Stephen Frank, California Political News and Views,  6/6/19  

There is so much news that we will have a new HEARD ON THE TOM/TOMS COLUMN  on both Tuesday and Wednesday this week.


 On Saturday, Andy Ghanrakhani, the leader of the New Majority in Los Angeles, the person who is the operator of the Republican Party of Los Angeles County,  made a major announcement.  He was resigning from RPLAC as a leader.   Andy had been a divisive person, keeping conservatives from leadership and setting policy.  He is associated with the Chad Mayes wing of the Party.  Is it possible that this is a response to the appearance of David Carney in California?  Is it possible that Carney wants a united Party—where conservatives and moderates can work together, instead of conservatives being marginalized?  We will see the real results of the effort to unite the Party during the discussion of the Platform.  We are also watching the Sacramento consultants and their place in the “new” California Republican Party under the guidance and advice of Mr. Carney.

Also to note strong rumors are that Mr. Sherman, RPLAC Chair,  may step down..  And, in some maneuvering a female who will be supported for the position by Richard, Andy and the rest of the Jessica supporters.

  1.  Victory has a thousand fathers and defeat is an orphan.  On Thursday the Republican Party of Los Angeles County sent out an email with the headline “WE DID IT!”  They took credit for defeating Measure EE, a $500 million parcel tax for LAUSD.  They are really super—not a dime was spent by the GOP  on this, they gave their name and recorded ads—for which they did not pay (never an approval to spend a dime by the County Committee)

But, on the same day Jack Guerro was running for State Senate in a Special Election.  Did they do recorded messages for him? Sent out mailers?  In fact, in the self congratulatory note for the victory of NO on Measure EE, the L.A. County Party said nothing about a courageous candidate, running against the odds and doing a great job in moving the Republican message.    Thanks Jack for picking up the banner!

“We did it! We defeated Measure EE, which proposed a new Parcel tax on all homeowners living in the Los Angeles Unified School District. District officials have wasted enough of our hard earned dollars. On June 4th LA County Republicans sent a clear message. Enough is enough!

This election couldn’t have been won without our support. As a County Party we endorsed and were featured on five different mailers. I personally recorded two separate voicemail messages which reached nearly 300,000 Republicans. Our support and hard work made this possible!”

  •  Graham Ledger, the journalist and anchor for One America Network is looking at running for Congress in the 52nd District, against Democrat Congressman Scott Peters.  At this point Graham is the only GOP’er looking to be a  candidate.
  • From The Sun:  “Arballo officially filed to run against Nunes yesterday. He made a formal announcement in POLITICO. Last week, he was still a candidate for Fresno City Council in northwest Fresno.

    Rift between Janz and his supporters: A number of local Janz supporters delivered an unpleasant welcome to Arballo on Twitter and instead reiterated their support for Dary Rezvani, a consultant with PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

    One local Democrat tweeted her dismay that Arballo changed his name, as he goes by “Felipe” professionally: “Felipe, you ran from your identity while running for city council because North Fresno is majority white. You can’t just suddenly put “Latino” in your Twitter bio now that you’re running for Congress… and think it’s okay.”

This is identity politics over the cliff..  This Democrat changed his first name, just for this race—even other Democrats think this is WRONG.  Yet, we have Republican and Democrat “leaders” telling candidate they can not run because they are the wrong “demographic” (wrong gender, orientation, race or nationality—racism in broad daylight).

Of course those told NOT to run by “leaders” either leave their political Party or denounce the Establishment candidate, preferring someone from the other Party to win, rather than someone that wins because of race, gender or national origin—instead of qualifications for the job.  Watch as this plan backfires on the “leaders” as real folks get tired of being abused and manipulated.  In several districts, GOP’ers and Democrats have let me know they will not be silent.

  • (Periodically the California Political News and Views will publish tidbits of political news, to keep you in the loop of what the pooh bahs know.  The phrase “tom/tom’s” comes from my mentor, Lorelei Kinder who never passed a rumor, just called to tell me what she heard on the “tom/tom’s”.  This column is named in her honor.)
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  1. Hiram Johnson says

    Clearly the bilge rats are fleeing a sinking ship. A ship they worked overtime to sink.

  2. showandtell says

    Thanks a million for the inside dope Steve!
    Will be following the items you posted.
    CAGOP was so irrelevant to the defeat of Measure EE they should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. Won’t hold my breath waiting for them to take it back though…

  3. showandtell says

    And it’s a real shame about Jack Guerrero. Great candidate, supported him wholeheartedly. You’re right that CAGOP could have done so much and apparently did NOTHING to support his candidacy.

  4. showandtell says

    Correction, meant to say L.A. County GOP

  5. west walker says

    Who provided the pdi phone app system used for Jack Guerrero? Jessica Patterson sent out an email saying the CAGOP did (yet did not send out any signups for the app). CA4Trump sent out volunteers to assist on the state phone app and this is exactly what needs to be done. Next, lets start bussing walkers for harvesting in these battleground areas. Status quo is not going to work!

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