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These ballot measures both promise the moon—lots of free money for the homeless, help in the community, the right to sue Indian Tribes and so much more.  In fact, both are the same.  It is one group of corporations and Indian Tribe’s vs. another group of big corporations and Indian Tribes.  Both want a monopoly on online betting.

One group wants the online betting from the comfort of your bedroom in the middle of the night on your Ipad.  The other wants you to physically go into a casino to do sports betting (the betting on sports events).  Both tell you it is free money and will help the taxpayers.

Years ago, we were told that if we had the State of California run a lottery, the money would go to the schools and we would not need to have any more bonds or tax increases for government school.  That was a lie.  Instead corporations and bureaucrats have created an industry for themselves, very little goes into the schools.  How little, try to find out how the lottery money is spent in your school.  Most districts would not be able to tell you how much they got and where it went.

Yesterday I received what can only be describes as a phony email from a group called “Republicans for Prop. 27.  Their argument was this:

“This year, Republicans will play a lead role in ending the homelessness crisis once and for all by supporting a ballot measure –Proposition 27 -The California Solutions to Homelessness and Mental Health Support Act on this November’s ballot. Even better, we are once again partnering with California Tribes who share our hope for a brighter future.

In fact, Prop 27 respects Tribal sovereignty and protects their special status in gaming by ensuring sports betting only operates with Tribes’ agreement. Prop. 27 builds in Tribal autonomy allowing each Tribe to determine whether and how they want to participate.”

They fail to say that Prop. 26 also has the support of tribes and as we know monwey for the homeless, tens of billions has only made the problem worse.

Here is the kicker:  I wanted to know which Republicans supported Prop. 27.  I found out.  NONE.

Yup, while they called this “Republicans for Prop. 27” they listed not a single GOP name—or ANY persons name on the email. I am sure there are Republicans that will support this—and Prop 26.  But if you claim to be a Republican support group you should have at least one name—even if it is made up, to pretend this is real.  I know the name of the GOP consultants behind this and Prop. 26.  The same people that have used the California Republican Party to make money, collected proxies to stop control of the Party from live delegates who show up and spend their own money at a convention.

My position on Prop. 26 and Prop. 27?  VOTE NO ON BOTH.

You will see the ad campaigns on TV both sides will call the other side corrupt and not telling the truth.  Both are correct.  So far $200 million has been collected by both sides.  NOT A TYPO.

Support the Tribes—say NO to Prop. 26 and Prop. 27 (pick the tribe you want to support)


  1.  From CalMatters, 7/11/22:  “ California voters approved Proposition 63 in 2004, which levied a tax on millionaires to fund mental health programs. “No one who is mentally ill and now on the street will be on the street in five years,” said the late Rusty Selix, executive director of the Mental Health Association of California and a co-author of the initiative. But, although the tax has so far raised a staggering $29 billion, California’s homelessness and mental health crises appear more dire than ever. So where did all the money go? The Los Angeles Times takes a look in this gripping investigation.”

In 18 years they collected $29 BILLION and homelessness and mental health issues have multiplied instead of decreased.  Again, proof of the scam of the homeless and mental health industries ripping off the public.

  • For many years Jessica Patterson has led the battle to take the pro-life postion out of the CRP Platform.  We kept it in.  The Califonia Republican Party is a Pro-Life Party.  Recently the Supreme Court ruled in our favor and put the issue back into the States.  CRP delegates, most of them are celebrating.  Yet, Chair Jessica Patterson has not sent out an email congratulating the Party for sticking to the pro-life position.  She has, as best can be told, sent no word to the delegates saying thanks for staying with the cause—after fifty years we have won the battle at the Supreme Court level.

I urge Chair Patterson to put aside her personal animosity toward the pro-life plank, she does say she is “personally” pro-life, and act to unite the Party behind its Platform and a victory won at the Supreme Court level.

  •  Who voted in June?

California’s no party preference voters were no-shows in June 7 primary, report says — Only 18% of the 6.4 million Californians who are registered Independent, third-party or without a preference voted in the June 7 primary, according to Political Data, which tracks voter trends. That’s compared to 28% of Democrats and 30% of Republicans, Political Data counts as of July 11 show. Gillian Brassil in the Sacramento Bee$ — 7/12/22

  •  Demented Joe Biden is using  ICE and the Federal government to abort the babies of illegal aliens.  More proof he is ignoring the Supreme Court ruling.

ICE Says Immigrant Women in Custody Still Entitled to Abortion Services — Top immigration officials are planning to instruct detention centers around the country that women in custody are entitled to abortions and should be transferred to receive one if they are being detained in a state where abortion is now illegal. Michelle Hackman in the Wall Street Journal$ — 7/12/22

 (Periodically the California Political News and Views will publish tidbits of political news, to keep you in the loop of what the pooh bahs know.  The phrase “tom/tom’s” comes from my mentor, Lorelei Kinder who never passed a rumor, just called to tell me what she heard on the “Tom/Tom’s”.  This column is named in her honor.)

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  1. Marty Ferguson says

    The gambling industry has pretty much taken a shot in the face since the (democ)rats rigged and stole the 2020. Even if I had enough loose change to toss into the slot machines it would cost me ALL of it in gas JUST TO GET THERE! These props, I believe, are going to fall simply from existing.

    Thanks for reminding me of the state (lost)terry, btw. I can’t think of any school district that has benefitted from it…at all!!

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