Is Scott Baugh a Big Government Guy? He IS Using ObamaCare $$$ for a Client

(Disclosure:  I have been a friend of Congressman Dana Rohrabacher since 1966 and I support him for re-election).  I live in Simi Valley, Ventura County far from the Orange County District of Congressman Rohrabacher and the cast of characters trying to defeat him.  One, Scott Baugh, in a mail piece is upset that the Congressman collects a paycheck for being a member of Congress.  Yup over a thirty year period the Congressman was paid a lot of money—the SAME as every other member of Congress that gets paid.  Was Baugh suggesting if elected, he would NOT take a salary?  Otherwise, he wasted a lot of campaign money reminding voters that Members of Congress get paid.

Could it be that he is spending too much time speaking and getting advice from the Anti-Trump people like David Bahnsen and Tom Tucker?  Bahnsen just wrote a piece for Forbes—opposing the Presidents efforts to get Fair Trade and stop China and others from abusing our companies and workers with high tariffs keeping our products out of their country.  “Trump’s Terrible Tariff Tragedy” is found here.  Wonder if Mr. Baugh also opposes President Trump on trade?


Is Scott Baugh a Big Government Guy?  He IS Using ObamaCare for a Client

Editorial by Stephen Frank, California Political News and Views  5/16/18

Raise your hand if you think illegal aliens should get tuition help to take seats in the UC or the State University?  Scott Baugh, as an Assemblyman voted for in state tuition for illegal aliens.  That means he wants an honest American student from Oregon or Iowa to pay MORE to enroll in UCLA or UC Irvine than an illegal alien that violates our immigration laws.  That is like giving a job to a criminal, because they are a criminal and not to an honest citizen—because they are honest.  Is that fair?  Should government give benefits to those that violate our laws?  Scott Baugh thinks so.  He supported it in the Assembly.

I do not know of too many Republicans that support Obamacare, do you?  Even Democrats understand this is an expensive program, sometimes used to provide winners and losers.  Would you promote a company that bases its financing on ObamaCare money?  Scott Baugh does.  He lobbied  for a so-called sober living home that based its financing on money taken from taxpayers.  As a Member of Congress would Baugh vote to support President Trump to repeal ObamaCare?

We just got through defeating SB 827, by Senator Weiner.  One aspect of this housing bill was for the State to take over zoning and permitting for housing from your city.  The goal was to increase density, make California feel more like Manhattan.  On a local level Baugh supported the concept of higher density.  Imagine Costa Mesa being told by Sacramento they have to have five story apartment buildings?

On a personal level I like Scott.  But policy becomes personal when as a community leader, a political leader, or a business person or as a member of the Assembly you promote ideas that harm the values of the community.  It is tough sometimes to turn down clients—but if what they are doing means higher taxes, bigger government, a take over of health care or changing the texture of a community, you need to think twice before doing that.

Ideas have consequences.  Policy is the consequence of those ideas.  I understand that no office holder or candidate is 100% in my camp.  You have to take the big issues and the totality of the efforts.  When I see major Orange County No Trumpers as a supporter of a candidate I take notice.  When I see that candidate in support of in state tuition, higher density and more, in combination, it becomes a red flag.

We need direct answers about this.  Why would No Trumpers give him such support?  Why would he have a client needing ObamaCare money to make a profit?  Does he really believe in higher density and why does he think this would help our community?

He needs to answer these questions by responding to all constituents.  No, not by sloganeering in a mail piece with 100 words or less.  He needs, or any candidate that does this needs to hold a townhall forum and respond to these and the myriad of other questions about his views and policies’.  His opponent, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher has been responding to questions for thirty years as a member of Congress—and you have his voting record to prove he believes in what he says.  Mr. Baugh has a series of mail pieces—many with just a few words, not explaining WHY he believes something and what he would do about it.

For me, in this race and every other race it comes down to this:


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