Frank: Policy Update for Candidates and Volunteer Organizations

Each day the news brings us stories about Governor Newson releasing thousands of prisoners, giving commutations  to 19 murders, CalPERS lost $69 billion in less than a month, Bay Area governments have suspended the ban on grocery bags—and replaced it with a ban on reusable, disease carrying bags. 

Each of us are inundated with requests for money by political parties and PAC’s.  But except for saying “Support Trump” or “Take Back the Congress”, we as volunteers and especially our candidates get little or no direction on issues for the campaigns, letters to the editor, use in the social media—and when we can walk and talk freely, for the campaign coming up.

Because those responsible for briefing the candidates need help, At least once a week the California Political News and Views will run a compilation of stories that can be used by candidates, organizational newsletter and blast emails. 

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Between the Fake News and the beg letters, we all need real information, with an explanation of how it affects our lives—that is what the California Political News and Views is about.  And, when the crisis is over, I will again be touring the State giving speeches, holding training sessions and proving FREE help to campaign for city council, school board and the Legislature.  If you have any questions, feel free to call me at 805-795-1271.

Policy Update for Candidates and Volunteer Organizations

Stephen Frank, Exclusive to the California Political News and Views,  4/3/20

Issues we can use for promotion of Republican/conservative values and to help our candidates.  Any questions, feel free to contact me.

  1.  How the split roll, decimating Prop. 13 will kill off California farms.  See article here.
  2.  Even in times of economic crisis, high unemployment and on the edge of a Depression, government still wants to use and abuse our money.  See article here.
  3. CalPERS is going to bankrupt city and counties,  Here is one example—how about your county or city?  See article here.
  4. Should unions be allowed to violate Supreme Court decisions and continue to steal from your paycheck?  See article here.

5.       Gov. Newson, in 2011, while Lt. Gov. was responsible for the health crisis we have today, “CA Dismantled Its Mobile Hospital System, Ventilator, Respirator Stockpiles in 2011”    See article here

6.      Over one million INELIGIBLE people registered in just seven counties.  California does not hold honest elections.  See article here.

7.      California is beyond broke–$1.5 trillion in debt—the “reserves” do not exist—except in the Fake News.  See article here.

8.      Los Angeles making economic crisis worse—forcing broke businesses to pay workers they can not afford.  See article here.

9.      It is time to talk about the grouper and fondler running for President, Joe Biden.  See article here.

10.  Progressives admit raise in minimum wage will cost jobs.  See article here.

Feel free to use these stories in your newsletters, campaigns and meetings. I just ask that you give credit to the California Political News and Views—and if your folks want, they can subscribe for free to the daily newsletter.

About Stephen Frank

Stephen Frank is the publisher and editor of California Political News and Views. He speaks all over California and appears as a guest on several radio shows each week. He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows. He is a fulltime political consultant.


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