First Hewlett Packard, Then Oracle and Elon Musk: Now Texas Gets the Rose Bowl

We have lost jobs, Schools are closed along with churches, small businesses are closed—but you can still easily buy liquor and marijuana.  Hundreds of thousands are denied unemployment checks because of corrupt and incompetent State officials.  The Governor wants you to snitch on your friends and neighbors if they dare to have “too many people” in their home for Christmas.    Those are all real loses for us.

Now it looks like the Rose Bowl, the Daddy of all Bowl games is moving to Texas—a Free Sttae.  Will this cause the people of California to revolt against Guv Nuisance and sign the Recall petition?  What will it take to get the Constitution back to California and the Rule of Law.

“The Associated Press reported on Saturday that the Tournament of Roses was denied a special exemption from the state of California to allow a few hundred fans to attend the New Years Day game at the Rose Bowl, and now a decision whether to move the game could come Sunday when the four participating teams are announced, according to several published reports.

While you can’t go to church or to the Rose Bowl game, thousands can go to the Church of WalMart instead.  We have been had by a two bit totalitarian and we still take it.  Any wonder people are moving to Texas?

Bowl Game may be moved to Texas after state reportedly denies fan exemption

State allegedly won’t allow fans to attend the traditional New Year’s game, which is a CFP semifinal this season

Fred Robledo, Daily News,   12/19/20 

With pressure mounting over playing in an empty stadium, it appears the Rose Bowl Game is in serious jeopardy.

The Rose Bowl Game, which is part of the College Football Playoff semifinal games on New Years Day along with the the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, faced heavy criticism across the country and from those that might participate in the game after announcing that there would be no fans or families members allowed at the game, even in a limited capacity.

The Associated Press reported on Saturday that the Tournament of Roses was denied a special exemption from the state of California to allow a few hundred fans to attend the New Years Day game at the Rose Bowl, and now a decision whether to move the game could come Sunday when the four participating teams are announced, according to several published reports.

It was the second time California health officials denied the Tournament of Roses’ request for an exemption to allow fans for its 90,888-seat stadium.

If the Rose Game is moved, it appears likely headed for AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, according to published reports. Whether or not the game would still carry the Rose Bowl name is not yet known.

Pressure to move the game from the Rose Bowl heated up on Friday after teams that could be in the semifinals, Clemson and Notre Dame, spoke out in not wanting to play if fans and especially families were not allowed.

Before No. 3. Clemson defeated No. 2 Notre Dame in Saturday’s ACC championship game to virtually guarantee it a spot in the semifinals, Clemson coach Dabo Swinney had his reservations about playing in Pasadena.

“It makes no sense to me to put a bunch of kids on a plane and fly them all the way to California to play in an empty stadium,” Swinney said on Friday. “That makes zero sense.”

Before losing to Clemson, Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly went so far as saying that his team might boycott the game if families were not allowed to attend.

Notre Dame still stands a reasonable chance of being selected to the national semifinals despite its loss to Clemson.

“I’m not sure if we’ll play in the playoffs if parents can’t be there,” Kelly said Friday. “We’re worshipping the ashes of tradition. That can be the only reason.”

After Ohio State beat Northwestern in the Big Ten championship game Saturday to improve its chances to earn a spot in the CFP, Buckeyes coach Ryan Day was the latest to speak out.

“I also agree that families need to be there,” Day said.

California’s COVID-19 restrictions have been amplified in recent weeks as the state and Los Angeles County face an unprecedented rise in COVID-19 cases that has put a strain on hospitals and healthcare workers.

Los Angeles County is under a stay-home order that took effect earlier this month. Pasadena has its own public health department and can set its own rules, but has mostly followed the county’s lead during the coronavirus pandemic.

In other parts of the country, however, a limited number of fans have been allowed to attend games this season.

“You’re going to tell me we’re going to have a playoff and maybe one site can have families and the other can’t,” Kelly said. “Please, somebody has to wake up in that room and figure it out. Or you might as well just call this the professional league. Nothing speaks to this is just about having a playoff and we don’t care about the student-athletes (more than this).”

“Why can’t it be the Rose Bowl in Las Vegas? Why can’t it be the Rose Bowl in another town? Where’s the flexibility? The one thing these kids have been is incredibly flexible.”

It is not known if the Rose Bowl Game’s name will be used for the semifinal in Texas, that will be decided by the Pasadena City Council whether the Rose Bowl name can be used. If not, it would be the first time in more than 100 years no Rose Bowl game was played after a college football season. The first Rose Bowl was played Jan. 1, 1902.

The last time the Rose Bowl game was played outside Pasadena, California, was in 1942. The game between Oregon State and Duke was played in Durham, North Carolina, because the West Coast was deemed unsafe after the attacks on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941.

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  1. I usually have some cynical, snide or just plain nasty comment about ‘California doin’s’ but this time I’m just sad almost to the point of heartbreak…
    I’m not much of a football watcher but some games are part my lifelong traditions — the Rose Parade & the game being high on that list.
    My computer’s dictionary accepts “angrifying” as a word … and that’s exactly what I am right now — angrified at this nonsense.
    Revolt, people of California…recall Newsom, and if CA law allows, begin recalls against the craziest of CA legislators…those loons are killing you.

  2. Newsom continues to do a great job of “killing” the California economy.

  3. If you want a stadium full of fans in California you need to call the game a Black Lives Matter or some other ‘social justice’ protest. As long as it is a progressive cause not only will the state allow you to have it,, but they will give you extra police protection to make sure nobody comes to break it up.

  4. William Hicks says

    It looks like Nuisance is banking on getting bailed out by creepy uncle joe.

  5. Otis Needleman says

    Move the Rose Bowl to TX. CA doesn’t deserve it any more. Can’t wait to move back to TX myself.

  6. Not to worry. President Shamala, Governor Nuisance and senile U.S. Senator DiFi will ensure a hefty bailout from the bankrupt Federal treasury. To paraphrase the now-defunct Security Pacific Bank commercial, “From Alturas to Imperial Beach and from Crescent City to Winterhaven,” one can expect a huge explosion of the welfare rolls as the Dems ‘kill’ people through draconian acts that will directly impact their ability to survive economically.

    Off-point question: Why hasn’t Shamala resigned her Senate seat if she is so sure Senile Joe has won the election?

  7. The Yellow Rose of Texas Bowl.
    Sounds Good.

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