Is Kim Kardashian Finally Leaving California?

Rider Rider wrote this, “Note that Wyoming has ZERO state individual income tax.  Kanye is currently in the non-deductible CA 13.3% income tax bracket — including any capital gains he earns on his investments.  Indeed, CA has the second highest combined capital gains tax in the WORLD.  Only Denmark is higher.

In addition, Wyoming has no corporate income tax — vs California which tries to tax a CA corporation’s NATIONAL income at 8.84% — the highest rate west of Iowa (our economic competitors).  Alaska doesn’t count — NO ONE moves their corporation to Alaska.”

In 2016 Kardashian supported Hillary Clinton for President.  Today, thanks to Donald Trump, her husband supports Trump and she has a close working relationship with the President.  More importantly, the immense value of the Kardashian wealth needs protection—even the Kardashians do not want to save California with their tax dollars.  Looks like the cowboys of Wyoming are in for a culture shock—in a good way.

Is Kim Kardashian Finally Leaving California?

Kaitlin Reilly, Refinery 29,  9/9/19 

Calabasas, CA is the epicenter of the Kardashian empire, but, now, reports claim that Kim Kardashian may no longer call it home. Kardashian’s husband Kanye West is looking at schools in Wyoming, according to a source for People, suggesting that the family may be making a move.  

West reportedly purchased the “Monster Lake Ranch” in Cody, WY, TMZ reports. The ranch is worth nearly $14 million and is 52 miles from Yellowstone National Park. It’s also about 1,135 miles away from Calabasas, where the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan resides. 

West is spending some time in Wyoming, away from the Hidden Hills home he and Kardashian share with their four kids. Earlier this week West was spotted on social media riding an ATV around the reportedly recently-purchased property. 

West’s Wyoming trip coincides with Kardashian’s new interview with West in Vogue Arabia. Kardashian tells her husband she wants to move to Wyoming in 10 years or so to practice law. 

“I see us living on a ranch in Wyoming, occasionally going to Palm Springs and our home in Los Angeles,” Kardashian said in the magazine. 

Kardashian is currently working to become a lawyer, and hopes to take the bar exam in a few years. She has already spearheaded criminal justice efforts.

Did West decide to buy a $14 million ranch after Kardashian said she wanted to move there in their interview? Orwas this Kardashian dropping hints that she and West are imminently leaving Los Angeles?

We don’t know, but we do know that the Kardashian-West ultra-luxe lifestyle is not exactly as commonplace in the rodeo capital of Wyoming as it is Hidden Hills. This fish-out-of-water story might just be the next great Keeping Up With the Kardashians spin-off — though it could be happening a lot earlier than Kardashian initially wanted.

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  1. These celebraties can go to the White House and ask Trump to Pardon someone and all of a sudden they get national attention , But someone like me couldn’t go to the White House and ask Trump to Pardon someone. There are so many people in prison on wrongful convictions it is Pathetic , I’m started to wonder what deal Trump made with Kim Kardashian to release these people ? I mean it’s a good thing happened for these people who was Pardon but why do you have to be a celebrity for someone to pay attention to this matter.

  2. The question becomes one if they don’t get preferential treatment in a Capitalist State will they throw money to the Socialist Left (aka Democrats) to get what they want.

    Wyo. hates Jackson Hole because the swells of Calif. and Dem eliet have moved there and then start voting for what they left.

    Watch them closely, the worm just might turn.

  3. Otis Needleman says

    Why should anyone care what these people do? I sure don’t.

  4. “Looks like the cowboys of Wyoming are in for a culture shock—in a good way.” We’ll see. My brother and I left CA some time ago and ended up in WY. 60% of the land mass of CA but under 1,000,000 in population compared to 40,000,000+. You go there for that. I truly hope that the Wests don’t pack up their L.A. culture with them and respect Cody, WY. and WY culture.

  5. Gotta Gedada Displace says

    Otis N. may ignore Kanye & Co, but my spine chills thinking of the 2016 New Jersey escape of Hedge Fund honcho David Tepper to tax free Florida, affecting the entire NJ State budget, which HAD to be felt by those left behind (“No, we’re only going to tax the RICH that high — Oh, congratulations, NOW that’s YOU !”)
    Remember the joke of the two cougar hunters who ran out of ammo and were running back to camp being stalked by their FORMER prey.? One drew jeers from the second for stopping to swap his boots for the running shoes from his pack, ” Idiot, you’ll never outrun the cougar !” The response, “I don’t have to outrun HIM, only YOU ! ”
    West and the KartTrashians don’t have to outrun the uncontrolled escalating cataclysm from the dystopian actions of Gruesome and the Legislature, they only have to outrun US, and sadly they will. The problem isn’t ONE high income family exiting, it’s HOW MANY are LEFT, and FOR HOW LONG ? But don’t let me stop you from ceaselessly clicking those ruby red (GOP) slippers together “There’s no place like home”, right ?

  6. She’ll want to stay until she ofaddress the bar given that I believe she’s apprenticing, which is only a California thing.

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