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Stephen Frank, California Political News and Views, 4/25/19  

At a time when most Republican Candidates are working overtime to hide their views of the President, one has clearly decided to be up from and offer his continued support for the President and his economic recovery.  Retired USMC Fighter Pilot and current Mayor of Mission Viejo recently stated in an OC Register story, that even though he encountered opposition to his stance on the President, he held firm and was re-elected to the City Council with 14,000 more votes in his re-election over when first elected four years ago.

Then you have a Republican candidate for Congress, Lancaster City Councilwoman Angela Underwood Jacobs, who on her web site does not even mention she is a Republican or that she was a Trump delegate to the national convention in 2016.  Or you have email blasts from another candidate from the 25th, Suzanne Martinez Valladares.  On April 16 she sent a blast email that said in part:

Congresswoman Susan Brooks, head of NRCC recruitment this election cycle, made a point of telling her Republican colleagues that the GOP needs to attract more women and more people of color if it’s going to compete effectively in elections in the future.

“It’s important that we, as a conference, do a better job of looking like America, and better representing the very diverse country that we have,” Brooks said.

Right now, of the 197 Republicans in the House, only 13 are women and only nine are not white.”

On April 19, she sent the SAME email message, asking for folks to vote for her because she is a female and a woman of color.  Identity politics do not look good on Democrats, it looks worse on Republicans.  What do you think?

YOUNG KIM RETURNS: We’re on track for a rematch in the 39th congressional district: Republican and former Assemblywoman Young Kim has filed to take on first-term Rep. Gil Cisneros . The Democratic Cisneros ended up prevailing in 2018 after a tetchy post-election vote count, but he’s generally seen as one of the most vulnerable California freshmen. Democrats have recently carved out a slender registration advantage in the district.  (h/t to Politico California)

MONEY: It looks like almost  every member of the Assembly and State Senate Caucus gave the California Republican Party a donation recently—most in the $1,000 category—but Assemblyman Frank Bigelow gave over $100,000, Chad Mayes gave over $40,000, Marie Waldron $60,000—Brian Dahle gave over $100,000—the Dahle opponent in the June run off for State Senate gave $0—Kevin Kiley.  See here for public details: http://cal-access.sos.ca.gov/Campaign/Committees/Detail.aspx?id=1030435&view=late1

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