Facts from Sac: Governor Newsom Doesn’t Have to Look To D.C. To Find Incompetence

Sacramento is mismanaged, incompetent and corrupt.  Newsom wants to add $10 billion to spending—while the State Controller says we are down $5 billion in revenues and Jerry Brown says we have started a recession.   The DMV, the Cal-EPA, forest service and many other services are mediocre, at best.

A major accounting firm is filing paper tax returns because California’s online system is too hard to use.  

We need to fix Sacramento, not add universal health care, a water tax and a State take over of zooming, permits and housing for the local community.  We are in trouble and the media is silent.


Facts from Sac: Governor Newsom Doesn’t Have to Look To D.C. To Find Incompetence

Assembly Republican Caucus,  1/17/19

Governor Gavin Newsom railed against incompetence in Washington during his inaugural address, but he doesn’t have to look all the way across the country to find failure in government.

Just recently, the State Auditor reported that California’s new accounting system is so unreliable that large state agencies flat-out refuse to use it, increasing the risk of incomplete or inaccurate financial reports.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg…

There are serious competency issues in our own state government that deserve Gov. Newsom’s attention. Let’s hope he’s as committed to accountability here as he is to it in Washington.

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