GOP Voter Registration in Orange County, CA Gets a Fresh Face

This is a simple story.  While we are waiting for a voter registration plan coming from Sacramento, the grassroots is not waiting.  County Committee are already going to Fairs, events, brick and mortar stores, going door to door.  It is the end of June, 2019.  The Republican Party in California has not had a registration program since March, 2013—over six years ago,

We can wait till the end of summer to get something going—if even at that time.

Here we have great volunteers in Orange County with a program.  They are going to the DMV to register voters.  They are doing something, not waiting for “leaders” to tell them what to do.  You can do the same in your County.  Hope you do.  We are under 500 days till the November, 2020 election.  Every day counts.

GOP Voter Registration in Orange County, CA Gets a Fresh Face

Brian Harrington,   6/21/19 

Jon Paul White, Cynthia Thacker, and Amy West have launched a summer long DMV tour throughout Orange County with the purpose of getting out in the community and talking to people about what it means to be a Republican.

I talked with Cynthia last night at a separate evening event they were hosting in Santa Ana and she said “The responses have been quite good, we’re just breaking down people’s objections and clearing up misinformation about the Republican Party.”

This group has the right energy and is easy to talk too, I applaud the efforts. Look for them in Fullerton, Westminster, and other DMV’s througout the summer.

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