Editorial: Old White People Should Die Says Ventura Democrat Chair

David Atkins, Chair of the Ventura County Democrat Party, wants white people to die. He calls it “aging out of the electorate”. This is a bigot that the Klan can be proud of—they hated blacks, he hates white people. Since he is also white, he would be called a self-loathing white person. If you support the Constitution, he prefers you dead. Not figuratively, but literally. He cannot wait for white people to die. Yet Democrat Congresswoman Brownley continues to give money, over $3100, to the political committee headed by Atkins. Go here to see his tweets.

We need to get the haters and bigots out of politics. Will the Democrat Party, will a Democrat Congresswoman, will the members of the Democrat Committee throw him out? By keeping him they are as bigoted as he—they are approving the death of white people attitude.

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Editorial by Stephen Frank: Bigoted Ventura County Democrat Must Resign

Capoliticalreview.com 7/8/14

Democrats in Ventura County must be proud. Their chairman, supported by Congresswoman Brownley and Thousand Oaks Councilwoman Jacqui Irwin, the Democrat Assembly candidate, is about to be a national figure. His hatred of white people and hoping they die soon will be seen on Fox.

This was quite a weekend on Twitter for David Atkins, the chair of the Ventura County Democrat Party and close associate of Democrat Congresswoman Julia Brownley and Democrats Assembly candidate Jacqui Irwin. Both have his endorsement for office and both have been leaders in the support of the County Democrat Committee. Yet as far as I can tell neither have demanded that Atkins, who suggested that white people die, or as he put it, “aging out of the electorate”, resign from the Committee Wonder if he also included Feinstein in her late 70’s and our confused governor Jerry Brown in his mid-70’s as white people he prefers die?

How come ace Ventura Star political reporter Timm Herdt has not made this a front page story? Years ago the Star made a front page story of a Republican County Chair rapped in the American flag—isn’t this more egregious? Isn’t this about bigotry and hatred?

NRCC Comment: “Racially-motivated and vitriolic rhetoric has no place in California’s political dialogue. David Atkins’ hateful rant is disgusting and unbecoming of his position as the chairman of the Ventura County Democrats. Elected Democrats like Julia Brownley need to condemn his comments immediately and send a signal that hate-fueled language like this is not welcome in Ventura County.” – Andrew Clark, NRCC Digital Press Secretary”

The National Republican Congressional Committee opposes bigotry. We are now waiting for California Democrat chair John Burton, previously a legislator famous for civil rights legislation, to demand Atkins resign. If not, that would mean the usually loud and fouled mouth Burton and his Democrats are in support of David Atkins and they approve of his attitude.  What do you think should be done with Atkins—applaud his values or force him from office?


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  1. Actually, put his money where his mouth is and lead the way, and then afterward, people will see it’s not the way to go or talk.

  2. Davis Atkins is a term we call, a wigger………………..

  3. David Atkins is very typical of the libturds in the socialist demo-creep bubble world of Ka Ka Land of the far left radical coast today..They tolerate free speech only so long as you agree with THEIR point of view! This is EXACTLY how tyrannical dictatorships are born and fester! We are swirling around the cesspool drain of financial insolvency, chaos, and anarchy yet does he try to work with others to SOLVE the problems? NEVER.. all they can do is do what comes naturally for them.. name call, blame shift and character assassinate!

  4. Diminishing humanity has long been a hallmark of socialism in all its forms: Communism, from the bottom up, and Fascism, from the top down. Both seek the same thing: Concentration of power in the few hands of the self-selected aristocracy of the intelligentsia and those who perfect the act of kissing their butts. They have been amazingly successful, but they will not win because patriots will pay the price of freedom.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” and when you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

  5. askeptic says

    Show us the way, David….show us the way.

  6. Melanie Bruno says

    Hey, Atkins, you jerk. YOU first.

  7. Glad to see that you call it the DEMOCRAT party throughout your article rather than the DEMOCRATIC party as so many do. They are far from democratic.

  8. I guess he learned how to throw his grandparents under the bus from Obama!


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