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“A people that wants to remain ignorant and free … wants what never has been and never will be” ~ Thomas Jefferson.”


The Big Story


As for Friday, it was confirmed that except for Finance Committee members the national Trump campaign has not appointed anybody for volunteer leadership in California.  At the same time the State Republican Party, officially responsible for the Trump campaign in California has yet to endorse or recommend him—though they are using his name to raise money.  They are trying to get volunteers for Trump—but will they be set to work for Trump?  In New Hampshire and Iowa the Trump campaign put itself in high gear to get out the GOP vote for the primary and Caucus.  Anybody see any effort by leadership to promote a Republican turnout for the March 3 primary?

I was shocked to see some implying they are official Trump leaders.  Then they say only THEY can approve rallies for the President.  I left out the County and the names of the people—to protect them. 

There is an organization, known to the National Trump people consisting of 2016 California Trump volunteer leaders organizing for the November election.  But, they have not been officially appointed.  So when reading the email below, sent on February 14, realize it is just folks trying to be self proclaimed leaders:

“ Hello Trump 2020 Victory Team,

We want to keep everyone updated regarding our efforts to re-elect President Trump in XXX County! 

Alone we can do a little bit, but unified and together WE can accomplish so much more!

In the 2020 Election Year, to re-elect our awesome President, we have locked arms with the XXX County Republican Party  (note they do not say they were appointed by the County GOP Committee—just “locked arms”). Working together in partnership for all our events, training and campaigning we are going to be unstoppable!

The 2020  XXX County Trump Campaign and the XXX County Republican Party have been hard at work already and are coordinating large, scheduled rallys to unify all conservatives. Our last event in (a local city)  we had approximately 150+ awesome volunteers in attendance! 

Smaller and more frequent rallies will lead to dilution and bad optics. We enthusiastically welcome and invite the smaller groups to join us as unifying will carry us to victory. “

Note they do not want volunteers in your community, if it is in THEIR County, to publically run rallies for the President.  The good news is that volunteers in the County are moving ahead with their support of the President and Republican candidates, without permission of those who are self-proclaimed.  The better news is that so many want to help.  Everyone would be allowed to help in their own way—but none should demand fealty to the self-proclaimed, just the candidate.


  1.  The Bee’s, SLO Tribune and other dead tree industry papers go belly up
  2. Ballot count as of 2/16/20
  3. Bloomberg makes excuses for his racism
  4. California gun violence—lowest 6th in nation
  5. SLO sending out duplicate ballots to many—while others get NO ballot

1 We all know by now that McClatchy newspapers have filed for bankruptcy.  Here is a little tidbit about how bad it is.  The Modesto Bess was evicted from its offices.  They are now doing “business” in a former womans dress shop.  Maybe if they reported on the corruption in the County and State, wrote about how special interests and unions owned the town and State, people would read the paper.

  • From the Nooner:

BALLOT UPDATE (COURTESY PDI): As of 2/16/20 (Thanks to the Nooner for the collection)

Ballots mailed: 15,855,011

Ballots returned: 861,376 (5.4%)

Of all mail-in ballots distributed, they have been returned as Dem. 5%, Ind. 4%. Rep. 9%.

  • Here is a Bloomberg email to his troops—trying to say that his bigoted, racist comments about blacks is not him?  If so, who ghosted him on this?  Seriously Bloomberg is just another Leftist bigot.

From: Mike Bloomberg < [email protected]>
Date: Fri, Feb 14, 2020 at 10:15 AM
Subject: A note to campaign staff
To: 2020Team < [email protected]>

 Team Bloomberg 2020,

It’s painful to see old words I regret get new attention. I know it comes with the territory now that we are rising in the polls, but it’s not who I am. So I wanted to make sure you had a chance to see and hear my words in Houston last night at the launch of “Mike for Black America.” Watch here.


  • From Dan Morain, Whats Matters:

California had the sixth-lowest rate of death by gun violence, including suicide, of the 50 states, at 7.5 per 100,000 population, in 2018, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports

  • California’s 3,040 gun-related deaths were second to Texas’ 3,522. 
  • Texas’ rate of gun death was 12.2 per 100,000.
  • The national average was 11.9.
  • Looks like San Luis Obispo has election problems.  Thousands of voters in San Luis Obispo received two vote-by-mail ballots for the March 3 primary election, while other voters in rural SLO County found themselves removed from the voter rolls, according to the SLO County Clerk Recorder’s Office.  As the California Political news and Views has said many times, California does not have honest elections.  It is time for the Justice Department to restore honesty to our elections.  Seriously, can we trust the results any more than the people of Iowa can trust the results of their Caucus?  Shame on us for accepting corruption at the ballot box.


 (Periodically the California Political News and Views will publish tidbits of political news, to keep you in the loop of what the pooh bahs know.  The phrase “tom/tom’s” comes from my mentor, Lorelei Kinder who never passed a rumor, just called to tell me what she heard on the “Tom/Tom’s”.  This column is named in her honor.)

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  1. I send donations for Trump to the Trump Towers in NY! I don’t trust the CRP!!!

  2. What do you expect of Jessica Patterson and her group of Never Trumpers. Their goal is to raise money to pay themselves. When will the real TRUMP 2020 team wise up………

  3. Hiram Johnson says

    If I had a nickel for every Trumper who claimed he/she was singlehandedly responsible for the election of Donald Trump to the White House, I’d be richer than the Sultan of Brunei.

    While all y’all are spinning your wheels thinking you’re a power to be dealt with, good conservative local candidates suffer. Good local candidates repeatedly hear “I send all my donations to President Trump”.

    People WAKE UP!!!!

    President Trump doesn’t need your money. Local GOP conservatives do!!!!!

  4. CALIFORNIANS FOR TRUMP RESPONDS: Thank you for calling to attention numerous “imposters” who claim to be “official: and are actually even copying OUR name, or have some other motive to dilute the Trump synergy in CA. Amazing how many “Californians for Trump” Facebook pages there are! We alone are proud to have had the Trump Campaign 2016 state director give us a standing ovation in the 2016 LA meeting of RNC Trump Delegates, and to mention us by name where Trump Volunteers “should go to stay organized.” We were the grassroots group that Trump first met when he walked down that freeway at the Burlingame convention (and the only ones to have the Trump Booth/signs/buttons at the convention–well before the campaign arrived). As state-wide grassroots, we had trained precinct teams in every county to take on Cruz: part of our 58 counties strong Facebook county groups. We are volunteers who simply have stepped up to do what the state party is not doing in 2016 and now it seems needed again in 2020.

    As we monitor and observe a repeat is needed for 2020. what we do is train and offer our leaders/ volunteers to the campaign(s) in our “unofficial” role,. It is obviously up to the campaigns to utilize our workforce of volunteers. If there is a presence lacking in any county, we expect to pick that up. (Currently, we are assisting CAGOP endorsed candidates.) Congressional Candidates especially need all volunteers– help FLIPTHEHOUSE is the only message vital at this time and is the best way to help Trump and California in this primary.

    We unite with all groups and CRP. However, while overall state registration increased over 2M+ we see the increase in Democrat numbers (+.9%), but Republicans have decreased (-3.8%) with only 23.7%. With this lack of job performance, the elimination of many of our key CA Trump leaders as 2020 RNC Delegates, coupled with the silence on the endorsement of our President the state party all makes one wonder, “what is going on!?” In corporate America, this lack of performance would require a close evaluation and response by its stockholders. If our party was united we would incorporate the passionate energized Trump supporters to answer to the unionized ballot harvesting our opposition has. While Trump has over a 90% National GOP approval rating. in CA leadership, it seems to be much much lower than that.

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