the State GOP have job security thru the next election cycle.  Local delegates need to make sure next time proxy voters are not allowed to have a similar influence  they had in electing the current Board of Directors.  Proxies do not spent the time, effort or money to participate in the decisions of the Party.  Many take a post, and then never show up.

Those in charge of the  GOP need to stop trashing or ignoring  Donald Trump.  Instead of RINO’s giving tacit approval  with their silence on impeaching the President, the Republican establishment needs to get out of the closet and remind  Californian’s about his achievements in job growth and economic prosperity rather than getting their panties in a bunch about the latest tweets from  Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Adam Schiff.

Conservatives need to speak their minds but don’t excommunicate yourself or others from the party because of differences a on a few issues  A good example is abortion. I happen to be pro life but don’t treat those who are pro choice like they are lepers and complete misfits.  The same thing goes for legalized marijuana where I smoked from when I was a teen but don’t feel comfortable today being a “reality coordinator” for others

Don’t be afraid to speak out for your love of the Constitution.  Also stand-up for the Electoral College which many progressives want to get rid of to have elections determined by their base in big cities.  A good way to defend the Electoral College is explain why the framers of the US Constitution started it in the first place to give a voice to small States who have limited power in the House of Representatives.

Conservatives in general have to get out of their “a choice not an echo” mentality used by author Phylis  Schlafly to excuse Barry Goldwater losing in a 1964 landslide to Lyndon Johnson. It is time for conservatives to conduct themselves with pride and stand up for what they believe in a palatable way that leads to a deserved renaissance

About Stephen Frank

Stephen Frank is the publisher and editor of California Political News and Views. He speaks all over California and appears as a guest on several radio shows each week. He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows. He is a fulltime political consultant.


  1. ExCaliExpat says

    Stop trying to legislate morality….

  2. West Walker says

    Today’s New Republican (Trump) Party is a populist repeal of the political establishment. It represents a national populism that is fed up with the lies, cronyism, and personal wealth of the Swamp. To support Trump is to support the movement away from the career political class and towards having a government of ran by citizens-going-to-Washington as our forefathers practiced. Stand proud and recite the wrong-doings of the political elites and you will see the Trump Movement grow even here in CA. Further, take a look at the Socialist Center of America, aka CA, and compare that to the loss of Freedom. CA is a battleground, and it is time to ignite the masses.

  3. Dr. Trent Saxton says

    It’s too bad California’s counties are not treated equally when it comes to restrictive laws and regulations, There isn’t any comparable representation for our needs. Many laws are draconian in nature to Northern and Eastern counties above Sacramento. We are the unwanted and frivolous members of California’s population. Sacramento doesn’t care about our way of life or our unique needs. They sure love and steal our water though.

  4. Excellent advice in this article. As a member of a third party with rather weak and sometimes non-existent state leadership, I can personally attest to the power of county and city party members. At the county and city (even neighborhood) level a lot can be accomplished. A one-party state or nation is not acceptable, and we “minority” parties need to get going exactly as Rich Eber recommends.

  5. John Steele says

    Another reason that I left this state. The CA GOP is dead fish which is rotting from the head down. They voted in Officers who are ALL anti-Trump and canned good conservatives like Steven Frank.. Despite all of Pretty Boys major screw-ups.. He would still win re-election as the CA GOP IS the embodiment of the Party of Stupid. They won’t support us and so there’s no reason to support them. Time for a new party !!

  6. West Walker just said a mouthful.

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