Eric Early runs for AG by Richard Eber

This is going to be a bizarre GOP race for Attorney General.  On one hand you have Eric Early, who believes he is the most pro-Trump candidates ever.  Then you have Nathan Horful—someone no one ever heard of before, but is backed by those that hate Donald Trump.  Trailing all of this is the Sacramento DA—an NPP who just wants to put away bad people.

All claim the public is upset with the Soros DA’s making our streets and homes unsafe.  As for me, I am going to pay attention to races that matter—city council, legislative, school board.  Early means well—but will not go far in the June primary.

Eric Early runs for AG by Richard Eber

Richard Eber, Exclusive to the California a Political News and Views  1/25/22

It is amazing to me how any serious Republican candidate with an IQ higher than tap water would be interested in running for State wide office in California.  After all it has been over 15 years since Steve Poizner was elected Insurance Commissioner.

One individual who wants to change the blue shade of California politics is Eric Early.  He is running to become the next Attorney General of California

He feels that voters are fed up and desire change. Early says “The state is a mess.  More and more voters across the political spectrum are starting to see that.  Politics is cyclical.  The worm will turn. “

His campaign is modeled after Glenn Youngkin, who was unknown to most people prior to winning the governorship of Virginia last fall.   Early says “Glenn Youngkin’s election is important.  It shows voters that Republicans can again win in a so-called “blue” state.” Much like him, Early takes pride in fighting Critical Race Theory by filing the first lawsuit against it four years ago.

In doing so early, like many prospective conservative office seekers in California, is not trying to keep his identity a secret. He defiantly states, “I’m a Republican.  I support GOP values.  I am against the Democrat’s policies and most of their elected officials.  While I understand the allure of running as an Independent in today’s California, I am a Republican

In addition like much of the leadership the California Republican Party (CRP) Early was and remains a supporter of ex-President Donald Trump; explaining “He did many great things for our country.  I am not shy about saying that.”

When it comes to his conviction and stands on issues, Early believes as Attorney General he would concentrate his efforts on:

  •  Law and Order and Public Safety. 
  • Protecting families by fighting Critical Race Theory in the schools while allowing parents to determine if their children are to be vaccinated with experimental drugs.
  • Homelessness.   
  • Election Integrity. 
  • Fighting the Growing Socialist/Communist Threat to the State and Nation.
  • Supporting our Second Amendment rights.
  • Putting Freedom and Liberty Loving Citizens First Again. 
  • Fighting Government Corruption.
  • Keeping Girls’ Sports for Those Born Genetically as Girls. 

Being a relative newcomer in California Politics Early believes voters have pent up demand for new leadership in Sacramento.  He thinks this will be to his advantage as voters are clamoring for change from the Progressive’s in Sacramento.

Early has said “Mine is largely a grassroots campaign.  I am speaking to groups of great Californians all around the state and have been doing so for months.  My campaign is run by the people who ran the Newsom recall.  I was the lead attorney for the Newsom recall.  We are setting up a statewide volunteer effort and also raising money through the various ways that candidates raise money.” 

Early’s long list of endorsements including law enforcement, educators, and office holders, indicate substantial support for his quest to become California’s next AG.

He is especially concerned about Progressive District Attorney’s in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and around the State who have more empathy with those who commit crimes than their victims. He vows if elected, “I will instruct the AG’s office to wrest control of all matters from the rogue DA’s who are failing to enforce our laws.

Early holds a similar view on the elimination of bail for many serious offenses which he says has allowed dangerous criminals to prey on the public.  He doesn’t mince words in saying “I support locking up the prisons again; building more beds, and am very much against the current Woke effort to eliminate bail. As AG I will use all the States DOJ’s resources to reverse the current trend of making California a criminals paradise.”

A law enforcement hard liner

Regarding law enforcement Early holds a hard line position compared to Democratic California Attorney General Rob Bonta.  Early emphasizes “We need to openly respect and support our cops again. I do not buy into the current political regime’s ideology of “reimagining policing”. That is code for defunding police, emptying our prisons, supporting Proposition 47, and fighting against the issuance of cash bail, etc.  I support increasing funding to police so that we can hire more officers and provide them with better training and equipment.”

Early takes pride in the fact that he has never been on the government payroll as he has worked in the private sector his whole life. He believes, “This is another reason why Trump and Youngkin are important.  Like me, they were both political outsiders”. 

He goes on to say “My opponents are supported by the government insider class, including those Republicans who have helped lead us to at least 20 years of abject statewide failure. I run a successful nationally-recognized law firm and do not need the AG job.  I am the only person in this race who owns and actually operates a business.”

Even though the odds are against him in this race Early believes his views mirror what many Californian’s feel; but have not been given a vehicle at the polls to show their disgust of the Progressive agenda that dominates politics in the Golden State.

He concludes, “My wife and I are blessed. We do not need politics in our lives.  We do this because we love this country, this state, and are fighting for all of us, all of our kids and their kids.”

Who knows?  Anything is possible in elections.  Should Eric Early come in second in the June 7th primary, maybe he can convince voters to dump his well funded opponent who is supported by labor, environmental, anti-law enforcement, and other special interests in Sacramento political circles.

There is always hope.  Might Eric Early become the next Glenn Youngkin?

That’s why they call the election process democracy.

About Stephen Frank

Stephen Frank is the publisher and editor of California Political News and Views. He speaks all over California and appears as a guest on several radio shows each week. He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows. He is a fulltime political consultant.


  1. As long as the cemeteries don’t oppose him, it sounds like Eric Early has a good shot.

  2. What about Anne Marie Schubert?
    She’s the district attorney for Sacramento County and also running for AG.

  3. Great news. Hopefully, Eric Early will indeed run a grassroots campaign in which he actually speaks before groups and makes a good case for change. His opponents, including Anne Marie Schubert, an Independent, do not stand out as true across-the-board law-and-order candidates.

  4. Bill Saracino says

    Let’s see – We have a longtime Sacramento politician who abandoned the GOP…an anti-Trump RINO…and Eric Early, a successful private attorney who had the guts to take on Adam Schiff in ’20, who received nearly one million votes 4 years ago when he ran for A.G. Shouldn’t be a tough choice for conservatives – at least those who aren’t playing petty, internal games.

  5. But an independent may have a much better chance of actually being elected in this royal-blue state. If Early campaigns tying himself to Trump he will get most of the republican votes but that’s way too few in California to win any election. It may be that a majority of ordinary people who are registered Democrats are unhappy with the too-far-leftist move of the Democrat party and ready to speak out at the voting booth for a more sensible, mainstream R candidate. But many people won’t vote for candidates who are too enthused about Trump, even when they like many of the positive changes he made for the country..

  6. Celeste Greig says

    I’m very proud of being one of Eric Early’s supporters for CA’s AG, he is THE most qualified candidate, including the current AG (a liberal, anti law enforcement democrat), Eric IS a committed, decent, hard working, principle candidate, founding partner of a successful Law firm.
    I encourage everyone who believes in the rule of law, in good public policy, and strong leadership to support, contribute and in June 2022 without any hesitation to vote for Eric Early.
    I’m 100% right.👍🇺🇸

  7. I am a long time fan of Eric Early. He has what it will take to turn our state around and improve our law enforcement system favoring victims over criminals.

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