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Will Harmeet Dhillon Take on Jessica Patterson?

This is from an AP story: “For those members of the party who vote not with what the people in their state want but with what their own self-interest is, the next time they’re up for election, it’s going to be an issue,” Dhillon told The Associated Press.”

CRP Chair, well known anti-Trumper Jessica Patterson is supporting Ronna McDaniel.  While Trump appears to be supporting McDaniel, the grassroots and those that are considered Trump supporters on the Republican National Committee seem to be supporting Dhillon.

Dhillon had been CRP Vice Chair—is it possible that she will attempt to clean up the California Republican Party as she is attempting to do with the RNC?

Will the dwindling number of State Assembly members and State Senators continue to support a Chair that does not care about Sacramento—not even to denounce a Republican State Senator for electing a DEMOCRAT State Senator in a Republican district?  Someone once said that an appeaser is someone who feeds their friends to the alligators, hoping they eat him last?  Sounds like the legislators supporting Patterson.

  1.  The Los Angeles Republican Party on Saturday held another one of its secret meetings—NO Republican is allowed to attend its meetings unless they are members, alternatives or a permission slip from the Chair, the gavel holder Tim O’Reilly.  But, he knows he is in deep trouble.  The Committee owes LOTS of money—75% of which is owed to ONE person, their former Executive Director.  Of course the members never voted on her salary, never told how much she was getting paid.  Now THEY are expected to pay it.  How?  O’Reilly is talking about implementing a $20 a month dues structure.  Of course as an attorney he should know that is unenforceable—people elected to office are not mandated to pay to hold the office.

The real LAGOP Chair of the Committee, Andy Gimmiecandy, was upfront and center.  BTW, he is now running the campaign for Corrin Rankin for CRP Vice Chair.  Andy, as we know is the number one advisor to Patterson—so the silly story she was looking for someone to run against Rankin, was just a sick joke on her part.

  •  In Alameda County, the Patterson sycophant who serves as Chair of the Central Committee.  Hugh Bussell, had made it clear that his County would not endorse or help conservatives nominated to run for office.  He used the Committee to help the Democrat candidates by harming the Republican candidates who believe in GOP principles.  David Chan won election by a vote of 22-8—even after Patterson unleased legislators and others to push for votes for Bussell.  Who is Chan?  He is a 20 year old Cal Berkeley student (not a typo).  He is also the head of the California College Republicans.

Little by little throughout the State folks are tired of the anti-Republicans leading the Republican Party.  Maybe the words of Harmeet Dhillon about how the Establishment disrespects the grassroots is coming back to haunt the grifters and anti-conservatives in leadership.

It looks like even her allies understand the disaster the CRP has turned into.

  •  The Democrats are trying to pass ACA 3—the bill that would tax, on a yearly basis accumulated wealth.  Pay income taxes and property taxes—then get a bill for the value of the property you bought as well.  This guarantees the very rich take their money and investments and move to another State.  Now the tech industry is in a financial crunch—the Democrat promoted ACA 3 will kill off almost all tech investments in California.

Amazon discloses fresh wave of Bay Area job cuts as tech layoffs worsen — The e-commerce behemoth is eyeing more than 200 layoffs, consisting of more job cuts that are expected to top 100 in both Sunnyvale and San Francisco, Amazon revealed in official WARN notices the company sent to the state Employment Development Department. All told, Amazon has decided to chop 261 jobs in the Bay Area, the WARN letters, dated Jan. 18, show. George Avalos in the San Jose Mercury$ — 1/23/23

For Tech Companies, Years of Easy Money Yield to Hard Times — One largely unacknowledged explanation: An unprecedented era of rock-bottom interest rates has abruptly ended. Money is no longer virtually free. David Streitfeld in the New York Times$ — 1/23/23

  • The real question is who is going to occupy these new homes?  The middle class and the rich are fleeing the town.  Many workers have either left for other States or work remotely, far away from the City.  What is left?  Illegal aliens, the homeless and the poor.  Not a great foundation to rebuild an economically collapsed city.

S.F.’s plan to build 82,000 housing units has been approved by the state — While the potential punishments for not having a certified housing element are severe — they include losing out on state funding for affordable housing and transportation, approving the plan is just the start of what will likely be an intense and politically controversial three-year process of rezoning entire neighborhoods in order to allow multi-family buildings. J.K. Dineen in the San Francisco Chronicle$ — 1/23/23 (Periodically the California Political News and Views will publish tidbits of political news, to keep you in the loop of what the pooh bahs know.  The phrase “tom/tom’s” comes from my mentor, Lorelei Kinder who never passed a rumor, just called to tell me what she heard on the “TomTom’s”.  This column is named in her honor.

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  1. Will the Republican National Committee give the base the middle finger by re-electing Ronna Romney McDaniel? If so, the base should then give the RNC the middle finger at election time when they come crawling to them to do all the heavy lifting. I am NPP so I won’t get their letters and emails begging for volunteers and my money.

  2. Concerned Californian says

    Best thing you can do is donate to your local county central committee IF they are electing good people to school boards and local offices. They spend your money by sending mailers for the candidates, and supporting them with volunteers for walking and phone banking. If the local committee is doing nothing, support the candidate directly. You won’t feel like you are throwing your money down the toilet. Or support a neighboring county committee and ask them to come to your county and teach them how to be effective and successful.

  3. Rudy Melendez says

    andy gimmiecandy and the stacy abrams of the cagop corrin rankin are a cavity filled love match made in china.

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