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Stephen Frank, California Political News and Views,  4/22/19

Voter registration is very important.  But, you also need very good fund raising.  Normally, fund raising is from corporations, individuals, picnics, dinners and successful events.  Seldom do you see a really unique fund raising situation.  The Republican Party of Los Angeles County has come up with one.  

Want to be endorsed for Assembly, Congress, school Board or city council?  L.A. Count has 78 cities, lots of school boards, city councils, 24 Assembly districts—hundreds of offices where people are looking for the GOP endorsement.   Now, RPLAC—the Republican Party of Los Angeles County has come up with some simple rules.

You will need 20 signatures from, at least four different Assembly districts and at least two signatures from Executive Board members.  ANDs. “ Lastly, potential endorsees must be a member of the Republican Party and a member of the LAGOP’s Chairman Circle. Please see attached membership sign up form.”

Want to join a “Working Committee of RPLAC?  “Working Committee Rules

·     Members must be part of The Chairman’s Circle (click here to sign up)

What is “The Chairmans’s circle”?  It is a fund raising operation—For between $150 and $1,000 you can be a member.  Benefits?  Even though you are an elected member of the Central Committee, without being a “member” of the Chairmans Circle, you may not serve on a working committee—I guess you can serve on a non-working committee if you can not afford to [pay to work on precincts, voter registration, communications, etc.  Oh, and if you are running for water board in the Antelope Valley or school board in Torrance, only if you pay $500 or more can you be considered for RPLAC endorsement.

Thought you would like to know about a very creative fund raising device.  Looking forward to seeing how many Central Committee members will pay to be allowed to be a member of a Committee, or how many folks running for local office, wanting an RPLAC endorsement  will pay to be considered?  Will your Committee or club imitate this fund raising device?  Do you think the CRP should use it as well?

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