Eber:The Future of Democracy?

We live in the Cancel Culture.  Gov. Newsom is using government agencies as Brown shirts to fine and close businesses.  The media lies by commission and omission.  Our President literally has no idea where he is or what he is doing—either Harris or his wife are needed to explain what he just said.  The entertainment industry considers us a racist nation and like in fascist nations, is used to promote hate, bigotry and the end of freed.  So, my good friend Rich Eber asks if there is a future for democracy.

My answer is NO.  Unless people become brave, speak out and refuse to isolate themselves per instructions of government, re-open schools and churches—whether government wants that is not, we have seen the end of Democracy for at least a generation.  Democracy exists when people want it.  Today, folks just want to survive and are willing to become slaves of the State.  It reminds me of the words of Winston Churchill, “An appeaser is one who feeds his friends to the alligators hoping they eat him last.”  By allowing government to kill our economy, schools, jobs, churches, isolate us and make us fearfully of even being in the presence of others, we are appeasers.

The Future of Democracy? By Richard Eber

Richard Eber, Exclusive to the California Political News and Views, 3/2/21             

Referring conservatives to be Fascist-Nazi types are part of the litany of the Left classifying Republicans in California today. If these assumptions could be taken literally, it means were I alive in the 1930’s, this would make me a supporter of Adolf Hitler.  As such, I would have approved of the extermination camps he operated that murdered some 8 million Jews.

In 2021, we have to ask where did this horrible analogy come from?

Such charges were leveled at Donald Trump during his term as president on television, print, and internet media.  There was no clamoring by the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, Facebook, Twitter, or other popular sites to retract these horrendous allegations against him.  In fact the mainstream press accused the former President of being anti-Semitic despite his strong support of Israel and opposition to the terrorist aggression of Iran.

I don’t recall Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg, or the Google founders coming to the defense of Trump on the comparison to Hitler.  Apparently they were making too much money promoting free speech to worry much about the truth.  It was only after the election that they employed overt censorship by removing Trump’s 1st amendment rights from their web sites.

As for the fascist comps, we didn’t see Antifa or Black Lives Matter (BLM) scrutinized in the slightest way despite their extremist views.

With only Fox News and a handful of other media outlets defend the President; it was proven that if one throws the Hitler comparison on the wall often enough, people will believe such slander.  Ironically, the definition of the Big Lie being “a gross distortion or misrepresentation of the facts, especially when used as a propaganda device by a politician or official body”. are right out of the pages of the Nazis leader’s autobiography Mein Kampf.

Also under attack is the first amendment of the Constitution guaranteed the right to free speech to everyone regardless of what their opinions might be.  The first post Biden election victim was none other than Donald Trump.  He asserted that fraud caused his loss in November.  Disagreeing with this assessment, media giants Facebook, Twitter, and Google stopped publishing his allegations while taking the conservative Parler site down.

What transpired came as a complete shock to me.  It never occurred to me to advocate censorship.  Whether it is comparisons between Hitler and Trump or election fraud, the right to free speech and a free press trumps all other considerations.  It has always been my view that people should be able to decide for themselves what is true or false

The same goes for Trump’s claims that the vote counting process caused him to lose the election. Despite some truth in these allegations, I felt Biden won the Presidency based upon popular vote thus was willing to drop the matter.

For me, defending the right of freedom of speech is more important than winning or losing any one contest. It along with the rest of the Bill of Rights has been the foundation of our democracy from when it was founded almost 250 years ago;

All of that seems to be irrelevant today.  A few days ago I was discussing the impeachment trial of Donald Trump with a liberal friend who with I have amicably argued politics with since college days.  When I said Congress could not impeach a President or anyone else that has left office, Bill said, “The Constitution does not cover the crimes of Donald Trump because what he did was so horrible that his misdeeds must be dealt with regardless of what the document says.”

I was blown away.  Apparently, the Bill of Rights authored by Thomas Jefferson is no longer relevant.  Cancel Culture has reached a point in our society that our democratic form of government is being challenged by an angry mob of progressives who don’t respect the values of what our country was founded upon.

We see this alarming trend everywhere.  Liberal Democrats want to abolish the electoral College and elect the president on the basis of a popular vote.  On the surface this does not seem like a bad idea unless one understands why this institution came to be.

