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One of the reasons the Recall failed is the failure of the California Republican Party to register voters.  While the Vice Chair Peter Kuo has been in charge of the effort—and the Chair says this is a priority, the numbers tell the story.

From the Secretary of States website:

October 19, 2020

Republicans      5,334,323  24.2%



August 30, 2021

Republican       5,298,738    24%

Democrats   10,265,897

So in ten months the Republicans LOST  36,000 voter—the Democrats GAINED  95,000 voters   Can we continue to afford this loss of voters—imagine what this means for 2022. That is 131,00 voter turn around in favor of the Democrats.

Since the Republican Party will not register voters it is up to us to save the State.  How many seats will we lose because of this and the GOP allowing the Democrats to normalize the dead and those out of State voting?


  1.  In an email from Bryan Watkins, the CEO of the California Republican Party, sent right after the Recall election he told us to be like goldfish.  Why?  Because goldfish forget ten seconds after a situation.  Actually, according to Wikipedia, “Goldfish have a memory-span of at least three months”.  Either way, we do not want to be like goldfish—we need to be like sharks.  And, maybe that is the problem, the CRP does not want to be like a shark, but like a goldfish in a small bowl swimming in circles.

During the convention Bryan Watkins came to me, in front of several people demanding that I not discuss his “staff”—that if I had a problem I should only mention him.  Guess he was upset that I mentioned the General Counsel of the CRP, Ashlee Titus claimed there was no fraud or corruption in the November 2020 election.  At the legal panel at the convention she was a participant and NEVER mentioned the 440,000 dead people and those that live out of State that got a live ballot—as if that was not evidence of fraud and corruption.  In a couple of days I will do a story about WHY the CRP will not take on this issue and by doing so has NORMALIZED the dead and those in other States getting live ballots.  Please note in her Chairman’s report on Sunday, Patterson also ignored the normalization of dead people getting ballots.

  • From Politico:  “TWEET OF THE DAY: CAGOP Consultant Matt Shupe @MattShupePR: “What will we change moving forward? How will we adapt? We cannot continue to do the same thing over and over and over again hoping that maybe next time it will be different. We’re not even fighting the last war, we’re fighting the last century’s war.”

He is right—we should stop doing things the same way as we have for several years.  For instance, we have NOT done any voter registration—that would help.  The August 7 “convention” was to anoint Kevin Faulconer and use the CRP as his campaign tool—that backfired big time.  The CRP should being suing for honest elections, not just collecting money in the name of “honest elections”.  Another thing, per Matt we should not be doing is raising money for one thing—like the Recall—and then not spend the money on that project.

  • This is what dementia looks like:

Biden Says 97% To 98% Of Americans Need To Be Vaccinated Before Returning To Normal

Daily Caller, by Anders Hagstrom Original Article

Posted by Come And Take It — 9/27/2021 5:56:40 PM Post Reply

Almost 100 percent of Americans need to be vaccinated before the country can safely return to normal, President Joe Biden claimed Monday. Biden said that “97%, 98%” is the goal as a country during his much-publicized appointment to receive a COVID-19 booster shot Monday. He offered no explanation for the number. Medical experts, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, have predicted that herd immunity would only require 70% to 85% of Americans to be vaccinated.

  • This is what total weakness looks like:

U.S. Threatens ‘Diplomatic Retaliation’ Against Iran for Obstructing Nuclear Inspectors

Breitbart National Security, by John Hayward Original Article

Posted by earlybird — 9/27/2021 5:33:15 PM Post Reply

The U.S. on Monday accused Iran of violating an agreement made only two weeks ago by barring International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors from a workshop where uranium enrichment centrifuges are produced. The U.S. threatened Iran with “diplomatic retaliation” if it continues obstructing inspectors. The centrifuge facility at TESA Karaj became a major concern for the IAEA in June when monitoring cameras at the site were apparently sabotaged and removed by the Iranians. Footage from one of the destroyed cameras remains unaccounted for. (snip) The IAEA complained Iran was not allowing it to access monitoring cameras at several nuclear facilities, even though their memory cards were filling up with data.

  •  In a few days I will have comments on the CRP convention, the booing of the Chair by most of the convention, as well as allowing self-appointed people to have credentials and give proxies—without the legal authority.

