Fernando Banuelos: Assembly candidate 31st Assembly District,

Leaders lead.  Fernando Banuelos is a career educator and has served as a teacher, professor and school board member.  Living in the Central Valley he has seen how government has harmed the people and jobs of the region.  Now he is running for State Assembly, in the 31st AD.  He is the type of candidate the GOP and the public needs to get behind—not with words or support, but actual assistance, finance, resources and personnel

If we are to become a State Party again, we need to work as hard for Fernando as we do for the so-called targeted races.  Until then, we have only ourselves to blame for the Democrats super majorities.  We do not need to be told what to do and which candidates to target—we want all Republicans to win, don’t we?  Expand the base, not like support.  I support Fernando Banuelos for Assembly.


Fernando Banuelos, Assembly candidate 3st Assembly District,  9/24/20   Exclusive to the California Political News and Views

People are Suffering and I have seen one of my family members who had a delivery truck company closed his business due to the   mandated shut down. He has lost everything and including his current living situation and is in the verge of being homeless. Shutting down businesses is not the answer. Businesses can not survive another three months. There are businesses that have been in operating for many years in Fresno County and have shut down their business and are in the verge of bankruptcy. I have seen firsthand that businesses in Reedley, Sanger, Kingsburg, Selma, Fresno and other cities businesses have closed down or are in the verge of closing their doors forever. The 3rd largest economy in the world in on the verge of collapse.


Shutting Down our schools without a solution on how to reopen is hurting our families and kids.

Shutting down schools was not the answer either and is hurting the family unit. The governor and my opponent had advocated of shutting down until January of 2021 and with the notion of extending the mandate shutdown until June of 2021. We can no longer shut down our schools, we need solutions and other avenues not trying to solve a problem is just adding a problem with a problem. There are solutions to reopening our schools safely. Most of the kids in rural areas are only receiving two days od online instruction and one day of Study Hall and this schedule is hurting our kids socially and many are being left behind as competitors to

Out door classrooms


  • Stronger language, problem-solving, and communication skills through projects and group activity
  • Developing an interest in science and math through connecting with nature
  • Fostering learning through self-initiation, control, and personal responsibility


  • Happier
  • Higher, more positive self-esteem
  • Effective relationship building in a cooperative, non-competitive environment
  • Building a healthy and balanced internal psychology from time spent alone
  • Manifesting classroom harmony
  • Social-emotional mastery

Experience in the field and child development research alike are showing that all children need and benefit from more time outdoors; it is critical for their health, self-concept, and future school success. The optimal learning and growing environment for young children is composed of a full integration of indoor and outdoor spaces. The Outdoor Classroom enhances and adds to the limited scope of activities available inside confined classrooms by providing for hands-on experiences, physical activity, social-emotional growth through peer interaction, and multifaceted approaches to cognitive development that connect children to nature and maximize their learning outcomes.

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