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Activist have been begging the Party to create a convention that trains people in precincts, coalition building, fund raising, social media, computer use and more.  All of this will happen over a eight hour period (sleeping and meals not included in the time—a REAL eight hours of training.  Or in September, when 200 people will be at the Platform Committee, dozens at the Rules, Resolutions, Initiatives, Caucuses—maybe a few sessions—some running at the same time, you can a lot of money for meals, registration and hotel rooms.  The training only conference will be held in Fresno July 19-20.

Making you choose which to attend should be easy.  

Want real training for activists?  Go to the California Conservative Conference in Fresno, July 19-20 in Fresno.  You have till June 27 to sign up for reduced hotel rooms ($89 a night).  Registration is $99 including dinner, continental breakfast and lunch included!  Sign up at californiaconservativeconference.com    See a 30 second You Tube on the event, created by Jason Anderson!  Go here:  https://youtu.be/Npgq439S7I0

Want PDI training—at home, not having to attend a CRP convention, if that is your only purpose?  No problem.  Below is a listing of training times, directly by the firm that owns PDI.  Enjoy.

Political Data Inc.
For 30 Years PDI has been California’s premier data vendor. Now, you can get live online trainings on the newest PDI software every week:

  1.  — Via OC Register’s Roxana Kopetman: Corona police stop a man for speeding. He doesn’t get a ticket. He gets deported. The ACLU filed a claim for $1 million Wednesday, saying police violated federal and state laws, including California’s sanctuary law. Story. (h/t to Politico)

2.  They claim it is a $13 billion bond.  For educators, they do not understand finance of the payment of interest.  A $13 billion bond will cost the taxpayers $26 billion, including interest, to repay.  Why can’t Sacramento and educrats be honest?

“Because existing state funds to help schools renovate and build their facilities have all been used or committed, the California Legislature is considering placing a $13 billion school construction bond before voters next year. “  (h/t/ EdSource)

  •   Trump has supporters among the activists and precinct people in California.  I know of over 100 TV Watch parties for the June 18—tomorrow—Trump announcement for re-election.  Need a bit of enthusiasm from the denizens of Sacramento.

— IN THE INBOX: NORTH BAY TRUMP SUPPORTERS planning a “4-mile long caravan (one mile for every year of the Trump presidency) in celebration of the anticipated campaign re-election announcement,” in Novato on Tuesday”  From organizer and longtime radio host Melanie Morgan: “Trump supporters have been made to feel unsafe and unwelcome in our communities but we are determined to show by example that this election is about freedom, fairness, and common sense policies supported by Mr. Trump. … Please bring your Trump signs, #MAGA hats, American flags. Please leave your Trump hating relatives at home.” (h/t/ Politico)

  •  Quote for the day:

“Aid is just a stopgap. Commerce, entrepreneurial capitalism takes more people out of poverty than aid. Of course, we know that.”
-Bono, lead singer in the rock group U2. (h/t/ Connie Cox)

After researching it and calling some friends I found out this was laying the groundwork for a candidate, supported by Richard Sherman and the New Majority to run against Congressman Adam Schiff.  The idea is to make this candidate a national candidate, raise a lot of money and make this candidate a “hero” among Republicans and conservatives.  Who is this candidate? (The Chair of the Republican Party of Los Angeles, Richard Sherman, made Early the Official “Spokesman” for the County Party)

It appears to be ERIC EARLY, the New Majority candidate for Attorney General in 2018, who lost to Judge Steven Bailey and Xavier Becerra in the primary.  Is this a race he expects to win, or one in which he is building on to run for Attorney General  in 2022?  Just a thought.  We know that Schiff will accuse Early of being a Trump stalking horse.  Will Early support the President, oppose the President like Chad Mayes, Catharine Baker and a few other office holders.  Will he take the advice of the Chair of the California Republican Party and ignore the President, or will he openly and proudly support him.  Will watch the tea leafs for the answer.

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