Dementia Kicking In? Biden Claims His $3.5 Trillion Spending Package Actually
Costs $0

Trending Politics, by Collin Rugg Original Article

Posted by Imright — 9/27/2021 4:43:07 PM Post Reply

Math: Something President Joe Biden can’t comprehend. According to Biden, or whichever handler runs his Twitter account, his $3.5 trillion spending package actually costs “zero dollars.”“ My Build Back Better Agenda costs zero dollars,” Biden claimed in a Twitter posts. How does it cost “zero dollars” you may ask? Because Biden just plans on robbing you, the American taxpayer, to pay for the package which in turn makes it “zero dollars.” Makes total sense!“ My Build Back Better Agenda costs zero dollars,” he tweeted. “Instead of wasting money on tax breaks, loopholes, and tax evasion for big corporations and the wealthy, we can make a once-in-a-generation investment in working America

  • Congrats to the Tea Party California Caucus—they had a dinner—eight miles from the convention hotel at a BBQ place.  Their speaker was Peggy Hall.  They had 107 people attending and turned away 7 more due to lack of space.  Peggy Hall got almost as many to hear her as the CRP did on Friday night to hear the Governor of New Hampshire—and those folks only needed an elevator to get to the banquet room.

 (Periodically the California Political News and Views will publish tidbits of political news, to keep you in the loop of what the pooh bahs know.  The phrase “tom/tom’s” comes from my mentor, Lorelei Kinder who never passed a rumor, just called to tell me what she heard on the “Tom/Tom’s”.  This column is named in her honor.)

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  1. Californians for Trump, 2016 Grassroots says

    Agree on the registration drive- but that is part of the bigger need of sound, concrete Precinct Operations. Too many groups are doing their own thing- where is the unity, at least county-by-county?

    Many have said CAGOP has splintered into a ‘Regional Party”- the results of the Recall may show similar numbers as 2018, but not as many voter support as 2020. Yet, it does show gains of support over 2018 in many counties– counties that now need to get overly organized for Battleground contests in state assembly, senate and Congressional races. It looks good, and can be done: but where is the unification of targeted precinct operations? A captain and team in each precinct should be happening now: each precinct could reach out to (R) registered voters and have a Watch Party and other outreach activities such as Voter Reg, flyer handouts, neighborhood familiarity with Teams, etc.

  2. CA GOP needs new blood. Maybe someone like … Steve Frank?
    I might consider re-registering as a Repub instead of the current IND if the Repub Party stood from something worth defending … rule of law, fair taxes, property rights, freedom, color blind laws, and on and on

  3. CindyCentralCoast says

    Let’s remember the DMV has a hand in unregistering Republicans as well. In their system, if you say you don’t want to register to vote, (because you are already registered), they take you off the voter rolls. But if you are a Republican, after you leave the DMV, double check your voter registration status because they may have changed it to No Party Preference or Decline to State. There is an agenda, but we must take the offensive and get out there and register people as well as get the NPP and DS people back into the Republican party. It hurts the entire state election when we don’t have Republican registrants for the primaries. You will never see fair taxes, freedoms or property rights if you stay in the neutral registrations. The Republican party MUST be gutted of RINOs and those corrupted politicians who work with the Dems. There is a huge conservative base statewide, but all must be active and ready to put their energies into fighting for a true Republican party (not compromised) or we will lose our state completely.

  4. Greg Perrone says

    It would appear these days that the CRP seems to be missing a vowel right smack dab between the R and the P.
    “I’d like to buy a vowel.” Can I get an “A”?

  5. Robin Itzler says

    Everyone going in knew the recall was an uphill battle from the start. One of the key issues with the CAGOP is that they do not understand that the base is filled with “America First” MAGA people who fervently support President Trump and believe the 2020 presidential election was stolen.

    In California, there are FOUR Republican congressmen. Let’s see if the CAGOP supports RINO David Valadao (21st Congressional District) who voted to impeach President Trump or will CAGOP again be out-of-touch with the rank-and-file base and want to re-elect RINO Valadao.

    As more conservatives leave California for red states, it will take a visionary to lead the CAGOP. In its last election, the CAGOP had the opportunity to elect Stephen Frank and bring an improved perspective to the organization. Instead, Jessica Patterson was re-elected. Based on how she has been described in articles and introduced at conferences, some have wondered if Ms. Patterson’s election/re-election was solely so the CAGOP could claim “first woman, first Latina to head CAGOP.”

    There are many Republicans in California who do not feel aligned to the Republican Party but feel very connected to the SAVE AMERICA movement that President Trump leads. They aren’t attending CAGOP wine-and-dine events but are standing on street corners gathering petition signatures (recall and soon California Choice Initiative) and registering Republicans at rallies. These Republicans were watching and applauding President Trump’s Sept. 25 patriotic rally in Georgia while the CAGOP members were sipping cocktails at its San Diego convention.

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