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(Disclosure:  I have not endorsed any candidate for any Statewide office in the primary)

NCIS Special Agent Jethro Gibbs in his Rule #68 makes it clear, “there are no coincidences”.  So why is Rob Stutzman being paid $25,000 to be a strategist for Michael Shellenberger, candidate for Governor?  While the State GOP has endorsed Senator Brian Dahle and there are several solid conservatives also running, Shellenberger is an NPP—endorsed by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association PAC, Tucker Carlson calls him the man to beat Newsom and the Wall Street Journal did a feature story on him (no similar story on Dahle).

Who is Stutzman?

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Stutzman is a charter member of the “Never Trump” wing of the Republican Party, and called conservative commentator Laura Ingraham “an idiot” for her recent attack on Arizona Republican”

Also, as his press person is Beth Miller, also a No Trumper.  Why are the No Trumpers backing/helping this guy?  The more votes he gets, the fewer votes the GOP candidates get—making the California Republican Party look even weaker than it already is.

The 2022 Manchurian Candidate is Michael Shellenberger—fronting for the No Trump folks.


  1.  You can’t make these things up.  The guy who organized the Lincoln Project to defeat President Trump and SEVEN GOP Senators—yet is still calling himself a “GOP Strategist”, Mike Madrid has a new client.  Per the L.A. Times:

— “Column: In Ukraine, anti-Trump strategists take on Russia and Putin,” by the LATimes’ Mark Z. Barabak: Madrid, a Republican campaign consultant, has spent much of his political career tackling tough causes, including fighting within his party to broaden the GOP’s appeal to working-class and Latino voters, end the scapegoating of immigrants and stand up to the bigotry and boorishness of Trump.

Maybe the California Republican Party should study what they are doing in Nevada?

 (Periodically the California Political News and Views will publish tidbits of political news, to keep you in the loop of what the pooh bahs know.  The phrase “tom/tom’s” comes from my mentor, Lorelei Kinder who never passed a rumor, just called to tell me what she heard on the “Tom/Tom’s”.  This column is named in her honor.)

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  1. I voted for Trump twice. The first time reluctantly. The second time enthusiastically. Michael Shellenberger is the real deal and, unlike the Republican nominee, he did not support a massive increase in property taxes by taking away the intergenerational transfer protection in Prop 13.

  2. Michael Shellenberger , author of “San Fransicko”, is incredibly insightful about today’s society and a very sharp mind. He is the first person I heard speak about homelessness in SF providing a direction for us to go in to stop the spread. California is so woke, the weak GOP gave up on it long ago, and their candidates have little chance of beating any Democrat. I would expect Shellenberger has a better chance of winning the Governorship than any GOP-backed candidate, with votes from independents and some moderate Democrats. He is a charismatic speaker. He freely admits a hard-left past from which he has evolved. He has not been a politician, and may not be capable of dealing with the powerful left-wing elites, media, and politicians in this State. It’s possible he is just all surface glitter and no depth, but I would love to see a debate among all the candidates for Governor. Shellenberger just might capture hearts and minds in similar fashion to Barak Obama’s rising star at those debates in 2008.

  3. Richard Cathcart says

    I voted by write-in ballot for Mariana Dawson–the Voter Booklet’s “F ALL POLITICIANS” candidate.
    Jon Coupal’s judgement is too self-servingly skewed and HJTA’s recommendation is thus useless. That organization is utterly fixated on legalities, offering no other viable fixes. I must suppose that almost everyone working for HJTA is still an in-business attorney. Oddly, youths in our State foresee NEVER owning real-property and old-timers worry lest Lefty-dominated Sacramento push them out of their homes. Ordered repairs by judgmental Court-orders are always iffy and with the State’s Courts notably managed mostly by Lefties there is no real positive future for the “rectification by legalities” remedy approach. That just makes lawyers richer, leaving the voter to merely hope that lawfare won’t deteriorate even more than it already has. Voters, therefore, must cut the cords that bind, including paid memberships in so many organizations (Republican Party etc). We need to act directly on the sources of our misery, using voter eviction which bypasses the money-grabbing/philosophizing fools that have organized our State into the apparently permanent, possibly eternal, status quo–no problem ever found become solvable or solved fostered by the Ecuser Elites who hate their unemployment and continue to wield power.

  4. Terry L Gherardi says

    Wake Up People. I suspected that he was not a conservative, from day one. He has been a one issue candidate, mainly homeless.

    It is time to have a successful business man, elected, who is faith based and is the real deal. He who came in second for endorsements at the CA GIOP Convention. Anthony Trimino is faith based, straight shooter, and is heavily endorsed by that community as well as Hispanic Americans and Asian Americans, from SF Bay Area & So. Cal.
    Stop splitting votes. It is ridiculous that we have 13 Republicans running for Governor. Where is the leadership,that meets with candidates and in advance, looks at the field, and have a reality check conversation. Choose a candidate that is the most qualified and has best chance to win and take out this one party rule in Sacramento that has continued for decades. Start putting people & their families first, instead of those elitists in the CA Rep Party.
    Try talking to constituents of the candidates who have been in office. You will find if you talk to those constituents of your endorsed candidate for Governor, that he is and has been MIA.

    Shawn Collins, like Anthony Trimino is another principled and straight talker, who genuinely cares about the people of CA. Trimino & his family (Cuban & Hispanic), know what socialism & Communism is. and what the freedom of this country offered his family. Collins & his family members have given their heart and soul serving out country.

    I support HJTA and worked hard to get signatures to put their propositions on the ballot. I was disappointed about their endorsement & hope that it is not because Shellenberger feels taxes are too high. And I am very disappointed in the various tax organizations and their endorsements. as well as that of Reform CA. Of course we know that the candidates pay to be on the slate mailers of those who support less taxes and reform. Who among us doesn’t!

    Time to pull together and focus on exterminating the Democrats from Sacramento.

  5. JimNorCal says

    I’m sure Mr Dahle is a super-decent guy and worthy of support.
    I saw an interview with Mr Trimino during the Recall and he’s terrific!
    Jenny Le Roux also seems solid.
    Finally, I’ve seen 2 or 3 interviews with Mr Shellenberger and he’s very likable. He has not only rejected the Left position on homelessness, he’s also broken with them over Global Warming (and who knows, perhaps other issues as well).

    Realistically, none of them will beat the Dem machine short of Divine Intervention. On balance, I’ll be voting for Shellenberger this cycle in the hopes of cracking the wall of Dem support.
    But I’m sympathetic to anyone supporting other candidates.

    Consider being active in Election Integrity orgs like EIPca (Election Integrity Project CA) and True The Vote. Then, when we finally catch a break, our votes will count.

  6. I heard Michael Shellenberger speak at a Republican women’s luncheon. He was entertaining and as I live in SF was quite interested in what he said about the Tenderloin. He said we can’t rely on government to solve the homeless/drug issue (we already know that). His suggestion of a solution: We had to do it…….do what……invite a heroin addict to live with us? Well that takes one off the street. And then he left.
    The Republicans need to build a “bench” and encourage those candidates who may not be able to win now, but in the future……that’s why I will vote for Anthony Trimino for Governor and Dr. Cordie B. Williams for U.S. Senate. He spoke to a Republican club 2 weeks ago and has the energy, enthusiasm, work ethic and intelligence and is able to really connect with the voters –he certainly did with the 138 people who were in that meeting.

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