At the Continental Congress there was concern that large states like New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Virginia would determine the outcome elections leaving the rest of the country with little say. To even things out they created the Senate based on two members per State and the Electoral College.

This system has worked for over 200 years but now Progressives want to change to the popular vote to elect presidents.  They prefer that large cities such as New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Miami, and Los Angeles determine who is to occupy the White House.  When it is suggested that present system can be lawfully altered by a constitutional amendment, such a solution has been rejected because it takes too long.

The fact of the matter is that Cancel Culture demands immediate change.  They want the founding fathers such George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison to be erased from the history books because their families were slave owners in Virginia.

The same goes for President Abraham Lincoln who ended slavery during the Civil War. According to Cancel Culture followers, he had a bad record dealing with Native Americans during his presidency.  Perhaps Lincoln is out of favor today when it is has been learned he was a Republican!

This designation is now considered to be some sort of a hate crime.  I have to believe this is true given the recent actions of The San Francisco School Board to rename three of the institutions I attended including Lincoln High because of their Cancel Culture beliefs.

What worries me now is whether conservatives will continue to assert ourselves in National politics in the future.  If the First Second and 10th Amendments are thrown in the scrap heap by the left, will it be legal for Republicans to be placed on the ballot ever again? 

Equally troubling is the prospect that candidate for office needing to be approved by media oligopolies to have their stories told? Despite such a gloomy assessment, I believe that our country will someday come to their senses to restore our Republic to the principles that have guided us since the USA was founded.

I also believe a time will come when Republican’s hold a majority in the California legislature. The words “dream on sweet prince” might hold true; but isn’t this what Democracy is all about?

About Stephen Frank

Stephen Frank is the publisher and editor of California Political News and Views. He speaks all over California and appears as a guest on several radio shows each week. He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows. He is a fulltime political consultant.


  1. Jim Coles says

    “Democracy” is rule by the mob… that’s where we’re going toward now.
    Eber nailed the issues we, as a nation face, but used the wrong words & imagery to describe a self-governing people & nation.
    Our system of self-governance is the federal republic, which employs some of the tools of democracy to enable popular representative government…
    The distinction is not trivial or mere semantics: in a democracy government eventually accrues all power then manipulates the masses to vote en-bloc for whomever & whatever the oligarchs & plutocrats who own government decree…dissent becomes the ultimate crime.
    Only by maintaining minimalist government — just enough to discourage anarchy — can the issues Eber noted be protected.
    “Liberals,” aka tyrants & would-be tyrants, are the most illiberal people among us … Their ideas can’t stand up to rational scrutiny & reason so they use the thug’s weapons — censored/self-censored media; threats of cancellation, disruption of income; even creating & enforcing thought crime laws to prevent rational criticism of their actions-ideas-processes.
    If Americans ever want to be one People again Liberalism must be scrapped entirely.

  2. Really??? says

    Mr. Coles is absolutely correct. The Founding Fathers clearly understood the history of the French Revolution and “democracy.” They understood the issues of a Parliament System where a emotional whim would sweep out of office an entire government.

    The Democrat Party has determined Presidential orders should replace government by laws passed through the 3 Branches of Government. “D” has the slimiest of margins in the House yet claim superiority of a vast majority. “D” has a one vote majority (because of a equally divided membership) in the Senate and claim the same.

    The rule of the mob, is now the by-word of those who call themselves Democrats. This nation was created to protect the people from excesses of government and mob rule.

    Violence was condoned and encouraged by the radical Left. It is time to break down the perceptions of these radicals being law and order politicians.

  3. JLSeagull says

    As private businesses, the likes of Amazon, FaceBook, Google, Twitter and a host of others do not have to adhere to the 1st Amendment. The 1st Amendment applies strictly to government agencies. One possible step to make them subject to the 1st Amendment would be to declare them as Public Accommodation Utilities whereby they have to accept (serve) all customers (users) equally and without discrimination.

  4. True, Democracy is the “wrong” word for what our Founders envisioned. But, Mr. Eber’s concern with today’s cancel culture is on target. A Republic can survive only by informed decisions made by voters. There cannot be informed decisions when information is manipulated and the past is erased. Unless Herculean lawful action is taken by those concerned, America’s future will be bleak, whether we call America a Democracy or a Republic.

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